Meeting opened by danfish at 20:01

  • <AlanBell> o/

    <brobostigon> present

    <daubers> o/

    <MooDoo> o/

    <Daviey> o/

    <brobostigon> o/

    <Gadget3000> o/

    <rmorgan> o/

    <vitium> o/

    <MichealH> o/?

    <brobostigon> MichealH: thats the signfor waving,

    <issyl0> o/

    <bittin> o/

    <X3N> o/

    <DJones> o/

    <dutchie> \o

    <MichealH> o/ brobostigon

    <danfish> ok - first time for me for chairing so here we go!

    <danfish> [TOPIC] danfish - review of action items from last meeting

danfish - review of action items from last meeting

  • <brobostigon> good luck danfish

    <danfish> Smile :) brobostigon

    <danfish> quite a bit here

    <MooDoo> missing a popey?

    <brobostigon> i havent had a chance to read the agenda.

    <popey> o/


    <MichealH> Yay @Popey popey say /back or /away

    <MichealH> Are we even starting

    <MichealH> ?!?

    <danfish> popey has a rather important item later

    <brobostigon> danfish: you need to steer this.

    <Daviey> MichealH: i'm sure danfish is working away at it

    <danfish> MichealH: OK

    <danfish> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in May, please place it in the report

People who have achieved something in May, please place it in the report

  • <Daviey> We had a number of members attend UDS

    <AlanBell> did we miss anyone? I am sure there would be more?

    <rmorgan> I gave out 100 cd's at a boot sale on sunday?

    <rmorgan> I didnt add it to the report though

    <issyl0> rmorgan: woo!

    <AlanBell> rmorgan: feel free to do so, that certainly qualifies

    <MichealH> rmorgan, People would think its windows then scream its a scam Wink ;)

    <danfish> rmorgan: good effort

    <rmorgan> planning on doing the same a week sunday when i get rid of the junk from the attic

    <rmorgan> i had my laptop setup so people could see what it was and how it worked

    <AlanBell> anyone got any other activites not mentioned on the report?

    <danfish> [PROGRESS REPORT] Daubers to write a talk for Oggcamp on the proposed support guidelines

Daubers to write a talk for Oggcamp on the proposed support guidelines

  • <daubers> Did it Smile :)

    <danfish> excellent - saw the etherpad

    <daubers> I have notes I've been writing up and acting on

    <AlanBell> daubers: got a video link?

    <daubers> AlanBell: No-one videoed me

    <daubers> I think the TalkOSS people might have done

    <Daviey> daubers: sure?

    <daubers> It wasn't on any of my dv tapes

  • popey videos daubers through a very very very very very long lens

  • brobostigon wonders if popey is drunk?

    <X3N> hahaha

    <popey> yes

  • MooDoo can't remember popey being this strange Wink ;)

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <MichealH> MooDoo, Me too lets treasure this moment.

    <danfish> lets progress

    <daubers> please

  • brobostigon scp's popey a mug of coffee

    <danfish> [TOPIC] popey - Setup Ubuntu ISO testing tea

popey - Setup Ubuntu ISO testing team

  • <rmorgan> +m

    <popey> Hopefully you all saw the mail today?

  • MooDoo nods

    <popey> basically if anyone has any questions, reply to that or ping me on irc

    <daubers> Yup Smile :) Got a wget setup on a cron

    <Gadget3000> yep. I was reading the wiki before the meeting

  • Daviey has been ISO testing today.

    <popey> I'm keen to get us testing like daemons!

    <Daviey> daubers: zsync!

    <brobostigon> i have checked todays emailyet, so not read it yet.

  • <dutchie> http://joke.popey.com/

    <dutchie> heh

    <daubers> popey: continously and in the background?

    <popey> thats all.

    <rmorgan> lol @ daubers

  • rmorgan has been iso testing in his spare time today

    <dutchie> hmm

    <danfish> popey: not sure exactly how th e testing process will work - ?Testdrive

    <dutchie> ubuntu-uk: 181 unread

    <brobostigon> iwill have tocheckmy email, after meeting.

    <dutchie> need to do something about that at some piont

    <popey> great question!

    <popey> I'll follow up with another mail about how to test

    <popey> thanks!

    <danfish> popey: can I action that?

    <Daviey> link to the test schemes on the qa tracker popey

    <popey> yes

    <popey> good idea danfish

    <popey> and Daviey

    <popey> (tabfail)

    <danfish> [ACTION] popey to determine testing methodalities

popey to determine testing methodalities

  • <popey> thanks

    <danfish> my spelling sucks!

