This is the 21st meeting of the UKTeam, starting at 19:30 GMT and finishing at 20:30 GMT


46 members were present




People to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/2009events to make it accurate


write a year in review post to the mailing list

gord and MunkyJunky

investigate a possible jam in Manchester


investigate a possible launch party in Scotland


investigate a Showcase style Launch Event for Lucid


email the list about Ubuntu Hours


Wiki/etherpad discussion on overview for a possible real life training event


Training event discussion to be mailed to the list


mail the list about a BBQ / Picnic / Camping event


start a wiki page/mailing list discussion or somesuch to gauge interest in the RAT

Ops in #ubuntu-uk

be a touch stricter on content, this to be reviewed at next meeting


blog/email what the #ubuntu-uk IRC changes will mean


Easter visit to the Science Museum


Consider setting up etherpad.ubuntu-uk.org



Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-uk
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[13:30:54] * popey pokes AlanBell
[13:30:56] <AlanBell> present
[13:31:02] * Mez pokes Daviey
[13:31:03] * automatical pokes YaManicKill
[13:31:11] <jacobw7> present
[13:31:11] <jonathonf> observing
[13:31:20] <CShadowRun> stealing all your presents
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[13:32:01] <Mez> Ok, lets kick things off.
[13:32:01] <kennnn_> Scrooge
[13:32:04] <etali1> present but seriously lagging
[13:32:11] <Mez> [TOPIC] write a year in review post to the mailing list
[13:32:14] * popey pokes Daviey
[13:32:27] <popey> thats not a topic MootBot
[13:32:29] <popey> er Mez
[13:32:36] <popey> its an action from last meeting
[13:32:43] <Mez> popey: I'm going through the agenda :D
[13:32:54] <popey> and I'm telling you thats not an agenda item
[13:32:59] <Mez> [TOPIC] Review action points from last meeting *
[13:33:12] <popey> better :)
[13:33:30] * Mez growls at whoever made the agenda
[13:33:43] * AlanBell will figure out a better layout next time
[13:33:53] <popey> add an action item for AlanBell :)
[13:33:55] <AlanBell> anyhow looks like this one is to be carried forward
[13:34:05] <Mez> I guess Daviey's not here yet, so.. gord / MunkyJunky - any update on the jam in manchester
[13:34:21] <Mez> [ACTION] AlanBell to figure out a nicer agenda layout for next meeting
[13:34:33] <MunkyJunky> Since I haven't had much time to IRC since last meeting, we haven't really spoke about it
[13:34:38] <AlanBell> yum, an action for me already
[13:34:44] <MunkyJunky> I have however thought of possible locations
[13:35:03] <MunkyJunky> But, that's about as far as I got by myself
[13:35:31] <Mez> At least it's some sort of progress....
[13:35:41] <MunkyJunky> I'll poke gord about it by tuesday
[13:35:46] <DJones> Where abouts had you thought about?
[13:36:06] <Mez> [ACTION] MunkyJunky to poke gord about Manchester Jam
[13:36:08] <AlanBell> I expect quite a few action points will be carried forward, it isn't long since the last meeting
[13:36:17] <DJones> More a question, central manchester/outskirts etc
[13:36:24] <lucyb> I'm happy to help out with the Manchester Jam.
[13:36:29] <MunkyJunky> Either of the universities - Manchester uni hosts the LUG as far as im aware, and I'm a Man Met student so I might be able to get a space in the union, or in teh computing department
[13:36:39] <lucyb> How about speaking tot he BBC and/or Madlab for possible locations?
[13:37:06] <lucyb> ManLUG hasn't been held at the UoM for at least a year now for various reasons :/
[13:37:06] <MunkyJunky> But the BBC means a list of attendees again, doesnt it? Not just a 'turn up on the day'
[13:37:23] <lucyb> Yep, but for a Bug Jam that might not be such a bad thing
[13:37:37] <MunkyJunky> Well, I know some of the computing staff use Ubuntu at MMU, so I could try poke them
[13:37:45] <lucyb> Cool.
[13:38:01] <MunkyJunky> Otherwise, the MMUnion has a bar on the 3rd floor that might be suitable - lots of space, fair bit of power, drinks available
[13:38:21] <MunkyJunky> LOL Mez, just seen my action :)
[13:38:23] <lucyb> I can see if I can speak to someone at MadLab when I'm there next week if that helps?
[13:38:30] <MunkyJunky> Yea sure
[13:38:32] <Mez> MunkyJunky: :D
[13:38:37] <lucyb> Shall we discuss further on the mailing list or something?
[13:38:55] <Mez> I think that's a good idea.
[13:39:04] <MunkyJunky> Yea, or poke my personal inbox. Eithers good
[13:39:32] <Mez> So, action: lucyb to work with MunkyJunky and gord to plan Manchester Jam
[13:39:33] <Mez> ?
[13:39:41] <lucyb> Sounds good :)
[13:39:45] <MunkyJunky> wahay
[13:39:50] <The_Toxic_Mite> :)
[13:39:59] <Mez> [ACTION] lucyb to work with MunkyJunky and gord to plan Manchester Jam
[13:40:04] <Mez> YaManicKill: you here?
[13:40:17] <automatical> i can hunt him down irl if need be?
[13:40:24] <The_Toxic_Mite> Mez: Unlikely T_T
[13:40:25] <automatical> not immediately though
[13:40:38] <Mez> automatical: no worries... it can be passed over.
[13:40:45] <Mez> we've already done so for Daviey
[13:41:02] <Mez> AlanBell: any updates on the showcase style launch event for Lucid?
[13:41:07] <AlanBell> have emailed canonical, no reply as yet, carry forward to next meeting
[13:41:16] <AlanBell> don't click that!!!
[13:41:17] <automatical> as far as I know, nothing has been planned, but I know he's been asking some of the right people :)
[13:41:27] <The_Toxic_Mite> Way to disturb a meeting ;/
[13:41:28] <automatical> lolcal university clubs and the lug
[13:41:32] <automatical> local*
[13:41:51] <hrickards> AlanBell: Opened it but closed before it loaded. What was it?
[13:42:35] <Mez> hmm, +C should stop that?
[13:42:37] <DJones> popey: Is +m better than +r?
[13:42:43] * popey shrugs
[13:42:56] <CShadowRun> popey: alot of channels are being hit, #freenode recommends setting +R
[13:43:04] <popey> ok
[13:43:19] <DJones> +R is difficult in a meeting if we've unregistered users
[13:43:19] <CShadowRun> :)
[13:43:26] <ascenseur> :phew: managed to force-quit
[13:43:35] <andy101> why not just ban *.pl ?
[13:43:45] <CShadowRun> DJones: being CTCP flooded off the server is pretty difficult too
