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Apologies Given for DaveMorris, LoudMouthman & Seeker'


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<Daviey> Please type PRESENT at the start of the meeting to ensure we are all clear who is online and paying attention.
<Daviey> PRESENT
<VooDoo_Work> PRESENT
<Temporo> PRESENT
<gord> PRESENT
<frederific> PRESENT
<gord> is anyone else really tempted to !caps?
<spd106> PRESENT
<Daviey> Apologies Given for DaveMorris and LoudMouthman
<txwikinger> PRESENT
<User5> Hello.
<User5> I would like to use Ubuntu on my computer.
<Daviey> Hi User5, are you here for the meeting?
<User5> No.
<VooDoo_Work> User5: do you have the live cd?
<User5> Well I will join teh meeting if you want.
<Daviey> User5, were currently trying to have a meeting - it will be short - but feel free to join in or wait until the end
<User5> Yes I do, i put the disc in on startup of the pc, i click the install thing when ubuntu is on my pc, but it freezes.
<User5> I will join in.
<Daviey> Firstly i think we should give the Ubuntu community in general a big pat on the back for the successful launch of Feisty Fawn...
<chey> sorry im late, internets being a right pain tonight
<gord> hip hip!
<Daviey> Horray
<frederific> :)
<Temporo> Hoooooray!
<frederific> Yeee HAH!
<chey> :)
<VooDoo_Work> hmmm where's xp ?
* VooDoo_Work ducks
<Daviey> I have noticed that we have had a considerable amount of extra activity since then, and don't expect it to fall. This says to me that we are getting more popular. Wooh!
<VooDoo_Work> or they are just curious....
<Daviey> Anyway - shall we move onto the agenda?
<VooDoo_Work> Agenda?
<frederific> which one would that be? :P
<Daviey> Yeah, quite empty
<VooDoo_Work> yes go for it
<Daviey> "Support mapping - [WWW] http://map.ubuntu-be.org/"
<VooDoo_Work> ubuntu-men.org?
<VooDoo_Work> i think we should just throw idea in for an agenda
<Daviey> Currently on the agenda is "Support Mapping"
<Daviey> I think that means that we should look to 'mapping
<Daviey> where ubuntu-uk users are
<Daviey> What are peoples views?
<Darky> Uhm .. That's a very good Idea.
<frederific> looks good :)
<gord> hrmm, I think its a good idea as long as its actually used, I have seen far too many pointless maps of where people are. something like that looks very good
<VooDoo_Work> and isn't a LUG really a main point of call for linux demos n stuff?
<Daviey> I am slightly considered about privacy. That map shown actually shows people's road!
<Temporo> Yeah
<Temporo> I was gonna say that privacy might be a concern
<Temporo> Also that we would be competing with LUG's
<Darky> Maybe if we had an option where we could hide/show names.
<VooDoo_Work> the local LUG should be the first point of call
<Daviey> Hmm... I can't see how it is really got anything to do with LUGS... It's seems to me to be an 'interest' thing
<gord> what about instead a list of the regions people who are willing to give support are in and a contact number/email?
<Daviey> Is it about support?
<Daviey> *should* it be about support?
<Darky> Well, I think it should so who can give support in a certain area etc.
<gord> I think support is better focused on the current support resources ubuntu already offers, the idea of helping with free cd's, demos, first time set ups sounds nice though
<Daviey> Not wanting to step on the toes of lugs - but we are Ubuntu specific. For that reason i think we can make ourselves a first point of call
<gord> I second that
<VooDoo_Work> sounds like it could tunr into us an them though
<Daviey> Okay, lets look at options - quick vote:
<chey> as a newbie, may i just say that when i went to look at ubuntu the first time if i had not had the support of a good friend i may have given up on linux again
<chey> i had not even heard of LUG or whatever to help me
<Daviey> Should we have a map, showing members locations (for any reason)?
<VooDoo_Work> no
<Daviey> +1
<Daviey> (thats yes) ;)
<gord> no
<Temporo> no
<Darky> Uhm .. No.
<txwikinger> We can always choose less granuality
<txwikinger> like point to the city center or something like that
<Daviey> Okay, the 'No's carry it. Maybe we can rehear the suggestion when the proposer can argue the corner a little better.