    <X3N> methadologies?

    <MichealH> next [topic]

    <rmorgan> methodologies*

    <DJones> might be worthing linking the uk testing page for the minutes

    <X3N> even methodologies

    <MichealH> Good Idea DJones

    <danfish> [TOPIC] popey - Non-tech conference attendance

popey - Non-tech conference attendance

  • <MichealH> 2 more then Meee!

    <popey> Look in your local paper for events and conferences which are NOT computer related

    <popey> we should be there

    <dutchie> what sort of thing are you talking about?

http://akgraner.com/?p=471 read that (more homework)

  • <popey> http://akgraner.com/?p=471 read that (more homework)

    <rmorgan> in what capacity?

    <popey> promoting and advocating ubuntu

    <popey> the thing is, if we go to open source events, we're (mostly) preaching to the converted

    <MichealH> ascenseur, Right on time nearly

    <popey> we're talking to people who (probably) already run linux in some capacity

    <X3N> infiltrate tupperware parties

    <ascenseur> MichealH: apologies for the lateness!

    <MichealH> np

    <popey> what we need to do is reach out to other people who have no clue who we are and why we're so amazing

    <AlanBell> rmorgan: tell us about the car boot

    <popey> so, the home work is this:-

    <popey> yes!

    <MooDoo> there are a number of co-working lofts in nottingham that i'm sure would have a few cd's on reception for people to use....

    <danfish> popey: agreed. But we almost need a marketing campaign??

    <popey> exactly!

    <rmorgan> popey: so why not go to tech events but no OSS? wouldnt we be received more willingly?

    <vitium> We could do with going to event's maybe not entirely related to technology or open source in order to branch out and "convert" the people who haven't heard of linux.

    <popey> ok, hang on everyone, one at a time

    <popey> rmorgan has done great work at a car boot giving out home-burned ubuntu cds

    <vitium> As popey said...

    <DJones> Sounds a good idea, I'd suggest things like Business Link events to meet small business owners who may consider Ubuntu as a way of extending the life of computers at minimal cost

    <popey> danfish: we dont need a marketing campaign, we have one.. just turn up, talk about what you do, what you use and how it's awesome

    <rmorgan> alanbell: I had a regular pitch setup with wife and daughter with old ibm laptop setup on the edge of table with ubuntu desktop on it people are automatically drawn in when they see bright pretty things

    <popey> rmorgan: WIN!

    <popey> epic win!

    <rmorgan> had a big(ish) sign saying free ubuntu linux operating system

    <popey> thats exactly the kind of thing I'm thinking of

    <rmorgan> then when they approach inform them of its advantages

    <ascenseur> As much as getting everyone to switch instantly to Ubuntu is a great idea, there are certain things that depend on WindBlows; Why don't we also advocate the use of thigns such as OpenOffice.org, Inkscape or GIMP; things that will bring OSS into a lot more peoples' homes?

    <popey> events that _aren't_ inherently technical, but people who attend are technical - that basically covers _all_ events

    <danfish> popey: I agree, but in the public sector we need something extra...

    <AlanBell> ascenseur: because this is the Ubuntu loco. No harm in talking to them about those things too, but we do have a focus.

    <popey> ascenseur: nobody is expecting anyone to switch instantly, we're talking about slowly slowly catch-ee monkey

    <popey> get the message out there

    <rmorgan> Has anyone attacked such things as freecycle?

    <popey> talk to people

    <popey> rmorgan: freecycle is an issue in and of itself!

    <MooDoo> rmorgan: freecycle is a pain in the neck Smile :)

    <ascenseur> AlanBell: yes, I understand, but if someone says "oh, I use MS Office" then just say "why not try OpenOffice.org? It comes free with Ubuntu

    <popey> anyway

    <popey> ascenseur: i disagree!

    <popey> ascenseur: when someone says 'i use ms office' ask 'is it legal?' or 'how much did you pay for that?'.... this is free...

    <rmorgan> lol @ is it legal - it's funny cos its true!

    <popey> (and psssst, legal)

    <Daviey> There is no such thing as a free lunch!

    <danfish> we can talk to end users until were are aubergine in the face, but if organisational policies are rotton ....

    <AlanBell> another thing to remember that this isn't instead of other activites, it is in addition to lobbying work at public sector levels and business targeted stuff

    <popey> so anyway, that was all I had to say, please look out for events in your local area

    <ascenseur> popey: aha, better tactics, but the main point is still there!