[13:44:07] <CShadowRun> DJones: if the flood had continued we'd all start getting disconnected because of our clients sending the reply to CTCP version causing an excess flood, same thing happened in #hardware yesterday
[13:44:14] <mgdm> andy101: because that's rather too harsh, and it's not just .pl
[13:44:24] <matti> andy101: I would do *neoplus*, *.pl, why? It is not just .pl
[13:44:32] <Mez> BACK ON TOPIC.
[13:44:56] <AlanBell> ok, where are we?
[13:45:06] <Mez> AlanBell: ok, you tried contacting canonical, no reply.
[13:45:09] <popey> your plan to take over the world with the launch AlanBell
[13:45:13] <Mez> AlanBell: we'll hold for next meeting.
[13:45:20] <AlanBell> yes, I will follow up
[13:45:28] <pagga> hi tooted
[13:45:41] <Mez> [ACTION] AlanBell to follow up on Showcase Lucid Launch Party
[13:45:55] <Mez> popey: how's the drafting of the email to the list about the ubuntu hour going?
[13:46:22] <popey> in progress, i had a magazine article to write which included some detail about that, so wanted to get that done, so i could crib bits of it for my mail :)
[13:46:39] <Paladine> bwahahaha missus bought me a tub of glace cherries home
[13:46:41] <popey> will send this week
[13:46:45] * popey points Paladine to the /topic
[13:46:47] <Mez> popey: cool :D
[13:47:15] <Paladine> oops sorry
[13:47:19] <Mez> [ACTION] popey to email the list about Ubuntu Hours
[13:47:28] <popey> bah
[13:47:50] <Mez> everyone - please set yourselve +C
[13:48:38] <lucyb> Sorry, but how do I do that?
[13:48:41] <littletank> +C
[13:48:46] <CShadowRun> /umode +C
[13:48:46] <vitium> wtf is happening to my pidgin? I keep on getting loads of popups saying "No such nick or channel" Then some random text.
[13:48:48] <czajkowski> lucyb /umore +C
[13:48:49] <lucyb> Thanks
[13:48:52] <candtalan> +C
[13:48:52] <Mez> /mode +C
[13:48:53] <czajkowski> lucyb /umode +C
[13:48:56] <pagga> hi tooted
[13:49:07] <Mez> vitium: we're under a mini attack.
[13:49:22] <CShadowRun> vitium: that's because the server is throttling your CTCP Version replies (which they flooded requests for) and only handling them after the requester has disconnected
[13:49:32] <CShadowRun> Thus your client replies, the server sends no such nick/channel, you get an annoying popup.
[13:49:33] <Mez> daubers: ping
[13:49:40] <daubers> Mez: Hello
[13:49:57] <something> click that link
[13:50:09] <CShadowRun> lol
[13:50:19] <daubers> To clarify, DO NOT click that link
[13:50:20] <hrickards> What is that link? Does it send more messages or something?
[13:50:25] <daubers> hrickards: Yes
[13:50:27] <tugrik> ah, so that's what the messages in my status window were all about
[13:50:28] <vitium> mhbmf KICK HIM
[13:50:31] <jpds> /mode +R
[13:50:31] <CShadowRun> I'll check out the link safely, hold on :P
[13:50:44] <BigRed5> It's not pretty pictures
[13:50:48] <AlanBell> CShadowRun: no, don't
[13:50:50] <DJones> CShadowRun: Don't, it gets you klined
[13:50:53] <daubers> Mez: You where saying?
[13:51:02] <CShadowRun> DJones: how on earth does it get you klined?
[13:51:07] <WiNkY> it is a form action=http:///irc.freenode.net:6667 method=post then some javascript to send stuff to the server
[13:51:24] <tsimpson> CShadowRun: it turns your browser into some spam bots
[13:51:24] <CShadowRun> WiNkY: heh, i wouldn't have executed that :)
[13:51:27] <Mez> daubers: update on Real life training event stuff?
[13:51:29] <czajkowski> CShadowRun: hrickards if you go +w you will see freenode has been sending out messages all day today telling folks not to click on those links
[13:51:32] <CShadowRun> tsimpson: yea, that wouldn't have worked on me :P
[13:51:34] <DJones> Back to the topic, meeting
[13:51:37] <WiNkY> CShadowRun: you don't have to, just viewing the link does
[13:51:40] <popey> lets try and stay on topic people
[13:51:51] <CShadowRun> WiNkY: not if you use telnet...it's a nice and secure way to view webpages :P
[13:51:54] <daubers> A message went out to the Mailing list yesterday, along with some notes I put on the wiki and etherpad
[13:52:01] <WiNkY> CShadowRun: just wget it it the proper way
[13:52:03] <daubers> Feedback so far seems very positive :)
[13:52:07] <CShadowRun> or that :P
[13:52:10] <popey> WiNkY: / CShadowRun enough
[13:52:41] <Mez> daubers: seems we've covered your bases there then :D
[13:52:47] <daubers> So it wants to be carried forward with more planning and discussion :)
[13:53:15] <Mez> [ACTION] More planning and discussion for real life training events (daubers)
[13:53:27] <WiNkY> if you don't promote figuring out how code is working against you then what do you promote?
[13:53:33] <WiNkY> this is supposed to be a linux channel
[13:53:46] <czajkowski> WiNkY: there is a meeting going on. please
[13:53:58] <daubers> WiNkY: There is a meeting going on, discussion on the attack afterwards
[13:54:07] <WiNkY> oh really? what sort of meeting
[13:54:11] <WiNkY> oh i see
[13:54:13] <Mez> WiNkY: see /topic
[13:54:13] <popey> read the topic
[13:54:15] <popey> jeez
[13:54:23] <daubers> Mez: Whats next?
[13:54:50] <Mez> Daviey: still not here?
[13:55:05] <Mez> AlanBell: any update on /cb
[13:55:12] <Mez> AlanBell: any update on RAT discussion
[13:55:16] <AlanBell> wiki page created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/RAT2010 and mailed to the list. Poll here http://doodle.com/2zse7y4uafih5dpn so far 14 people interested. Popular date looks to be July 17th or August 21st. I will announce the date on the 24th
[13:55:26] <Craig_Dem> That is really annoying me now.
[13:55:43] <Mez> [ACTION] AlanBell to update list with RAT date on 24th
[13:55:50] <ikonia> well done popey
[13:55:56] <popey> hah
[13:56:35] <Mez> ok, next topic....
[13:57:15] <Mez> stricter on content in #ubuntu-uk.
[13:57:21] <Mez> How are people feeling about all of this?
[13:57:43] <jpds> Will it keep the bots out?
[13:57:47] <popey> heh
[13:57:50] <Mez> jpds: unfortunately not .
[13:58:05] <Paladine> I think we have been over this so many times before there is no need to go over it again to be honest
[13:58:19] <popey> nobody is planning to go over it Paladine
[13:58:22] <matti> Set +i for the time being.