<Daviey> Currently marking as rejected tho
<VooDoo_Work> i must admit, i wouldn't mind having a little logo on my own company site that is something like "ubuntu supported here" or something like that
<VooDoo_Work> but not on a map
<Daviey> Point 2) DaveMorris proposes that regular meetings should be on revolving days. Not all members can make Tuesdays.
<gord> revolving?
<frederific> not always tueday i guess
<VooDoo_Work> well make it every 2 weeks then it won't be on the same day all the time.
<Daviey> we have had Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wednesday
<ubotu> New on planetubuntuuk: Mark Harrison: Mini Book Review - Wikinomics (Tapscott and Williams) <http://markharrison.wordpress.com/2007/05/01/mini-book-review-wikinomics-tapscott-and-williams/>
<VooDoo_Work> scratch that....doh!
<Daviey> VooDoo_Work, then we won't have anything to talk about :)
<Daviey> go away ubotu
<gord> sounds like a sound plan to me, needs some specifics though, are weekends acceptable?
<Daviey> I second DaveMorris point and suggest the next meeting happen on a Thursday
<Daviey> shall we look at the irc logs, for popular times?
<Temporo> I'm not bothered what day it happens but i think it is a good idea
<Daviey> woo - stats page down
<Darky> I am User5.
<Daviey> On another note, i think we should give the members involved with getting the new server set-up a hip-horray
<Daviey> hip hip
<gord> hurrah!
<Darky> Horray!
<VooDoo_Work> woop!
<spd106> hooray
<Temporo> Whooo yeah!
<Daviey> Now they need a boo for not having the stats page working
<Daviey> boo
<Temporo> Bahhh!
<gord> boo-urns!
<VooDoo_Work> didn't the mysql go a bit ropey yeasterday?
<Temporo> What i heard it didn't work at all
<gord> hehe, this meeting is like pantomime -_-
<Daviey> :)
<VooDoo_Work> oh no it isn't
<gord> oh yes it is!
<VooDoo_Work> look behind you
<Daviey> Point 3) X3N appears to be working on a new ubuntu-uk page. http://dev.ubuntu-uk.org/ Comments?
<VooDoo_Work> ooo like it, bit too much gap at the top though
<spd106> Where's that bloke running to?
<gord> I already mentioned to X3N that I strongly disagree with any colourscheme/look that defracts from the general ubuntu theme so much
<Daviey> thats a good point gord
<Daviey> Loudmouthman did question the sexual preference of the running man
<fi_> running man? I thought that was Bob Fosse...
<Daviey> gord, What would you like to see different with the page?
<VooDoo_Work> i must admit i still prefer the current site.
<Darky> What does boot from first hard disk mean?
<gord> I think we need to just keep to the ubuntu look and just shape the site to our needs, the ubuntu-au loco team's website is a good example of this: http://ubuntu.org.au/
<Daviey> I'n my opinion the current page is little more than a bookmark of links. Doesn't describe us. Especially considering we are one of the larger Loco's
<gord> if we create a site that is so radically different from the ubuntu style of things then we are fractionating ourselves away from the main ubuntu 'portal' of websites and support
<Daviey> gord, do you suggest we use the official drupal theme?
<Daviey> gord, poke
<gord> I would merely suggest that we need to stay within the confinement of the ubuntu look and feel
<Temporo> I would side with gord on this one
<VooDoo_Work> me 3
<gord> I would however welcome development on the ubuntu-uk site and think that X3N is doing a good job of getting things started
* Temporo nods.
* Daviey agrees
<Daviey> One concern i have with the offical drupal theme is "Same site, different country" feel of having it all over
<Daviey> So what shall we put forward?
<gord> how about we agree on using the official ubuntu colours
<Daviey> Should the dev's continue development but until then we want the official theme?
<VooDoo_Work> i think keep it the same style, we've a differnt logo to seperate us from all the other loco sites.
<Temporo> Yuppers.
<gord> +1 daviey idea
<Temporo> +1
<Daviey> *cough* gord's idea (i aint taking the blame) ;)
* VooDoo_Work goes with the majority
<Daviey> VooDoo_Work, democracy at it's best
<Daviey> +1
<fi_> Agree with Voodoo
<gord> Ill take the blame :) (wuss :P)
<frederific> +1
<Daviey> all votes in?
