Ever wanted to scratch that itch work on a bug in launchpad that you would love to see fixed, come along and learn how to start and and we'll help you. We have talked about this in an earlier blog post- Contributing to Launchpad. Please add your name to both clinics or which ever one you are attending also.


Will be held in Ballroom G at 11am


Will be held in Jr. Ballroom 1 at 10am

* Talk about the DROPPED state in blueprints


Please list the bugs you are interested in working on so we can review them in advance * bug #number: --bug title-- (your lp-user)

  • bug #510811: Show the date the last person marked a bug as "it also affects me" (alecu)

  • bug #991079: be able to retrieve bug activity without authenticating (gema.gomez, not guaranteed that I will have time, since our blueprints are not still scheduled, but I will try)

  • bug #861488: Mention sync requester on package version page. I believe the actual code fix for this is all-but-trivial, but I'm having trouble getting a working testcase. Also getting test data into a local launchpad instance to actually visualise the fix is hard. (laney)

  • bug #455227: download buttons look ugly at higher resolutions (dmitrij.ledkov)

  • bug #920502: new buglisting - single column view on wide screen (dmitrij.ledkov)

  • bug 992575: Source package publication pages need URL hacking to get to the diff. (stefanor)

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