[13:58:25] <Mez> Paladine: the action was last meeting to be stricter on ops....
[13:58:27] <matti> And update +I
[13:58:33] <AlanBell> I think that a number of offtopic conversations were diverted to ##politics-uk
[13:58:37] <ikonia> Mez: coul dyou expand on that ?
[13:58:44] <jussi01> May I offer 2 c here from my observations?
[13:58:56] <popey> feel free
[13:59:18] <popey> i dont think Mez phrased that well
[13:59:19] <Mez> ikonia: we were going to try and push non-on-topic conversation to other, more appropriate channels, but still try and maintain a good atmosphere here.
[13:59:29] <Mez> popey: nor do I
[13:59:30] <popey> thats better :)
[13:59:38] <Mez> :D
[13:59:43] <ikonia> Mez: yup, so the "stricter on the ops" comment ?
[13:59:46] <montel> ohai popey
[13:59:50] <Paladine> I don't see the point in that - because it will be abused (and frequently is) by ops who don't like certain individuals
[13:59:53] <jussi01> Based on what Ive seen of this channel, it often seems to have a lot of offtopic content, and probably could follow many other locos in having an ontopic channel (this one) and and #ubuntu-uk-offtopic
[13:59:55] <jpds> ikonia: stricter ops*
[13:59:55] <matti> popey: There are three people on -offtopic.
[14:00:00] <ikonia> jpds: ahhh thank you
[14:00:01] <Mez> ikonia: stricter "with" the ops
[14:00:11] <popey> matti: it isnt an official channel
[14:00:12] <ikonia> Mez: no problem, understood
[14:00:16] <CShadowRun> I think being stricter with the content will kill the channel like i've seen so many other places be killed
[14:00:23] <Laney> what is on topic?
[14:00:24] <matti> popey: Even the biggest advocate of it - Daviey - is no longer there.
[14:00:31] <CShadowRun> You need to have idle chat in order to keep the helpers online, to help people when they need help
[14:00:32] <popey> matti: it isnt an official channel
[14:00:39] <popey> we never said we would create -offtopic
[14:00:47] <popey> we said we'd just gently push people elsewhere
[14:00:47] <CShadowRun> You remove the idle chat - you remove the idlers - you remove the support - game over :(
[14:00:53] <matti> popey: And you reckon making it official will make people join it?
[14:00:53] <Paladine> I don't see what the problem is talking about -anything- so long as it is not disrupting the channel, which is the conclusion we have always come to in the past on this issue
[14:00:55] <Mez> ***NOTE*** We decided to be stricter with the ops... we're asking for feedback on how it went/has been going
[14:00:55] <MunkyJunky> It depends what kind of content your being stricter on - im against keeping this for purely ubuntu-related things, it'd kill the atmosphere off
[14:00:58] <matti> popey: Are you kidding me? ;]
[14:00:59] <popey> no matti
[14:01:00] <ikonia> CShadowRun: idle chat doens't have to be some of the odd-ball conversations I've seen in here
[14:01:01] <popey> no
[14:01:01] <gadget3000> I agree with CShadowRun
[14:01:06] <matti> popey: OK :)
[14:01:06] <popey> stop putting words in my mouth matti
[14:01:10] <popey> seriously
[14:01:16] <CShadowRun> ikonia: true, the really odd stuff can get pushed out
[14:01:21] <popey> CShadowRun: were you here for the last meeting?
[14:01:24] <popey> we covered all this then?
[14:01:30] <Paladine> if you make a policy change Seeker` will just abuse it, sorry if you don't like me saying it but that is the truth
[14:01:34] <Mez> CShadowRun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/MeetingNotes/20100103?action=show&redirect=UKTeam/LastMeeting
[14:01:36] <ikonia> Paladine: nonsense
[14:01:46] <DJones> There's certainly some things that should be moved
[14:01:55] <daubers> I think the level we've reached is quite a good level, but it needs more time for any implications to be noticed properly
[14:01:57] <popey> CShadowRun: it was not to remove idle chatter at all
[14:02:00] <ikonia> Paladine: sorry if you don't like me saying it - but that's nonsense
[14:02:09] <CShadowRun> ok then, all good :)
[14:02:10] <matti> popey: I've missed this one in beteen bots join mess: [21:00:42] <@popey> we never said we would create -offtopic
[14:02:11] <christel> Mez: do you mean stricter while being opped? as in, as ops.. or do you mean stricter with other ops? because it sounds as though you are saying a decision was made to be strict on/towards the ops :)
[14:02:13] <popey> many people during last meeting made assumptions about what I was proposing, and still are
[14:02:14] <Mez> Paladine: let's not point fingers when people aren't here to defend themselves. And also, in private.
[14:02:17] <Paladine> no it isn't nonsense, seeker has personal issues with some users and abuses his op status frequently to try and censor the channel of those users
[14:02:17] <matti> popey: Sorry about that.
[14:02:32] <Mez> christel: stricter when using ops... allow less "crap" in here.
[14:02:34] <ikonia> Paladine: nonsense
[14:02:59] <ikonia> christel: I fell foul to that reading also
[14:03:03] <christel> Mez: thanks for the clarification :)
[14:03:10] <Mez> Paladine: please take your issues with Seeker` to the appropriate medium, there are policies in place for grievances.
[14:03:12] <popey> christel: mezfail
[14:03:24] <Paladine> ikonia, sorry this is the first time I have ever seen you speak in the channel, so with respect as someone who obviously isn't very active here, I don't think you are in a position to say what does and does not happen on a regular basis
[14:03:27] <Mez> popey: it's always mezfail :D (and I just lost)
[14:03:51] <popey> Paladine: just because ikonia doesnt say, doesn't mean he doesnt see.
[14:04:01] <daubers> Mez: Shall we move on? This is a little off the point now
[14:04:04] <DJones> Paladine: If you've got issues with an op, please take it to the appropriate channel
[14:04:13] <AlanBell> I know of several conversations in the last two weeks that started here and ended up elsewhere. I think that is evidence in favour of the current system working.
[14:04:13] <ikonia> Paladine: I'm as entitled to you, and I don't speak much because of the crazy topics some times
[14:04:15] <Mez> daubers: we haven't gotten to a conclusion with this.