<spd106> +1
<Daviey> Vote: Carried - we want the offical drupal theme (gord's idea)
<gord> (wuss)
<VooDoo_Work> :)
<Daviey> Point 4) In the channel it was suggested we look into setting up national press advertisement for Ubuntu. Comments?
<VooDoo_Work> thats what canonical are for.
<gord> how expensive is that? is it actually effective?
<frederific> where are we gonna get the money for that?
<spd106> I think Dell have that covered
<VooDoo_Work> i suggest we forget that idea
<frederific> +1 VooDoo
<gord> canonical are there to make the software really VooDoo_Work, mr shuttleworth had to decide between free cd's or advertising ubuntu, he went with free cd's
<gord> I would suggest that it is ubuntu-marketing that should be handing this kind of thing
<VooDoo_Work> isn't that a department at canonical?
<Daviey> Hmm - i think it is a nice idea. Finance would come from donations from (us) and maybe we can get canonical to match our fund.
<chey> i think its a good idea if agreement on funding source can be found
<Daviey> gord, i spoke the #ubuntu-marketing and they gave some advice - but weren't planning any of their own advertisements
<Temporo> national press?
<Temporo> Would this be a newspaper
<Temporo> Tv
<Temporo> Radio advert?
<fi_> Once Dell are issuing ubuntu pcs in the UK a demos to interested groups of new users would be more meaningful possibly?
<Temporo> Or all of them?
<gord> I think before any kind of decision is made there needs to be more information available on the cost and effectiveness of such and advertisement
<gord> s/and/an
<Daviey> We will need to investigate feasibility, but at this stage - we need to decide if it is what we want
[** At this point 'popey' enters the room, rustling feathers and making a cow impression :) ]
<popey> moo
<popey> apologies
<chey> hi popey
* Daviey kicks popey in the goolies
<popey> \o/
<Temporo> It would be amazing to have an advert on TV or in a newspaper
<Temporo> But i don't think it should be up to just this group.
<gord> I don't think I could vote either way until I know something about it, in my experience I mostly ignore adverts of all forms
<Daviey> popey, can you see the point we are currently discussing - comments?
<chey> agreed with temporo
<popey> i dont think that we should be doing the campaign for adverts
<Daviey> Before we investigate costs - we need to decide if it is worth looking into. Do we *want* to advertise?
<popey> thats the marketing teams job
<popey> they may already be doing this
<Daviey> popey, it was your idea! ;)
<Darky> Uhm.
<popey> what was?
<Darky> I run a leaflet printing firm.
<VooDoo_Work> no is my answer to be honest :(
<Daviey> i spoke with marketing, and they had no plans for advertisement (that they told me of)
<popey> Darky: I need to speak to you!
<Daviey> popey, remember we were discussing thr Tux500 thingy - and you said a newspaper would be better ;)
<popey> i merely suggested a newspaper ad in response to the tux500 thing
<popey> agreed
<Daviey> that means you get ALL the credit :)
<popey> hah
<popey> ok, something else I have been thinking about..
<popey> leaflets :)
<gord> I think investing such a large amount of effort into an advertisement would not give the rewards that warrent the effort
<Darky> Well I could print them free.
<Darky> If it helps the community.
<popey> Darky: that would be terrific
<VooDoo_Work> yes but to be honest i don't think it would
<popey> http://hants.lug.org.uk/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?InfoPoints/LinuxInfoFlyer
<Daviey> Hmm... isn't a leafCD better?
<Temporo> Wicked :D
<VooDoo_Work> not that i don't appreciate the offer
<popey> we made those up for hampshire lug
<popey> Daviey: i was thinking a combination of leaflet and cd
<popey> which is what we did on software freedom day in london
<VooDoo_Work> imho you hand out the leaflets, people dont read them and throw them in the bin
<popey> gave each person an ubuntu cd and a leaflet about linux/ free software
<popey> VooDoo_Work: that isnt what happened :)
<Daviey> okay. First shall we vote on the national press advertisement?
<Darky> Well .. I am here for another 25 minutes. I can have the technology to print everything.
<popey> give CD & leaflet, not just leaflet
<popey> Daviey: vote on what?
