Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day

The UCADay Spirit

Ubuntu is not just an Operating System, it is a whole community in which everybody collaborates with everybody to bring to the life a wonderful Human experience. When you download the iso, burn it, install it and start to enjoy it, you know that a lot of people made magnificent efforts to deliver the best Ubuntu OS possible.

For all the effort exerted, for every minute of the year, some gave of their time talent or treasure. There's the Ubuntu Community Apreciation Day, when everybody -- whether user, developer, or non-developer contributor anyone who gives a hand making Ubuntu what it is today -- everybody takes a moment to thank someone for their contribution. Every contribution counts! Take time to say, "Thank you!"

The word Thank You inspires and gives a huge amount of motivation to encourage people to become even better contributors thus making Ubuntu and the community even better.


This day exists to give bonds among Ubuntu Community Parts more strength and help everybody interacts with everybody else and thus creates more healthy and Human-friendly space for all of us.


November 20th every year.


Tips for the Day

  • Jump in some IRC Ubuntu channel and leave a thank you Smile :)

  • Send an Email to some mailing list; you can do it to a LoCo mailing list; they will love that Smile :)

  • You can do it at the local LoCo at a meeting

  • Call some LoCo colleagues and say thank you

  • You can use Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Identi.ca and every possible means to express it
  • And don't forget to thank yourself. Smile :)

Contributors during older releases

See a list of people contributed to Ubuntu 12.04 here.

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