[14:04:36] <cbx33> am I here now?
[14:04:39] <popey> no
[14:04:47] <ascenseur> is the meeting still in progress?
[14:04:49] <CShadowRun> you was here earlier, though
[14:04:49] <Mez> AlanBell: thanks :D does anyone have any feedback on HOW THE CURRENT PROCEDURES FOR DEALING WITH OFFTOPIC STUFF HAS WORKED/NOT WORKED
[14:04:50] <popey> yes
[14:04:52] <Mez> ascenseur: /topic
[14:04:54] <cbx33> w00t
[14:05:00] <popey> I do Mez :)
[14:05:16] <Mez> popey: please feel free to feed back then
[14:05:17] <CShadowRun> Mez, i think the current procedures work well and are good, the way the channel is currently managed is excellent.
[14:05:17] <popey> I think there has been slightly less massively meandering offtopicness
[14:05:33] <Mez> popey: I agree :D
[14:05:36] <Paladine> I think trying to censor what people are talking about when there is asbolutely nothing else being discussed (which happens frequently) is ridiculous
[14:05:36] <AlanBell> there is still room for improvement
[14:05:46] <soopos> I get a VNC invitation by email. Which program does KDE has for it?
[14:06:02] <Mez> soopos: We're in a meeting, please wait till after or join #ubuntu for support
[14:06:02] <matti> soopos: They have meeting right now.
[14:06:08] <czajkowski> popey: +1
[14:06:11] <DJones> One area where offtopicness does happen is non-english chat which has been happening quite regularly recently
[14:06:23] <CShadowRun> Paladine: in my understanding they are just trying to push offtopicness to the relevant channel if there is one.
[14:06:26] <czajkowski> Paladine: yes but then it's hard to get a word in edgeways and it's rather frustrating
[14:06:33] <Mez> ok, so, as far as I can see, most people are happy with the changes that were made last meeting?
[14:06:43] <czajkowski> Mez: yes
[14:06:49] <DJones> +1
[14:06:49] <Mez> So, lets call a vote
[14:06:50] <Ricey> Mez, yes
[14:06:54] <popey> wut!
[14:07:00] <matti> DJones: What?
[14:07:08] <popey> i dont believe a vote is necessary mez
[14:07:14] <popey> the plan was to mail the list and discuss things
[14:07:24] <Paladine> CShadowRun, I have made a lot of attempt to remove offtopic discussions i am involved in to other channels, doesn't mean i agree with it though
[14:07:29] <popey> which is the next thing on the list
[14:07:32] <ikonia> then go to another channel
[14:07:41] <DJones> matti: +1 is agreement with the previous comment
[14:07:42] <Mez> popey: AFAIRthe plan was to review whether to keep the policies discussed last meeting in place this meeting.
[14:07:46] <ikonia> these are the channels policies, agree with it, or don't as long as you abide by it
[14:07:50] <matti> DJones: No, I am asking about non-english chat.
[14:07:55] <matti> DJones: Are you racist?
[14:07:57] <popey> Mez: review doesn't necessarily mean vote
[14:08:00] <ikonia> matti: tha'ts uncalled for
[14:08:05] <popey> matti: calm down
[14:08:06] <AlanBell> matti: DJones drop it
[14:08:16] <popey> sheesh
[14:08:25] <DJones> Thats a first
[14:08:31] <Mez> popey: maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick, I thought "review" meant "decide whether to keep" ?
[14:08:42] <Mez> (in this context)
[14:08:43] <Paladine> ikonia - it -isn't- channel policy, that is the point, it never has been and every time in the past 3 -4 years I have been here that it has been raised to the point of policy it has been turned down
[14:08:44] <popey> hmm, i guess
[14:08:45] <cbx33> review means discuss
[14:08:49] <popey> but it would be nice to discuss it more
[14:08:51] <popey> on the list
[14:09:01] <ikonia> Paladine: you're being told it's been implimented
[14:09:02] <Mez> popey: ok, I can agree with that
[14:09:06] <popey> keep it up for review for longer i reckon?
[14:09:27] <Paladine> no I have not been told it has been implimented at all, we are a discussion about it right now
[14:09:27] <CShadowRun> I think we need to make it cleaar how much offtopicness is allowed
[14:09:29] <Mez> so - Action is to discuss making changes permanent with the list, review whether to keep (vote) next meeting?
[14:09:31] <CShadowRun> If it's going to become policy
[14:09:45] <Mez> CShadowRun: that'd probably be part of the ML discussion?
[14:09:49] <popey> yes
[14:09:53] <popey> I'll send the mail out ASAP
[14:09:57] <CShadowRun> What kind of things are allowed, what arn't, and that priority should be given to helping when it's needed, etc
[14:10:09] <CShadowRun> Mez ok
[14:10:33] <Mez> [ACTION] Discussion about new policies to be done in ML. To be reviewed and finalised for policy at next meeting (popey to start discussion on ML)
[14:10:44] <CShadowRun> what's ML? :)
[14:10:47] <ikonia> mail list
[14:10:48] <cbx33> Mailing list
[14:10:48] <Mez> Mailing list.
[14:10:50] <CShadowRun> oh, mailing list. duh :P
[14:10:54] <popey> :)
[14:10:56] <Mez> which covers the next item nicely.
[14:11:09] <Paladine> policy discussion in mailing list is too exclusive, many users are not on the mailing list and have no desire to be on it (myself included)
[14:11:24] <Laney> (I wonder, if we're so concerned about turning people who need help away, why we have meetings in here when we always end up turning a couple of people away...)
[14:11:26] <Paladine> so if you want to have exclusionary systems, why bother asking us at all or holding meetings?
[14:11:41] <popey> its not excluding Paladine
[14:11:42] <Mez> Paladine: IRC is also exclusionary....
[14:11:45] <popey> its moving
[14:11:49] <Mez> if you put it like that.
[14:11:52] <CShadowRun> Laney: that's a good point, maybe we should hold meetings in a separate channel :P
[14:11:53] <popey> there are far more people on the mailing list than in here
[14:11:57] <cbx33> Paladine, the Mailing List is for more lengthy discussion
[14:11:58] <Paladine> Mez, not when discussing an IRC channel it isn't, what a ridiculous thing to say
[14:11:59] <popey> by a factor of 3 at least
[14:12:07] <cbx33> you can't write paragraphs and paragraphs in IRC
[14:12:12] <Mez> CShadowRun: AOB :D
[14:12:28] <CShadowRun> Mez yea :)
[14:12:30] <popey> Paladine: this is the #ubuntu-uk channel for the Ubuntu UK Loco team, it is a method of communication between the team.
