The Ubuntu Code of Conduct says of retiring:

  • "Step down considerately. Members of every project come and go and Ubuntu is no different. When somebody leaves or disengages from the project, in whole or in part, we ask that they do so in a way that minimises disruption to the project. This means they should tell people they are leaving and take the proper steps to ensure that others can pick up where they left off."


The Leadership Code of Conduct takes this further:

  • "The Ubuntu Code of Conduct discusses the importance of gracefully stepping down from a position. This is particularly important for leaders who are responsible for decisions or specific processes - for example, if your participation is needed to reach quorum in a team council. If someone in a leadership role does not have time to fulfill their role temporarily, they should warn their team in advance. If an absence becomes extended, they should step down from their leadership position until they have more time to follow through. Similarly, leaders should step down gracefully -- as described in the Code of Conduct. When someone takes on a leadership position in Ubuntu, they are making a commitment to step down gracefully and to ensure that others on the team can easily continue where they leave off."


The election process is triggered either by the current incumbent informing the LoCo that they wish to step down, or at two years from the last election.

If the incumbent is unable to inform the LoCo that they wish to step down due to unforeseen circumstance then a meeting involving LoCo Council members should be convened to decide how to proceed and to start this process as required.

Upon the incumbent notifying the group that they wish to hold an election a meeting should be arranged to ensure that everyone is made aware of this process. They should set a timescale for the following steps to be completed.

The chair of that meeting should generate a new wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/<Year>Election such as https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/2011Election and inform the LoCo that the nominations are now open. This notification should go out using every medium the LoCo uses, e.g. mailing list, forum, blog posts on planet.ubuntu-uk.org, twitter, identi.ca, podcasts, etc. This will begin the process in the steps laid out below.

  • Ubuntu Step One: A period given for people to be nominated, filling out the details in the wiki page generated by the meeting chair. (suggested two weeks)

    Ubuntu Step Two: Once the period in step one has elapsed, if more than one person has been nominated, then a vote must be called. The voting method must be agreed upon by a majority of those at the meeting. The timetable of this will depend on the method agreed. If there is only a single nomination, a second period must be allowed for nominations, and the election process re-advertised by all who are able too. If after this period there are no more nominations, then a meeting must be called to decide whether to add a third period to the nomination schedule, or if the only nominee wins by default. After the third period, if it remains uncontested then the single nominee will be elected by default.

    Ubuntu Step Three: The votes are counted, the new Leader is given the fictional slightly golden sceptre and graciously accepts the post. This should be done as soon as possible after the ballot has finished.

Rules For Nominations:

  • Nominees must be participants in the LoCo.

  • Nominees may nominate themselves.
  • Nominees must have a personal wiki page on wiki.ubuntu.com/name

Results Announcement

Changes of team leader should be announced on the ubuntu-uk@lists.ubuntu.com mailing list and on the loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com mailing list and may be announced elsewhere in addition.

Special Considerations

If someone wishes to stand for election, they should not be involved in the election process. They should also not be involved in counting the ballots. If this raises a point of contention, the LoCo Council should be asked to adjudicate. This should be done by the incumbent, or a person agreed upon by a specially convened meeting.

In the event of any dispute the LoCo Council should be contacted to ensure that a free and fair contest was held, abiding by the processes dictated by this document. Should the LoCo Council deem the process was not followed in a way that may have skewed the vote, the process should be repeated under the supervision of the LoCo Council.

Should a New Leader Not Be Found

The LoCo Council should be consulted for further advice, or for aid in seeking out nominees.

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