<VooDoo_Work> no for the press
* gord votes against
* Daviey now feels it's a bad idea -1
<popey> i would say no to the press
<spd106> -1
<popey> yes to leaflets
<frederific> -1 from me too
<Temporo> +1
<chey> ok no to press yes to leaflets
<frederific> leaflets +1
<spd106> +1 leaflets
<Daviey> leaflets +1 (with cd)
<Temporo> leaflets with cd that is
<popey> i have started making some leaflets
<gord> leaflets would be good if ubuntu-uk centric
<popey> Darky: can I get your contact details
<popey> gord: we can do more than one
<Darky> Popey - Yes.
<popey> the bsd guys have about 10
<popey> i have a load of them
<Darky> I will just register first.
<popey> i was going to base them on that
<popey> Darky: my email is alan@popey.com - just drop me a mail :)
<Darky> Ok let me just write that down.
<Daviey> popey, Do you need any help in designing the leaflet?
<popey> yes
<popey> shall I mail the list?
<Daviey> Are their any arty people in here?
<Temporo> yes
<Temporo> No to arty
<Daviey> Temporo, your arty?
<Temporo> yes to mail the list
[** All Ubunuted up the loudmouth man stumbles late into the room]
<Daviey> LoudMouthMan, take a seat quietly
<Daviey> shh!
<Darky> Uhm.
<gord> I have much experience with inkscape if that is of help
<LoudMouthMan> back and watchnig , hi sorry i was late.
<Daviey> Okay popey can you bang off an email to the list begging for artistic help?
<Darky> I have a graphic design team, but I would need something for the design team to base their ideas on.
<popey> yes Daviey
<popey> wow
<Daviey> :) Darky you will fast become our best friend
<popey> heh
<Temporo> Darky that's immense.
<VooDoo_Work> what about ubuntu-uk business cards?
<Darky> I will help will printing need's.
<popey> of course we need to figure out the delivery method to the grubby mits of the people we are targetting
<popey> lug meets, computer fairs etc
<Darky> May I just suggest something?
<popey> go
* Daviey suggests *not* handing them out at lugs
<gord> I propose we get a hot air balloon and fly over the uk from john-o-groats to lands end dropping leaflets wherever we go
<popey> heh
<Darky> Local City Centres.
<frederific> +32436543246 gord
<chey> LOL out at the littering fine
<chey> *ouch even
<popey> ahh
<Darky> Well what I could do is.
<popey> shopping centres Darky ?
<Darky> 250,000 - Leaflets.
<Daviey> Could we contact various universities and ask them to give them to freshers (IT/Computing departments)?
<Darky> 2500 - Posters
<JohnRobert> I really shouldn't buy a zx spectrum
<popey> Darky: that would be awesome
<Darky> 125000 - Business Cards.
<gord> +1 Daviey, I think its best to target people who are more likely to be able to handle ubuntu on their own
<LoudMouthMan> Davemorris is already on that for the Brighton area, we can Speak to Pete re Southampton and work from there.
<Darky> Something around them figures.
<frederific> Daviey - Tony Arnold at Manchester might have contacts at other unis
<VooDoo_Work> i certainly suggest a little donation to Darky if he did do all the printing
<LoudMouthMan> Darky , do you own a printnig company then ?
<frederific> i propose a sainthood
<Darky> VooDoo - It's ok mate, I have been a Ubuntu fan for a while now.
<VooDoo_Work> and i'd have a few hundred ubuntu-uk business cards
<Darky> And I really want to help make the name stand out.
<popey> i would be weary of business cards
<popey> there is a specific process for ubuntu business cards
<Darky> LoudMouthMan - Yes I do based in Leicestershire.
<LoudMouthMan> wary even ?
<popey> wary yes
<VooDoo_Work> ubuntu-uk ones?
<Daviey> Ubuntu Member biz cards?
<popey> there are ubuntu member cards
<LoudMouthMan> Darky , ahh then see me after and lets swap business details i need to support a printing company for my own business <grin>
<gord> I don't see the point of business cards in this situation
<popey> i think that if you made ubuntu-uk ones it would dilute the brand and prestige of the ubuntu ones
<Daviey> gord, +1
<Temporo> I think leaflets are better
<Darky> Going downstairs for a drink.
<VooDoo_Work> if i go to someone house to fix their xp machine and leave a business card with ubuntu on it, it plants the seed
<Daviey> Okay, any objections to leaflets?