[14:12:32] <Paladine> popey, frankly people who are not users in here and merely sit on the mailing list, should have no say about policies in here
[14:12:32] <Mez> ok, I believe the next two points aren't review ? they're new items?
[14:12:36] <AlanBell> can we end the bun fight please. Popey will mail the list with a well considered article. We can discuss next time.
[14:12:41] <popey> Paladine: as with many teams in Ubuntu we use multiple methods of communication
[14:12:52] <Mez> issyl0: you here?
[14:12:55] <Paladine> we are talking about an irc channel policy here not a locopolicy
[14:13:05] <popey> Paladine: the irc channel is the channel _for_ the loco
[14:13:09] <AlanBell> issyl0 is unable to join this meeting, but asked me to talk about this one on her behalf.
[14:13:09] <popey> it is the loco's channel
[14:13:12] <AlanBell> issyl0 wanted to organise an event around-about Easter time and came up with a visit to the science museum in London
[14:13:15] <czajkowski> Paladine: it's a loco channel!
[14:13:15] <AlanBell> this would be an event suitable for geeks, parents, partners, offspring etc.
[14:13:17] <Paladine> irc channel policy shoudld be discussed in the irc channel
[14:13:18] <AlanBell> the science museum is free to enter, some of the exhibits and shows are chargeable, there may be special tours available for groups
[14:13:21] <AlanBell> sounds like a fun packed event
[14:13:22] <Paladine> to do otherwise is exclusionary
[14:13:22] <popey> Paladine: i disagree
[14:13:42] <CShadowRun> I agree with Paladine, IRC channel policy should be discussed on the IRC channel.
[14:13:45] <popey> Paladine: it is an ubuntu loco channel, and this is how we do it in ubuntu
[14:13:46] <daubers> AlanBell: Time/date depending I'll be there!
[14:13:53] <ascenseur> AlanBell: yes, i agree, the Science Museum idea sounds great
[14:14:04] <Mez> Paladine / CShadowRun it WILL be reviewed an voted on here in the meeting.
[14:14:09] <cbx33> (can I just say here......that I do apologise if I've been too off topicy....as I was not aware of the policies)
[14:14:17] <Paladine> popey, if you are going to start making channel policy decisions without involving the channel users then i will not support this channel or the loco in any way, I find it stinks of censorship and hypocricy
[14:14:19] <Mez> lemme change that
[14:14:27] <popey> oh please Paladine
[14:14:28] <AlanBell> Paladine: we have moved to the next topic
[14:14:28] <popey> drop iit
[14:14:36] <Paladine> no I won't drop it
[14:14:40] <ikonia> bad call
[14:14:42] <popey> feel free to leave then
[14:14:45] <ikonia> mail popey privatley
[14:14:47] <ikonia> privatley
[14:14:48] <Paladine> I won't drop something just because you don't want to discuss it
[14:14:49] <ikonia> ughhh
[14:14:56] <popey> its a meeting Paladine
[14:15:02] <Paladine> you can't end discussion on a meeting topic just because you don't like what people are saying
[14:15:08] <popey> I'm not trying to
[14:15:09] <czajkowski> Paladine: you're rather distrupting the meeting, can you take it to mail after the meeting
[14:15:25] <popey> stop trying to make out I'm doing something I'm not. it's incredibly tiresome
[14:15:28] <daubers> Paladine: We haven't we've decided to move the discussion to another medium and review at the next meeting
[14:15:32] <Paladine> yes you did you moved onto the next topic without fully hearing what people had to say on the previous one
[14:15:50] <Mez> [VOTE] Discussion about new policies to be done in ML. To be reviewed and finalised for policy at next meeting (popey to start discussion on ML)
[14:15:56] <Mez> +1
[14:15:57] <daubers> +1
[14:16:01] <czajkowski> Paladine: there is only a certain time period for things to be discussed
[14:16:01] <MunkyJunky> +1
[14:16:03] <popey> wut
[14:16:05] <Paladine> -1
[14:16:06] <ascenseur> +1
[14:16:07] <czajkowski> +1
[14:16:10] <Ricey> +1
[14:16:15] <CShadowRun> +1
[14:16:18] <hrickards> +1
[14:16:21] <AlanBell> +1
[14:16:44] <CShadowRun> Paladine because it's going to be talked about in length on the mailing list (IRC isn't suitable for lengthy communication), it'll come back to IRC again for the major decision making at the end.
[14:16:55] <Mez> [ENDVOTE]
[14:17:03] <Paladine> Chadow, I disagree as I said many irc users are not on the mailing list and have no desire to be
[14:17:07] <ikonia> using the archives can be useful for reading up if you don't want to subscrive
[14:17:10] <Paladine> so they are being excluded from the discussion
[14:17:10] <ikonia> subscribe
[14:17:22] <popey> Paladine: this is an irc channel for the loco, not a random irc channel
[14:17:23] <Mez> Paladine: the vote has been made to move to the ML.... We're a democracy. Lets MOVE ON
[14:17:25] <The_Toxic_Mite> >:|
[14:17:25] <popey> its a tool for the loco
[14:17:33] <CShadowRun> indeed, read the archive, subscribe, IRC isn't a suitable medium for lengthy communication
[14:17:37] <Paladine> ikonia, no I won't subscribe, i get 5000+ emails a week to deal with as it is I have no interest in getting more
[14:17:39] <MunkyJunky> +1 to moving on
[14:17:43] <The_Toxic_Mite> Dodgy mouse receiver + dodgy links = k-line
[14:17:48] <ikonia> Paladine: I didn't say subscribe
[14:17:49] <The_Toxic_Mite> :|
[14:17:55] <Paladine> yes you did
[14:17:57] <Mez> AlanBell: you're speaking for issyl0 ?
[14:17:57] <ascenseur> Paladine: daily digest
[14:17:58] <ikonia> Paladine: use the online archives to read it without subscribing
[14:18:00] <Paladine> you said subscribe
[14:18:10] <ikonia> Paladine: I said "don't want to subscribe"
[14:18:20] <AlanBell> Mez: yes, and I am not happy about the topic trampling. Just glad it is me and not issyl0
[14:18:38] <Mez> AlanBell: ok, can you repeat all that was missed please.
[14:18:42] <AlanBell> ok
[14:18:50] <AlanBell> issyl0 is unable to join this meeting, but asked me to talk about this one on her behalf.
[14:18:54] <AlanBell> issyl0 wanted to organise an event around-about Easter time and came up with a visit to the science museum in London
[14:18:55] <Mez> (I can see any comments regarding this and relay it now this is +z)