    <rmorgan> well i charge my lunch today to expenses does that count?

    <popey> please let us (the loco) know when/where they are

    <popey> and we can help!

    <popey> you're not alone Big Grin :)

    <danfish> AlanBell: that's v important IMHO

    <MooDoo> this is my first target for such things - http://www.antenna.uk.com/

    <DJones> If people find and event that they want to do something like that, would the loco be able to supply a quantity of ubuntu cd's

    <popey> can someone give me an action to mail the list and blog about this?

  • popey pokes danfish gently with a prodding rod

    <danfish> sorry -

    <AlanBell> DJones: depending on supplies. That is what they are for

    <DJones> AlanBell: ok, thought it was worth asking the question

    <MichealH> Getting Ubuntu into the household danfish

    <MichealH> That is a good ACTION

    <popey> getting CD's shouldn't be a problem

    <popey> finding the right events to attend is!

    <popey> thats why we need you to be on the look out

    <popey> imagine an Ubuntu booth at your local farmers market!

    <popey> sausage.... cheese... free software! Big Grin :)

    <MichealH> Can we move on? Please this is offtopic

    <MichealH> Alot

    <MichealH> Please

    <popey> no, it really isnt

    <danfish> [ACTION] popey to to action ubuntu awareness

popey to to action ubuntu awareness

  • <popey> its the whole point of the item

    <popey> thanks danfish

  • popey shuts up Smile :)

    <MooDoo> popey: what about a booth at that beer fest you went too?

    <MichealH> popey, mine is more formal

    <MichealH> Yay \o/

    <rmorgan> I think others should repeat the car boot experience

    <AlanBell> lets move on

    <MichealH> [TOPIC] AlanBell - July 13th London Canonical/Community event promoting Ubuntu in the workplace

AlanBell - July 13th London Canonical/Community event promoting Ubuntu in the workplace

  • <AlanBell> righto

    <MichealH> Y'know I need the meeting starter to say what I said lol

    <AlanBell> so we have been wanting for a while to run an event at the other end of the spectrum from the regular geeky meetups

    <MooDoo> MichealH: shouldn't danfish be doing that Smile :)

    <DJones> yup

    <MichealH> I know but he didnt do it

    <MichealH> Wink ;)

    <AlanBell> oh, oops

    <AlanBell> danfish: you OK?

    <MichealH> AlanBell, Just carry on

    <ascenseur> MichealH: it won't have marked the topic down, chair has to say [TOPIC]

    <MichealH> Danfish ? You there?

    <AlanBell> hmm seems danfish is having problems

    <MichealH> [danfish] idle 00:02:35, Maybe something happened?

  • Daviey raises a steal chair wishlist bug against Mootbot-UK

    <rmorgan> kick and nick him :p

    <MichealH> Were having technical problems

    <X3N> is there no way to pass on "chairship"

    <Daviey> X3N: no

    <MichealH> no Just carry on

    <AlanBell> erm, ok lets carry on, MichealH lets carry on pretending you are the chair and if danfish comes back he can take over

    <popey> yeah, go ahead AlanBell

    <AlanBell> right so we have a venue thanks to selinuxium

    <MichealH> popey can be chair lol

    <AlanBell> [link] http://www.thebrickhouse.co.uk

  • <MichealH> No I will be temp chair lol

    <rmorgan> AlanBell: I think selinuxium was saying something about this to me the other day

    <AlanBell> it will be a jointly hosted event by Ubuntu-UK loco team and Canonical

    <popey> shhh

    <AlanBell> targeted at businesses and promoted by the community

    <MichealH> rmorgan: Did it make you think about Linux?

    <AlanBell> the principal being that a lot of community members have jobs where Ubuntu isn't used at work

    <rmorgan> I am interested in getting a few of my team and director along for it

    <MichealH> AlanBell, That is good. Ubuntu is getting more popular this way. I'd say

    <AlanBell> this is an opportunity to drag your co-workers and boss along to a professional event introducing them to Ubuntu

    <AlanBell> and why it is awesome for the workplace

    <Daviey> AlanBell: Has the press release been, erm, released?

    <rmorgan> is it a daytime event?

    <AlanBell> it is a daytime event, from 1 to 5

    <AlanBell> the press release has not been released yet

    <AlanBell> so this is a mild secret at the moment

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <MooDoo> AlanBell: and have you got bods to help you down there during the event?