<frederific> gord/popey +1, there's no point Darky wasting his money on them
* LoudMouthMan has three 1 for business , 1 for his blog and 1 for fun
<chey> gord/popey +1
<Daviey> *noted... no objections
<Daviey> Okay vote on ubuntu-uk leaflets:
<Daviey> +1
<frederific> +1
<VooDoo_Work> +1
<popey> +1
<chey> +1
<spd106> +1
<gord> +1
<LoudMouthMan> this is interesting snice I was speaking to canonical about gettnig stationary and literature and cd cases printed here in the uk .
<LoudMouthMan> so
<LoudMouthMan> +1
<Daviey> Vote: Carried - woo we'll have leaflets
<Temporo> +1
* Temporo XD
<Daviey> Okay, I'm out of points. anybody else want to chuck in with "Other Business"?
<frederific> Roudn of appluase to Dell?
<popey> i had a point
<LoudMouthMan> yeah
<popey> i put on the agenda
<LoudMouthMan> for two reasons
<Daviey> clap clap clap
<Darky> Back.
<VooDoo_Work> did that at the begining :)
<Daviey> popey, you missed it
<popey> oh
<popey> :(
<popey> what was the decision?
<Daviey> popey, didn't get carried :(
<popey> hmmm
* Daviey thought it was a good idea - but without anybody pushing for it - it fell through
<LoudMouthMan> they approved my 10k business account and they told me about the Ubuntu stuff.
<LoudMouthMan> what was it ?
<Darky> So what am I not printing?
<gord> I thought that the idea of being able to give local support was good but the idea of a map I thought was bad, I think a 'choose an area closest to you' thing is better
<Daviey> biz cards
<Darky> So leaflets is a go-ahead>
<chey> i would agree location by county or nearest city ok
<Daviey> Darky, but we are really excited about leaflets
<popey> gord: thats what it does!
<Darky> Well I will be sending an email to Alan shortly.
<popey> LoudMouthMan: can you elaborate?
<Daviey> Shall we re-open the point?
<popey> so there is minimal duplication of effort?
<Daviey> popey, sell it to us -
<popey> nah Daviey dont worry
<LoudMouthMan> popey on what ?
<gord> a map raises privacy issues though popey and efficiency issues
<popey> what you just said LoudMouthMan
<popey> gord: no it doesnt
<popey> you only register if you want to
<LoudMouthMan> the business accun thing ?
<LoudMouthMan> account even
<popey> that and the canonical discussions
<Daviey> LoudMouthMan, showing where you luve on a ubuntu-uk map
<Daviey> s/luve/live
<popey> Daviey: NO that is NOT what it is
<LoudMouthMan> heh . well ive been doing business with dell like forever.
<popey> it is about people offering support
<popey> not showing where you live
<Darky> Popey - Will you be able to gather up a few design ideas for the leaflets, then my design team will see what they can do for you.
<popey> ok Darky
<gord> I wouldnt mind giving support in that kind of a fashion but I don't want my address plastered over the net
<LoudMouthMan> and suddenly they drop it on me that oh we will give you a credit account for 10k on 30days . out of the freakin blue
<frederific> you see, this is why you need to be here when your item is up for debate, or leave detailed notes on the wiki :P
<LoudMouthMan> which does wonders for my sales prospects.
<Daviey> popey, I was pointing out the privacy issue - i know it's more than that
<popey> heh
<popey> nice LoudMouthMan :)
<chey> Grats LoudMouthMan
<LoudMouthMan> meanwhile Ive been pushing on Dell to give me ubuntu preinstalled and I get a call from my account manager saying . There you go .
<Daviey> hehe
<popey> :)
<chey> :D
<Daviey> life must be pretty damn good for a LoudMouthMan
<LoudMouthMan> meanwhile Ive been installing Ubuntu on a series of dual boot machines for interested parties.
<LoudMouthMan> and offering an hour of training .
<Daviey> Who have you been targeting?
<LoudMouthMan> Im looking at offering on the canonical support packages under redhack to my clients as a sort of "big red bus" security policy.
<LoudMouthMan> Evey small and medium business in the Sussex/Surry area.
<LoudMouthMan> every even
<Darky> If we did get dell to start letting it's customer choose from Win XP - Ubuntu.
<Daviey> And has success been good?