[14:18:57] <AlanBell> this would be an event suitable for geeks, parents, partners, offspring etc.
[14:19:00] <AlanBell> the science museum is free to enter, some of the exhibits and shows are chargeable, there may be special tours available for groups
[14:19:03] <AlanBell> sounds like a fun packed event
[14:19:37] <Mez> < czajkowski> It'd be nice to get younger people involved and encourage people to bring their partners and kids +1
[14:19:43] <daubers> I'd certainly be interested in attending
[14:19:44] <ascenseur> AlanBell: I agree, it sounds brilliant. Esp. the free entry. I would be more than happy to come along and give a hand where possible
[14:19:50] <Ricey> I agree that it's a good 'informal' meet
[14:20:26] <Mez> [TOPIC] Easter visit to the Science Museum
[14:20:33] <popey> when is easter?
[14:20:35] <Ricey> i wish that we don't just concentrate on the major conurbations such as london or Manchester
[14:20:36] <AlanBell> ok, so the plan needs to develop a bit, but I would like a vote on whether we want to go ahead with this
[14:20:42] <ascenseur> popey: march-time I think
[14:20:45] <Ricey> 1st week of april
[14:20:50] <DJones> popey: Early april
[14:20:51] <Ricey> i think
[14:20:54] <popey> ok
[14:20:57] <AlanBell> popey: school easter holidays march 31 to april 19th ish
[14:21:04] <popey> i like the sound of a trip
[14:21:13] <Mez> So, shall we vote on whether to do this?
[14:21:37] <DJones> Good friday is 2nd April, Easter Monday is 5th April
[14:21:38] <popey> I'd not
[14:21:44] <popey> I'd send a speculative mail to the list
[14:21:52] <popey> maybe the forum too?
[14:22:00] <ascenseur> AlanBell: I think that it would be an idea to arrange it in school holidays& perhaps get more of the "younger geeks"
[14:22:03] <Ricey> i won't be able to attend - i've a war to fight :)
[14:22:08] <Mez> not a bad idea popey
[14:22:08] <popey> someone just needs to organise it and people will come :)
[14:22:33] <ascenseur> popey AlanBell: I'm not sure what I could do, but I would be more than happy to help where I can
[14:23:37] <Mez> - ACTION] issyl0 to mail list about organising an Ubuntu-UK visit to the Science Museum over Easter (AlanBell is to inform issyl0 about this) ??
[14:23:46] <Mez> agreed?
[14:23:49] <AlanBell> yes
[14:23:49] <popey> no
[14:23:51] <Paladine> ok i am leaving, i will register my issues with the loco council, I am not going to sit back and watch what was a great communication resource become a cesspit for egotism
[14:23:52] <popey> or yes
[14:23:52] <popey> :)
[14:24:07] <popey> oooh, goody
[14:24:11] <daubers> Mez: +1
[14:24:12] <DJones> :)
[14:24:16] <Mez> [ACTION] issyl0 to mail list about organising an Ubuntu-UK visit to the Science Museum over Easter (AlanBell is to inform issyl0 about this)
[14:24:25] <Mez> popey: aren't you LoCo Council?
[14:24:28] <popey> yes
[14:24:31] <Mez> :D
[14:24:33] <popey> as is czajkowski
[14:24:37] <ascenseur> popey: lol
[14:24:40] <Laney> what does :D mean
[14:24:41] <MunkyJunky> lol!
[14:24:48] <AlanBell> ok, move on
[14:24:49] <Mez> Laney: me grinnign
[14:24:52] <Laney> i'd expect those involved to recuse themselves from a discussion
[14:24:52] <ascenseur> Laney: smily grin
[14:24:59] <Mez> [TOPIC] Consider setting up etherpad.ubuntu-uk.org
[14:25:00] <Laney> that involves them closely
[14:25:09] <CShadowRun> oO, that's funky.
[14:25:14] <Mez> dutchie: ping?
[14:25:23] <popey> Daviey has already made a start on that
[14:25:25] <ascenseur> Mez: may I ask, what is etherpad?
[14:25:31] <Mez> popey: ah, cool.
[14:25:32] <popey> see etherpad.com
[14:25:43] <popey> ascenseur: its a collaborative text editor in a web page
[14:25:44] <Mez> ascenseur: it's a web based multi player text editor.
[14:25:44] <ascenseur> oh, good idea
[14:25:47] <popey> like a real-time wiki
[14:25:49] <CShadowRun> EtherPad is the only web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time.
[14:26:06] <CShadowRun> Is it open source?
[14:26:08] <ascenseur> and its been aquired by google!
[14:26:09] <popey> yes
[14:26:16] <DJones> popey: Is it a similar idea to gobby?
[14:26:16] <CShadowRun> +1 from me then :)
[14:26:19] <popey> yes
[14:26:20] <hrickards> Similar to Google Wave, but for longer documents?
[14:26:21] <Mez> [ACTION] Daviey to continue setting up etherpad.ubuntu-uk.org
[14:26:39] <gadget3000> What is the timescale on this as google wave may be another option??
[14:26:52] <popey> google wave isnt an option imo
[14:26:57] <popey> this is public access, wave is not
[14:27:01] <popey> this works well, wave does not :)
[14:27:06] <DJones> I find google wave very slow
[14:27:14] <Ricey> i find wave fine :)
[14:27:14] * popey notes its already setup :)
[14:27:24] <MunkyJunky> It's not worth making people get a wave account just for this, especially if they don't really want one
[14:27:26] <cbx33> wave can be good
[14:27:29] * popey hugs Daviey
[14:27:38] <daubers> Oooh shiny
[14:27:38] <ascenseur> i have wave although it is slow and painful sometimes
[14:27:44] <czajkowski> Daviey: rocks
[14:27:46] <Mez> [ACTION] Daviey to recieve kudos for already setting it up
[14:27:52] <popey> hah
[14:27:54] <gadget3000> I didn't realize etherpad was public. No to wave from me then
[14:28:02] <Mez> [TOPIC] AOB
[14:28:20] * Mez has a point to raise.
[14:28:20] <hrickards> popey: Is therepad available now then? etherpad.ubuntu-uk.org doesn't resolve on OpenDNS for me
[14:28:30] <popey> thats not the address :)
[14:28:32] * CShadowRun has one too
[14:28:41] <popey> i wont say it publicly because daviey hasnt announced it
[14:28:46] <hrickards> popey: Ah okay then
[14:28:58] <Mez> CShadowRun: you go first, I feel it may be the same thing.
[14:29:25] <CShadowRun> Well, as Laney said, according to our webpage, the goal here is to "provide free community support to users of the various flavours of Ubuntu"
[14:29:39] <CShadowRun> Turning people away during meetings isn't that good, maybe we should hold meetings in a separate channel
[14:29:47] <CShadowRun> (It'd also provide a good way to know who's present and who isn't)
[14:29:54] * Mez nods
[14:29:58] <Mez> that's what I was going to suggest.
[14:30:00] <popey> most locos meet in their own channel
