Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu User Interface Team, we are specifically tasked to help improve the relationships between the user and the computer, trying to make it as easy as possible to appeal to the target markets for each product.

We are the guys who want to make life easier for the user, by producing a reliable and intuitive experience for each user.

We need to communicate with upstream communities & developers to help improve the software in Ubuntu.

How can I help?

Contribute to the UE Critical List

A list of proposed changes that are negatively affecting the user experience critically and changes should be drafted & implemented to fix these ASAP.
Please see the CriticalList for more info.

Begin the Priority Bug List

A list of bugs that are making the user experience on Ubuntu extremely annoying for a large section of users and these bugs should be fixed before the next release.
Please see the PriorityBugList for more info.

Begin the Contact List

As we will be proposing many changes in the Interfaces of upstream projects it is vital that we develop good relationships with upstream developers, gain trust & respect to suggest suitable changes.
Please see the ContactList for more info.

Wiki Maintenance

At the present moment the wiki is growing quickly, we need a few more people to help get it into shape, feel free to edit anything if you see a problem.


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