<Daviey> Darky, have you seen http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6610901.stm
<LoudMouthMan> well sharons coming to work for me as accounts/admin person so it cant be bad.
<LoudMouthMan> plsu I will be streaming/podcasting about open source and web2.0 and sme awareness witha new client next week.
<Daviey> LoudMouthMan, nice to see a Ubunteroo doing well.
<Darky> Be Right Back - Just Restarting PC.
<LoudMouthMan> I think it is because of Ubuntu that we all do well.
<Daviey> Anybody have any other Ubuntu achievements they would like to share?
<LoudMouthMan> I for one will be happy to receive Ubuntu laptops that dont need rebooting into safe mode to uninstall macafee
<Daviey> :)
<Daviey> Anything else for the meeting?
<VooDoo_Work> i'm planning on doing xen vps on ubuntu servers :) had a successful test earlier today :) plan = next year when i've learnt it :)
<frederific> so, whats going on with LRL? Do we have a stand? Who's going? etc
<VooDoo_Work> plans for ubuntu-men? are we taking that firther?
<Daviey> VooDoo_Work, xen vps servers.. Sounds nice!
<Darky> Back.
<Daviey> frederific, not sure - i think LoudMouthMan is speaking tho
<LoudMouthMan> we have a stand , John Levin is in charge
<LoudMouthMan> im not speaking !
<Daviey> who is then? I know somebody is
<LoudMouthMan> heeheh we have a bof session
<Temporo> Was mentioned a while back to have ubuntu-men as a CSS clan group
<VooDoo_Work> Daviey: it worked what i did with them this morning, shame my wan port on my router busted
<frederific> what about that jono chap who's sometime's in, community chap, is he speaking?
<LoudMouthMan> CounterStrike Source ?
<Temporo> Yeah
<LoudMouthMan> ahh because Ubuntu-men as webdesigners does sound half as butch
<Daviey> frederific, you know is is one of presenters on lugradio?
<VooDoo_Work> could someone do an ubuntu skin for the players?
<frederific> yeah, was kidding (sarcasm don't work on IRC :()
<popey> VooDoo_Work: i have configured the site, just pondering content :)
<LoudMouthMan> yes its important to know this is not #lugradio , hehe
<Daviey> Ubuntu-men - i noticed the irc channel is now registerd
* LoudMouthMan puts head in hands and says " Oh no ...it isnt is it ?"
<andy101> did anything important happen in the meeting (I missed it as I was at Uni)
<Daviey> andy101, still on - a few minor things
<frederific> what've we got left to discuss?
<Daviey> Unless anybody has anything else.. we need to plan next meeting
<popey> in fact VooDoo_Work feel free to take the dns back, i am not going to have any time any time soon to do anything with it I am afraid
* Daviey suggests 4 weeks
<frederific> hehe "have a short meeting, then plan another for a few days" didnt someone say that 80mins ago?
<frederific> +1 Daviey
<gord> 4 weeks time, not on a tuesday or a wednesday
<chey> changing the day?
<VooDoo_Work> popey: ok no worries, i'll host it on my servers until someone decides what to do with it
<popey> sorry VooDoo_Work
<Daviey> Taking DaveMorris's point into consideration. Shall we go for a Sunday night?
<gord> sunday night sounds good, perhaps 8pm though
<Daviey> VOTE: Sunday 3rd June:
<Daviey> +1
<VooDoo_Work> popey: not a problem at all mate
<gord> +1
<LoudMouthMan> as long as it doesnt run into lost.
<popey> +1
<LoudMouthMan> HAHAHAHAH
<LoudMouthMan> what am I sayin g
<Temporo> +1
<LoudMouthMan> yep
<LoudMouthMan> +1
<spd106> +1
<txwikinger> +1
<Darky> popey - If I send you an email will you assure me you will not pass on my details?
<gord> I think LoudMouthMan just exploded
<Daviey> LoudMouthMan, surely you 'timeshift it'?
<VooDoo_Work> popey: odne
<chey> +1
<VooDoo_Work> done even
<LoudMouthMan> I would if I really watched it.
<LoudMouthMan> mostly I just letch after Evangeline Lily
<Daviey> Okay, unless anybody has anything else. Shall we call it done?
<VooDoo_Work> +1 done
<frederific> +1
<popey> done
<Temporo> Done.
<chey> +1


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