[14:30:06] * gadget3000 agrees
[14:30:15] <popey> one hour out of a month isnt much to ask people to wait
[14:30:24] <Mez> popey: indeed, but our meetings seem to be rather... disruptive.
[14:30:28] <ascenseur> can I add to CShadowRun s comment?
[14:30:32] <CShadowRun> ascenseur: go ahead :)
[14:30:37] <Mez> ascenseur: it's an open meeting, go ahead.
[14:30:48] <ascenseur> following on from that, would it be possible to have a meeting mailing list?
[14:30:49] <popey> fact is the disruption wasnt people coming in
[14:30:56] <popey> it was already existing people discussing meeting topics
[14:31:08] <popey> ascenseur: what for?
[14:31:19] <CShadowRun> popey: another reason for a separate channel, offtopic could be talked about back in here
[14:31:23] <Mez> popey: partly, there were a couple of "we're in a meeting - can you wait" ...
[14:31:33] <popey> CShadowRun: no, that makes it impossible to log
[14:31:42] <popey> if its meeting stuff it should be logged during the meeting
[14:31:45] <CShadowRun> yea, pretty much every time we have a meeting i see people turned away from support
[14:31:47] <popey> not split over other channels
[14:31:53] <popey> they arent turned away
[14:31:56] <popey> they are asked to wait
[14:32:07] <ascenseur> it was just an idea - i would then get a daily digest of the normal Ubuntu-UK one, and then the individual meeting one&.
[14:32:10] <CShadowRun> popey: that's pretty much what i'm saying, any non-meeting stuff could still be talked about safely in here
[14:32:24] <popey> both of the people who were "turned away" this week are regulars
[14:32:26] <popey> not new people
[14:32:35] <daubers> The problem there would be is that most of the channel would be involed in the meeting, so not many people would be there in order to help
[14:32:38] <CShadowRun> popey: true, but it'd be nicer to be able to support people while meeting :)
[14:32:48] <Laney> what's the problem with using the meeting channel?
[14:32:50] <popey> again, its 1 hour a month
[14:32:54] <popey> Laney: it gets busy
[14:33:07] <CShadowRun> how's that a problem? :S
[14:33:08] <popey> and its not really meant for loco stuff
[14:33:14] <hrickards> Why don't we have a vote?
[14:33:17] <Laney> don't see why it can't be
[14:33:29] <popey> well, this is being discussed elsewhere
[14:33:34] <popey> its not just an issue for -uk
[14:33:39] <popey> other teams have issues like this
[14:33:48] <Laney> well, can't we trial it then?
[14:33:54] <CShadowRun> indeed, just say in here that a meeting has started, and that anyone who wants to take part in the meeting can /join #ubuntu-uk-meeting, or read the notes at
[14:33:58] <cbx33> in #edubuntu we always had #edubuntu-meeting
[14:34:00] <cbx33> or used
[14:34:03] <cbx33> #ubuntu-meeting
[14:34:08] <popey> thats different CShadowRun
[14:34:10] <popey> er cbx33
[14:34:12] <popey> thats project stuff
[14:34:17] <czajkowski> CShadowRun: for 1 hour, it';s not that big a deal, if it was very urgent pm someone, or else ask in #ubuntu.
[14:34:19] <AlanBell> locos meet in their own channel. It is a great way to get the mailing list members to join the channel, and stay.
[14:34:21] <popey> there's historically been a split between project stuff and loco stuff
[14:34:32] <DJones> I can see difficulties with trying to use -meeting, purely because if every loco wanted to use it it would become difficult to plan future meetings, if one loco decided to use it, every other one could also want to use it
[14:34:45] <cbx33> ok
[14:34:47] <popey> also multiple locos meet at the same time
[14:34:48] <czajkowski> DJones: exactly
[14:34:50] <popey> so cant all use -meeting
[14:35:00] <CShadowRun> i said ubuntu-uk-meeting :)
[14:35:06] <popey> yes, you did CShadowRun
[14:35:12] <popey> but others said #ubuntu-meeting
[14:35:16] <Mez> +1 for ubuntu-uk-meeting IMO
[14:35:17] <popey> give me a chance to respond to you all
[14:35:28] <andy101> do we really need an entire channel for 1 hour a month?
[14:35:40] <czajkowski> Mez: for 1 hour a month, I just don't see the need in it.
[14:35:40] <popey> andy101: we should use half a channel? :)
[14:35:44] <Laney> it's hardly difficult to make a channel
[14:35:47] <popey> indeed
[14:35:55] <cbx33> could you have ubuntu-loco-meeting
[14:35:56] <popey> i dont have a problem with having #ubuntu-uk-meeting
[14:36:00] <cbx33> and all take turns?
[14:36:06] <popey> that has the same problem cbx33
[14:36:06] <CShadowRun> cbx33: why?
[14:36:09] <Laney> this is a distraction
[14:36:10] <popey> multiple locos meet at the same time
[14:36:16] <DJones> Perhaps a -meeting channel could be set up for GMT timezone loco's
[14:36:18] <Laney> it does not matter what the name of the channel is
[14:36:19] * Mez calls for a vote.
[14:36:26] <popey> it does Laney
[14:36:30] <cbx33> ok
[14:36:32] <popey> hang on Mez
[14:36:34] <popey> please
[14:36:53] <popey> #ubuntu-uk-meeting would be a sensible choice given we already have #ubuntu-uk-podcast ..
[14:37:01] <Mez> popey: I'm suggesing a vote for when discussion has finished
[14:37:10] <popey> Mez: you didnt make that clear
[14:37:29] <Laney> I mean it's a bikeshedding point which is distracting from the wider topic
[14:37:36] <popey> any reason not to use #ubuntu-uk-meeting ?
[14:37:41] <Mez> popey: I wasn't finished :D
[14:37:49] <Laney> there is a principle and then the implementation
[14:38:20] <popey> Laney: i find the use of "bikeshedding" always a bit of a dismissive tone especially when people dont know the implications of the choices they make
[14:38:48] <Laney> feel free to interpret it in a nice way, I meant no ill will
[14:39:14] <popey> ok, so, #ubuntu-uk-meeting for the net one then? :)
[14:39:15] <andy101> should we list #ubuntu-uk-podcast and #ubuntu-uk-meeting (if used) on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/IRC ?
[14:39:27] <popey> yup andy101
[14:39:31] <daubers> popey: +1 :)
[14:39:34] <CShadowRun> Pros: It allows us to easily track who's active in the meeting, it allows us to continue normal activity here, It keeps support queries out of the meeting minutes, It doesn't confuse new users, it allows mailing list users to join just for the meeting if they want. Cons: some people might not stay after the meetings
