A brief introduction to preferred behaviour on the Ubuntu UK mailing list. This should of course be read in conjunction with the Ubuntu Community code of conduct.


  • Top posting should be avoided if you can to keep the flow of conversation clear. When replying to someone, quote the relevant section of their e-mail to the list and then write your reply. If you need to cut irrelevant material, do so - let people know you have edited by using [...] or [snip] or similar.
  • Remember this is a public list. It is archived online, and many subscribers keep their own personal archives. Don't say anything you may later be embarrassed by, and keep the tone informal but polite.
  • If you can avoid sending HTML formatted e-mail, many people will thank you. For those with slow connections or limited bandwidth, HTML mail is too cumbersome. Plain text is quick, simple and easily read by any mail client. Ubuntu is about inclusivity, so work to the lowest common denominator.

Resources Required

  • A monthly e-mail to the list reminding people of the 'rules' of the list (though rules is perhaps too strong a word)

Interested people



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