    <AlanBell> not a huge secret, just hold the blogging to monday

    <rmorgan> Is it a show up event or do you have to RSVP?

    <AlanBell> there will be a registration system

    <MichealH> so maybe action: drag your bosses to AlanBell lol

    <MichealH> Smile :)

    <rmorgan> Maximum attendees per party?

    <AlanBell> MooDoo: there is a small team, which will need to grow

    <AlanBell> rmorgan: no set limit

    <MooDoo> AlanBell: noted

    <AlanBell> there will be a bar where they should be serving the Ubuntini

    <brobostigon> hehe.

    <rmorgan> AlanBell: There will certainly be a presence from my company

    <AlanBell> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntini

  • <AlanBell> I am contemplating a "no unaccompanied geeks" rule Smile :-)

    <AlanBell> we really want you to drag people along

    <ascenseur> hah

    <brobostigon> or bring geek-GF.

    <MichealH> Ok can we please move on?

    <ascenseur> AlanBell: will there be an age limit?

    <AlanBell> it is during working hours, I don't want anyone booking holiday to attend

    <MooDoo> MichealH: have we finished discussin this?

    <ascenseur> AlanBell: as in a *lower* one?

    <MichealH> We dont want to go over 10pm MooDoo

    <danfish> oh deep joy. isp fail. on phone. please contimue!

    <MooDoo> ah ok

    <rmorgan> AlanBell: If you need any help I am volunteering Smile :)

    <AlanBell> ascenseur: no, up to a certain time

    <ascenseur> AlanBell: brill Smile :)

    <MichealH> danfish, Yay

    <AlanBell> if you want to talk more abou this event join #bringyourboss

    <MichealH> danfish, I kindo took over while you were away were at AlanBell

    <MichealH> AlanBell, Noice

    <MichealH> *Nice

    <AlanBell> ok, done I think, lets move on

    <AlanBell> danfish: ascenseur item next

    <MichealH> danfish,

    <ascenseur> Woo Smile :) My Topic

    <MichealH> DANFISH!

    <MichealH> Do [TOPIC]

  • ascenseur slaps danfish with the [TOPIC] stick

    <ascenseur> ah, oh well

    <ascenseur> [TOPIC] Ubuntu UK GeekNic - 8th August 2010

    <X3N> he's on his phone's connection so..

    <danfish> OK - give me a mo!!

    <X3N> anything could happen in the next half hour

    <MichealH> X3N, yay

    <danfish> [TOPIC] ascenseur - Ubuntu UK GeekNic

ascenseur - Ubuntu UK GeekNic

  • <ascenseur> Ok, the date for teh GeekNic is now definitely the 8th of August, as determined by Public Vote

    <ascenseur> However, there is now set location; Me and issyl0 are going to be viewing venues over the next month to see if they aer ok

    <ascenseur> we will need people from the community to help with the prep, especially food and drink

    <danfish> any prospective venues?

    <rmorgan> ascenseur: This is in the London area right?

    <ascenseur> rmorgan: sure diddly is

    <issyl0> If anyone has any ideas for decent venues, chuck them our way Smile :)

    <issyl0> danfish: I was thinking Hyde Park... :S

    <ascenseur> danfish: Hyde Park, Primrose Hill and Regents Park are the likely ones at the moment

  • Daviey has to go AFK, he has something for AOB - but will defer it to the mailing list.. Thanks all. o/

    <issyl0> Daviey: bye

    <AlanBell> o/ Daviey

    <ascenseur> We have drawn up some criteira for the venue; if you feel the location has to have anything, please add it

    <MichealH> o/ Daviey

    <ascenseur> and yes, as issyl0 said, if you have any location ideas, please add them to the Wiki

    <ascenseur> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/UKGeekNic2010

  • <danfish> issyl0: Hyde Park sounds good

    <issyl0> Smile :)

    <ascenseur> I've got in touch with Hutchinson 3 (The Network) and they are happy to provide a MiFi unit "on evaluation" for the day

    <danfish> happy for an action point?

    <ascenseur> danfish: unless anyone else has something to add, then yup Smile :)

    <MichealH> danfish, For mine I need a VOTE

    <danfish> ascenseur: sounds good

    <MichealH> danfish, Got connectio restored?

    <danfish> partially but

    <MichealH> On phone...

    <danfish> [TOPIC] MichealH - New Rebranding for the Ubuntu-UK Site

MichealH - New Rebranding for the Ubuntu-UK Site

  • <MichealH> Hi, I have seen the ubuntu-uk site and I wondered If I can help Rebrand. Well X3N Said I could but I need your guys ideas

  • danfish hates mobile internet

    <X3N> *involve the community

    <MichealH> I am in the prosess of rebranding the Wiki... but I need the communitys ideas and Images to help make it good!