[14:39:41] <CShadowRun> That's what i've seen so far, pros outweigh the cons :)
[14:39:58] * gadget3000 agrees
[14:40:09] <AlanBell> CShadowRun: good summary, not sure about weightings.
[14:40:14] <ascenseur> +1 to CShadowRun
[14:40:16] <daubers> I'm all for a trial on the next one :)
[14:40:46] <gadget3000> vote?
[14:40:53] <MunkyJunky> Would it matter if people didn't stay after meetings, if its a channel just for meetings?
[14:41:06] <CShadowRun> MunkyJunky: i meant people might not come here after the meetings
[14:41:11] <MunkyJunky> ah, gotcha
[14:41:17] <CShadowRun> that was popey's concern i think
[14:41:34] <AlanBell> ok, are we done?
[14:41:39] <popey> i am
[14:41:43] <CShadowRun> i'd say so, yea
[14:41:50] <czajkowski> I think moving meetings to another room, means after a meeting people idle and you still discuss items, and sometimes many fine points are raised.
[14:42:08] <MunkyJunky> Are we having an #ubuntu-uk-meeting next month then?
[14:42:09] <czajkowski> if you leave after the meeting is over, you miss this interaction
[14:42:21] <AlanBell> MunkyJunky: good point, date of next meeting?
[14:42:23] * Daviey gives his apologies for being unable to attend.. just got back after ca failure... Pothole in the road too out a wheel.
[14:42:33] <Daviey> spare wheel was underinflated.
[14:42:33] <DJones> Just one comment, to avoid the channel becoming an offtopic channel, can it be set +m at the end of the meeting with people asked to move to the normal channel
[14:42:34] <Daviey> w00t.
[14:42:56] <CShadowRun> Car 1 - Daviey 0
[14:43:00] <CShadowRun> :p
[14:43:03] <Daviey> exatly.
[14:43:09] * popey pokes Mez
[14:43:18] <Mez> popey: ?
[14:43:22] <andy101> more like Road 1 - Car 0
[14:43:25] <popey> Mez: you're chair
[14:43:31] <Mez> Didn't know we'd come to an agreement yet!
[14:43:45] <popey> just waking you up
[14:43:46] <Mez> Action point?
[14:43:58] <CShadowRun> czajkowski: nothing that couldn't be discussed here, also it'd encourage all topics to be discussed in the meeting, which is good as it all gets logged.
[14:44:09] <Daviey> Regarding etherpad.. http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org <-- however, please consider it "BETA" and report any issues.
[14:44:39] <Mez> ?[ACTION] Next meeting to be held in #ubuntu-uk-meeting ??
[14:44:47] <Laney> although the lack of time pressure might cause meetings to run on for even longer :)
[14:44:47] <Daviey> "meh"
[14:44:58] <Daviey> tis only 1 hour a month..
[14:45:12] <daubers> Daviey: Much kudos on that :)
[14:45:33] <Laney> yes please Mez
[14:45:37] <ascenseur> Daviey: :) etherpad is good& will let you know of any issues
[14:45:50] <Mez> [ACTION] Next meeting to be held in #ubuntu-uk-meeting
[14:46:01] <Mez> Next meeting?
[14:46:28] <AlanBell> 7th Feb? should be time for the carried forward items to see some progress
[14:46:42] <dutchie> bah, missed it
[14:47:07] <MunkyJunky> Wouldn't 31st be better, as it's 2 weeks from now?
[14:47:27] <ascenseur> woot - my birthday!
[14:47:36] <AlanBell> MunkyJunky: well they are normally supposed to be monthly, 3 weeks is a compromise
[14:47:42] <czajkowski> is there a reason for fortnightly meetings?
[14:47:42] <MunkyJunky> Ah, fair dos
[14:48:01] <popey> czajkowski: just to catch up
[14:48:03] <Mez> czajkowski: it was fortnightly as we had a lot to catch up on.
[14:48:04] <AlanBell> czajkowski: in this instance we wanted to review some things on a short timescale
[14:48:05] <popey> we dont usually
[14:48:23] <Mez> 7th/14th Feb?
[14:48:27] * DJones recommends that 14th Feb isn't picked as a date
[14:48:36] * AlanBell sees a problem with the 14th
[14:48:41] <MunkyJunky> He raises a point there
[14:48:42] <daubers> I'd go with the 7th
[14:48:42] <czajkowski> popey: Mez AlanBell thanks :)
[14:48:43] <Daviey> DJones: Fancy a date on that day?
[14:48:55] <CShadowRun> lol
[14:48:55] <DJones> Daviey: My wife might tag along :)
[14:49:07] <czajkowski> 7th feb folks could be at FOSDEM
[14:49:08] <Mez> anyone want to volunteer to chair the next meeting?
[14:49:10] <Daviey> \o/
[14:49:18] <Mez> 21st?
[14:49:20] * CShadowRun takes cover
[14:49:28] * Daviey prods DJones for chair
[14:49:58] <ascenseur> *ducks from mass spam*
[14:50:18] <DJones> Daviey: I will if needed, but no guarantee of experience
[14:50:27] <Daviey> DJones: no experience needed :)
[14:50:34] <DJones> Good job then
[14:50:34] <Mez> DJones: lol - my experience = 0
[14:50:43] <Mez> [ACTION] DJones to chair next meeting.
[14:50:49] <Mez> Which is when?
[14:50:51] * DJones says this meeting has been an experience
[14:51:02] <Daviey> DJones: Myself, or someone else will happily coach you through the bot commands
[14:51:02] <popey> worst meeting ever
[14:51:04] <Mez> popey: +1
[14:51:05] <cbx33> oh dear
[14:51:08] <czajkowski> popey: *hugs*
[14:51:09] <CShadowRun> lol
[14:51:10] <Laney>
[14:51:19] <AlanBell> can we end it Mez
[14:51:22] <hrickards> Mez: 7 feb
[14:51:32] <DJones> Daviey: I think bot command will be ok, I was looking at setting up a mootbot clone
[14:51:37] <Mez> [ACTION] Next meeting 7th Feb (sorry to FOSDEM people)
[14:51:40] <czajkowski> gotta say folks, yer kinda a bbit abrupt when a person is outlining an idea, and thoughts and you keep interrupting, if this was elsewhere you'd have been muted of kicked
[14:51:50] <popey> yes!
[14:51:53] <Daviey> That meeting was good,and i'll let you finish - but #ubuntu-ie's had the BEST VIDEO EVER.
[14:51:54] <popey> was my complaint last time!
[14:52:13] <czajkowski> so can I ask the chair the next time to be a bit more forceful, and keep the topic on track
[14:52:19] <Mez> popey: bring up an agenda item for +mvz next meeting?
[14:52:20] <CShadowRun> Daviey: haha
[14:52:20] <popey> +1
[14:52:23] <czajkowski> if a topic is moved to the next one, people need to respect that and move on
[14:52:38] <czajkowski> Mez: thanks for chairing I know it got a bit crazy there.
[14:52:40] * DJones prods Mez with [endmeeting]
[14:52:46] <Mez> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.


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