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This page is here to collect together proceedings from sessions as part of the 'Ubuntu The Project' track at the Natty UDS in Orlando, Florida.

Please add proceedings by doing the following:

  • Add a new section with the name of the session.
  • Add the outcomes of the session as a collection of bullet points. The goal of the proceedings is to really focus on decided outcomes, so please try to keep them crisp.



Developer Advocacy

  • persia and jml to work on a demonstration script + notes
  • dholbach to identify necessary background material
  • duane to work on screencast
  • czajkowski to set up a frontdesk for loco + developer interaction
  • dholbach to work on presentation material
  • dholbach to ask translators
  • kate to do neutral read of documentation

Developer Outreach Resources

  • dholbach to create launchpad project for it
  • dholbach to first draft
  • jml, doctormo, dylan, deryck, jledbetter to test-read
  • doctormo to work on diagrams
  • dpm and dholbach to thnk about translations
  • Test the document (ISVs, peoplw who migrate from Windows/Mac/...)
  • randy, jml to help with getting feedback
  • dholbach to create presentation from text

Development Training Events

  • dholbach to find out about session about tuition weeks at uds natty
  • akgraner to get "notes for presenters" on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek/Organization/WhatSessionLeadersNeedToKnow

  • dholbach to document where to reach out to, which session topics to choose, making sure that logs have links to proper docs
  • dholbach to talk to platform managers
  • duanedesign to talk to screencast team

Harvest Plans

  • dholbach to find out who worked on merges.u.c last and ask if they can provide .csv
  • laney to work on rcbugs.csv
  • brian-murray to look into sru-able bugs
  • dholbach to give deryck "fixed elsewhere" bug numbers
  • deryck to get those bugs fixed
  • dholbach to blog about creating new opportunity lists
  • dholbach to look into new data format
  • dylanmccall to look into rss feeds
  • dholbach to file outstanding bugs
  • dholbach to blog about harvest, how to help, how to use, etc.
  • mbp to think about improving inline help
  • dylanmccall to look at design improvements for accessibility

Improving Accessibility Development and Information

  • Accessibility Wiki - Identified that the page needs to be updated
    • cprofitt to update the wiki with charlie-tca
    • additional session for further developing targets for Natty
  • Bug Importance - Specific guidelines need to be adopted for Bug triage for bugs affecting accessibility
    • cprofitt added two entries to Bugs/Importance under medium and high for accessibility related bugs

Improve Packaging Guide

  • dholbach/barry to investigate if sphinx somehow supports translations
  • dholbach to investigate if we can have a complete guide in mallard
  • dholbach to investigate if html2pdf solves our mallard problems
  • dholbach to set up launchpad project (add dev and doc teams to committers)
  • laney to ask devel list about identifying which of the current packging guide content can be reused for the articles

Language Packs Update Schedule

  • We've agreed on a plan to have a known schedule for language packs:
    • On a calendar and iCal feed
    • On a wiki page
  • We'll be exploring some simple scripts using Mago to explore improving the testing of language packs
  • We'll define a process for out-of-schedule language pack update requests


  • Planet Ubuntu - we have identified that we need the names of designers in posts from design.canonical.com on Planet Ubuntu.
  • Daniel Holbach to blog about the team reporting software he has started.
  • Outcome

Ubuntu server community involvement

  • The classic recipes to get community involvement don't seem to work well with Ubuntu Server (see low participation in the Server Papercuts effort)
  • Our potential dev community is mostly professionals using Ubuntu Server for a living, with an interest in specific stacks
  • We want people with common interests around a specific server stack to be able to crystalize into a group that could ultimately maintain a package set
  • We recognize that the lack of structure around the subgroups prevents motivation/information/organization in that direction to happen
  • Create a governance model for Ubuntu server task forces
  • Move the two/three existing groups into that structure
  • Run a survey to get hard data on our potential dev community

Ubuntu Translations Portal

  • Discussed the creation of a translations portal as a:
    • Springboard for new translator contributions
    • Getting people excited about Ubuntu translations
    • A centralized place to stay up to date with the translations world
  • We'll be deploying a translations portal with:
    • Internationalization infrastructure (multilingual site with the ability to host multilingual content)
    • Content on:
      • Newsfeed with translations-related content
      • Core documentation on contributing to Ubuntu translations
    • Editorial permissions to ease community participation
  • We want to make the site discoverable: it needs to be linked from the relevant top level domain Ubuntu sites

Ubuntu Translations Roundtable

  • We discussed the development roadmap of Launchpad Translations for the next 6 months
    • Upstream integration and maintenance of the current infrastructure:
      • Share translations between upstreams and Ubuntu
      • Help translators to push strings upstream
        • Idea: integrate with upstream processes. E.g. GNOME integration would mean submitting translations to damned-lies (that's still only an idea), other upstreams use other methods (mailing lists, commits, etc), and we'd try to accomodate
      • That'd mean probably not commit directly into repositories, unless there are project-specific needs
  • We discussed implementing other features in Launchpad Translations:
    • Given the current resources, the focus will be upstream integration and no new features are planned.
    • Continually encouraging community members to "scratch their own itch" and work on the Launchpad features they'd want to see implemented
  • We discussed things that worked well and things that didn't work that well in the release process:
    • It would be useful to add a milestone for the generation of language packs at Alpha 1
    • We'd need an announcement on ubuntu-devel or ubuntu-devel-announce after translations-related deadlines and to raise awareness of the procedure to follow to request a freeze exception - as it can often mean deleting contributor work.
    • Some of the manual work needed for integration of translations in NonLanguagePackDeadline will no longer be required. .policy files are now supported in language packs for packages using CDBS in Natty.

  • We agreed on opening translations early in Launchpad:
    • That will allow translators to work on the Ubuntu-specific translations early
    • There still might be issues with duplication of upstream work, but translation teams are by now aware of this and tend to take care of this