    <AlanBell> won't the wiki all be rebranded in one fell swoop by a changed CSS file somewhere?

    <dutchie> 20:22:13 < popey> the ubuntu website people are making themes for standard apps like wp and drupal

    <dutchie> and afaict ubuntu-uk.org is drupal

    <popey> nope, its not

    <MichealH> No we need to do the icons/headers ourselves. and all the

    <popey> is someone wants to step up and help, fantastic!

    <dutchie> "<style type="text/css" media="all">@import "/misc/drupal.css";</style>" that there to confuse then Smile :)

    <MichealH> other things in the wiki

    <popey> dutchie: it lies Smile :)

    <AlanBell> ok, didn't want to sound negative, just trying to understand the scope

    <MichealH> I can make our site look stunning

    <danfish> MichealH: do you have any examples?

    <X3N> ubuntu-uk.org is just a static page/portal, as we haven't needed anything more

    <X3N> so no CMS currently..

    <MichealH> No I am going to post to the lists soon with concepts

    <rmorgan> michaelh: how about examples of your previous work?

    <MichealH> Well, I have my site - www.michealh.co.cc

    <MichealH> [LINK] www.michealh.co.cc


  • <rmorgan> either its not working properly or it looks very basic

    <ascenseur> it has the ubuntu "dots"

    <MichealH> I know I am currently adding things. It was made from scratch an month agao

    <rmorgan> and works differently in opera to iexplore

    <MichealH> So who says Yes

    <AlanBell> ok, I think we need to have a little team or focus group working on this

    <dutchie> yeah, was just about to say that

    <MichealH> I am then the Rebranding Leader?

    <popey> i dont think it needs a vote

    <popey> come up with a sample

    <MooDoo> MichealH: patience

    <dutchie> who's interested in helping out with the rebranding?

    <X3N> I think many chefs will spoil the broth

    <popey> yeah

    <MichealH> I am intrested in who wants to help in CSSS/HTML/JS

    <popey> let MichealH come up with a mock up?

    <dutchie> sounds good to me

    <MichealH> Yes the mocups will be on the list soon!

    <AlanBell> sure

    <X3N> and post them to the mailing list, and we can all have a chance for freedback

    <Gadget3000> sounds sensible

    <popey> great!

    <MichealH> I will make them in GIMP tommorow then post them when ready

    <vitium> I can offer some css and html work depending upon spec, etc

    <AlanBell> danfish: [action] MichealH to post mockups of website design to the list

    <MichealH> I need JS people if needed

    <AlanBell> we can sort out an implementation team at the next meeting

    <MichealH> The Wiki header for UK team is updated anyone find that out?

    <danfish> sorry, but i cannot keep this up over androod vvirtual keyboard

    <MichealH> Ok Anyone intrested in my team just E-mail me!

    <MichealH> micheal.harker@googlemail.com

    <MooDoo> MichealH: your team?

    <popey> not convinced it needs a team

    <popey> just go for it!

    <MichealH> Ok so new site here it comes.

    <X3N> next item?

    <MichealH> New Wiki Here it comes!

    <MichealH> Next: danfish - Any Other Business

    <MichealH> danfish, can you handle it?

    <AlanBell> ok, danfish just stick about for the #endmeeting, you are the only one who can do that!

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] danfish - Any Other Business

danfish - Any Other Business

  • <MichealH> Oh well Next: danfish - Date of next meeting

    <AlanBell> anyone got anything?

    <MichealH> Date of next meeting?

    <ascenseur> MichealH: not so fast!

    <AlanBell> last call

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] danfish - Date of next meeting

danfish - Date of next meeting

  • <ascenseur> Is 6 weeks a reasonable time frame?

    <AlanBell> ok, first tuesday of July is the 6th

    <MichealH> 6th? I cant make the 6th Memebrship meeting

    <AlanBell> the london event is on the 13th so that works

    <MichealH> How about the 7th?

    <AlanBell> what time is the membership meeting?

    <MichealH> 20:00 UTC (21:00 BST)

    <MichealH> On #ubuntu-meeting

    <AlanBell> ok

    <AlanBell> 7th also looks good

    <MichealH> Maybe 20:00 6th?

