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Plans for 8.10

Place in this section bullet points of specific intended outcomes for the 8.10 development cycle.

  • Outcome
  • Outcome


Brainstorm and UDS

  • Next UDS have tagging support in brainstorm.
  • Tag all current ideas as 8.10 ideas. Always tag version numbers, over animal names.
  • Shortly before UDS scheduling, encourage the community to re-tag existing ideas or add new ideas to Brainstorm.
  • Gather developer feedback for the top 50 brainstorm ideas. Use this feedback to assess ideas for UDS scheduling.

Gobby doc: community-brainstorm

Ubuntu $(language) Development Teams

  • There will be best-practise documentation on how to drive Ubuntu $(language) Teams.
  • The aim is to help people who are interested in development but don't speak English very well slowly get involved into the general Ubuntu development world.
  • The most important goal is to make sure that every discussion, every fix and every item that is worked on lands in Ubuntu itself.
  • Translation, localised Documentation and liaison with ubuntu-dev are efforts that those teams concentrate on.

Gobby doc: community-ubuntu-(lang)-dev

Universe QA

  • The developers will revisit the use of the "Critical" bug importance together with the BugSquad to make it possible to indicate broken packages in Universe easier.

  • They will also revisit their policy about removing Universe packages from the archive if they don't meet quality requirements. There was a general agreement that this possibility is not used enough.
  • Ideas on how to programmatically find out if a package is "in a bad state" where discussed.
  • A collation of "opportunities" is necessary and ideas for input into were discussed.
  • We need a howto on how to get patches from other distributions.
  • More Universe Bug Days should happen.
  • Another session is going to happen this week.

Gobby doc: community-universe-qa

LoCoCouncil 1

There where raised a lot of topics they will be discussed in the next weeks/month to see where the LoCoCouncil can help.

  • LoCoCouncil Activites, there where issues raised that belongs to the LoCoCounil

  • How to do reapproval of LoCoTeams

  • Hostings issuses, teams will get the DNS key and it is responsible for the key

Gobby doc: community-loco-council

Ubuntu Java Team

  • We are going to set up Wiki pages and initial team infrastructure for a Ubuntu Java Team.
  • Aims of the team are going to be the integration of new Java modules, getting on top of bugs of Java packages, documentation for Java packaging, and reaching out to Java developers, Java upstream projects and the Debian Java team.

Forum Integration

Purpose: Discuss new ways to encourage interaction between and the wider Ubuntu community.


  • Team Areas in Ubuntu Forums for Ubuntu teams who request it.
  • One way gateway between forums and certain mailing lists
    • Consult Ryan (Ubuntu-Geek) on the status of the plugin
  • Wrap the page with the information about how the other side interacts
  • What is the payback or how can you get a metric for this
  • Provide the basic level of information about other venues (mailing lists, wiki, LP, IRC) where work is done
  • Organisational drawing to point to more usual channels for things
  • Basic guides on how other media of communication work

Gobby doc: community-forums-intrgration


Gobby doc: community-jams

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