This is the gallery page for the UKTeam. Please resize photos to 800x600 or smaller for the benefit of people with low resolutions/bandwidth. If you put your name next to photos you upload people can contact you if they want a higher resolution version.

Museum of Computing Demo Day 2008

Visitors try a demo machine with an expert (Dianne Reuby) moc_demoday.jpg

Linuxworld London 2006

Ubunteros! (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld_everyone.jpg

LinuxWorld1 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld1.jpg

LinuxWorld2 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld2.jpg

LinuxWorld3 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld3.jpg

LinuxWorld4 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld4.jpg

LinuxWorld5 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld5.jpg

LinuxWorld6 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld6.jpg

LinuxWorld7 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld7.jpg

LinuxWorld8 (Adam Bagnall) linuxworld8.jpg


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