Mark Robin "TwistesdTexan"

About Me:

I am a Navy brat born in Bethesda, Md. and raised here in Louisiana. I have lived in this house since 1968, with a short diversion while in the Air Force.

I have been using computers since the early 1980's. I didn't spend enough time on them to become really good though. I have 2 networked home computers. The newest is a custom built P4 3 Ghz with 1 Gig of ram (2-512 meg chips), 2 DVD rom drives 1 is R/W with Nvidia GForce FX5500, and Sound Blaster Audigy2 24 bit. My old computer is a Gateway G6-400 that has been updated to a 450 mega Hz with a 52x R/W cdrom and DVD drive.

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