    <AlanBell> (and we can congratulate MichealH on his membership)

    <MichealH> ok 7th

    <issyl0> Big Grin :)

    <MichealH> On the 7th

    <MichealH> Agreed?

    <AlanBell> any objection to 20:00 UTC on the 7th?

    <rmorgan> sounds good

    <brobostigon> nope.

    <popey> what day is that?

    <MichealH> Wed

    <popey> fine by me

    <AlanBell> [agreed] next meeting 20:00 UTC Wednesday 7th July

    <MichealH> Ok next meeting 7th 21:00 BST

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • <MichealH> Chair?

    <popey> o/

    <ascenseur> Meeting Head

  • AlanBell pokes issyl0

    <MichealH> I nominate myself?

  • ascenseur pokes issyl0

    <brobostigon> someone with a reliable internet connection and keyboard,

    <ascenseur> I nominate issyl0

  • rmorgan pokes issyl0

  • MichealH Updates Wiki

    <MichealH> brobostigon, I will

    <MichealH> I can volenteer

    <brobostigon> volunteer*

    <MooDoo> MichealH: update it with what no one has agreed anything yet, please slow down

    <popey> woah, slow down

    <MichealH> I can edit the time we agreed on

    <ascenseur> MichealH: it all gets posted from the logs, no need to edit

    <danfish> sorry for my stupid isp. very embarassing

    <MichealH> Ok

    <ascenseur> MichealH: and the Chair is decided by the community Smile :)

    <MooDoo> danfish: it happens don't worry about it

    <MichealH> Anyone object to me being the chair?

    <popey> yes

    <rmorgan> yes

    <popey> i do

    <ascenseur> yes, I object

    <MichealH> /24

    <MichealH> 5/24

    <AlanBell> MichealH: I think I would like to see you shadow another meeting or two first

    <MichealH> Not a overall majority

    <MichealH> ok AlanBell

    <danfish> sorry for my stupid isp. very embarassing

    <MichealH> maybe my 4th?

    <MichealH> no worries danfish

    <MichealH> It happenes

    <ascenseur> MichealH: you will become chair *when you are ready*

    <brobostigon> no worries danfish

    <rmorgan> MichealH: I think i would like to see you a little less overzealous

    <AlanBell> issyl0 pingaling

    <MichealH> overzealous :S

    <danfish> 8

    <ascenseur> MichealH: as I said, it is a community vote, and only the person decided by the community will become chair

    <MooDoo> MichealH: your enthusiasm is ace but you need to calm down a little Big Grin :)

    <popey> ok, issyl0 you about?

    <MichealH> ok

    <MichealH> popey?

    <MichealH> You volenteer popey?

    <AlanBell> ok, how about ascenseur then?

    <brobostigon> ilike the idea of issyl0 doing it.

    <ascenseur> sure Smile :)

    <issyl0> popey: yep

    <ascenseur> I like the idea of issyl0 doing it too, but if she isn't available then I am happy to jump in Smile :)

    <MichealH> I have no objetions

    <issyl0> What's up?

    <popey> issyl0: tag, you're it

    <ascenseur> woo! issyl0 is here!

    <AlanBell> issyl0: want to chair the next meeting?

    <brobostigon> lol

  • issyl0 scrolls up a abit.

    <issyl0> Woah, woah.

    <issyl0> Erm...

    <issyl0> AlanBell: yeah OK Smile :)

    <ascenseur> issyl0: we (community) would like to nominate you as chair Smile :)

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <issyl0> ascenseur: haha

    <ascenseur> Big Grin :)

    <AlanBell> [agreed] issyl0 to chair the next meeting

    <MichealH> issyl0 I announce you... The chair

    <issyl0> What's this, get me more active?

    <issyl0> Eeek.

    <MooDoo> not nominate, bully Smile :)

    <issyl0> When is the next meeting first?

    <MooDoo> lol

  • ascenseur hands out issyl0's "Chair Celebration" cake

    <AlanBell> danfish: #endmeeting please

    <AlanBell> issyl0: 7th July 21:00 BST

    <MichealH> issyl0, 7th July 21:00 BST

    <danfish> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 21:03

People Present

  • AlanBell

  • brobostigon
  • daubers
  • MooDoo

  • Daviey
  • Gadget3000
  • rmorgan
  • vitium
  • MichealH
  • issyl0
  • bittin
  • X3N
  • DJones
  • dutchie
  • danfish
  • popey
  • ascenseur

Actions Recorded

  • popey to determine testing methodalities
  • popey to to action ubuntu awareness

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