Meeting opened by AlanBell at 21:05

  • <brobostigon> present

    <brunogirin> o/

    <AlanBell> hi all, give us a wave

    <AlanBell> o/

    <brobostigon> o/

    <Yorvyk> o/

    <nperry> present

    <Biglesp> o/

    <nperry> o/

    <freesitebuilder> o/

    <Thingymebob> o/

    <JamesTait-HTC> o/

    <suprengr> o/

    <ipopey> o/

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] AlanBell - review of action items from last meeting

AlanBell - review of action items from last meeting

  • <AlanBell> so first up our standing item on the team report

    <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in October, please place it in the report.

People who have achieved something in October, please place it in the report.

  • <AlanBell> ok, so we will have this meeting to add

    <brunogirin> did you mean November then?

    <AlanBell> anything else of note that we have missed?

    <AlanBell> brunogirin: yes!

    <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in *November*, please place it in the report.

People who have achieved something in *November*, please place it in the report.

  • <ipopey> Two podcast eps to add

    <ipopey> Will do

    <AlanBell> jolly good

    <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] AlanBell - discuss ongoing work re new website

AlanBell - discuss ongoing work re new website

  • <AlanBell> ok, well some things have moved on

    <AlanBell> we have added a totally awesome recipes section

    <brobostigon> is that beta.ubuntu-uk.org ?

    <AlanBell> I think most should be ubuntu themed in some way

    <AlanBell> [link] http://beta.ubuntu-uk.org

  • <AlanBell> and we are having a website hack day on the 10th of December

    <AlanBell> it will be an all day thing, somewhat organised on the IRC channel, pop along whenever you can

    <ipopey> Great plan

    <brobostigon> sounds interesting.

    <nperry> how are we contributing?

    <AlanBell> any thoughts and ideas on the website while we are here?

    <AlanBell> nperry: content, some articles about the loco and what we are up to

    <brobostigon> i havent had a good look yet, so dont know AlanBell

    <AlanBell> the map needs a bit of work

    <AlanBell> or you could even try putting in an Ubuntu themed recipe

    <nperry> let me expand, I'm free for some wordpress hacking.. but we need the source first Smile :)

    <brunogirin> do we have the Ubuntini in there?

    <nperry> so maybe github?

    <AlanBell> we can put the ubuntini in, perhaps adding a uniquely british twist to it somehow

    <JamesTait-HTC> I'm interested in the map project.

    <AlanBell> nperry: or launchpad Smile :)

    <JamesTait-HTC> Also, is it just tweets up there, or dents too?

    <ipopey> Be nice if we didn't fiddle much with the word press core

    <AlanBell> nperry: actually the source is in a bzr repo, based on the light-wordpress-theme in the ubuntu-website project on launchpad

    <AlanBell> JamesTait-HTC: just tweets, adding dents would be awesome

  • JamesTait-HTC notes the project report.

    <JamesTait-HTC> repo! Autocomplete....

    <AlanBell> I wouldn't touch the wordpress core, but we can do plugins that can do anything

    <brunogirin> ipopey: if it's in launchpad then we can all start branches and someone (AlanBell?) can do the merges and make sure we don't touch the core

  • brobostigon gets a caffeince topup.

    <brobostigon> caffeine*

    <AlanBell> sounds like you need one brobostigon

    <AlanBell> ok, moving on?

    <ipopey> Cool

    <brobostigon> Smile :)

    <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] AlanBell - liaise with the Hub re XMAS bash, booked for December 21st

AlanBell - liaise with the Hub re XMAS bash, booked for December 21st

  • <AlanBell> so it is all booked for the 21st at the Hub Islington

    <AlanBell> I was hoping for a few more people to be signed up than we have so far

    <brunogirin> can't make it Sad :-(

    <AlanBell> if anyone can help promote it and push it out to more people that would be great

    <JamesTait-HTC> Bit far for me. Sad :(

    <AlanBell> tweets, dents, emails to LUGs etc

    <nperry> sames as JamesTait-HTC

    <AlanBell> facebook thingumies

    <AlanBell> stick it on diaspora

    <AlanBell> etc. etc.

    <ipopey> Lol

    <AlanBell> pimp that event!

    <brobostigon> no-one had disapor access yet.

    <Biglesp> AlanBell: I'll mention it where possible. Sorry I can't come, us poor northerners dont venture to the big smoke that often.

    <brobostigon> diaspora*

    <brobostigon> has*

  • JamesTait-HTC hands brobostigon a coffee.

    <brobostigon> thank you JamesTait-HTC

    <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] danfish and brunogirin to brainstorm re public sector OSS event

danfish and brunogirin to brainstorm re public sector OSS event

  • <brunogirin> I had a couple of email exchange with danfish and we came up with a few ideas

    <brunogirin> then work deadlines took over

    <brunogirin> but that should be over by the end of this week so will pick up with danfish from next week and over the xmas hols

    <AlanBell> ok, that happens, want to share some of the ideas?

    <AlanBell> ok, and danfish is currently lost in the snow on the way back from somewhere warm

    <brunogirin> basic ideas: start with a state of the (health) nation

    <brunogirin> Maybe group talks around use cases, such as:

    <brunogirin> > * Primary care: what software is in use in GP practices,

    <brunogirin> > * Secondary care: hospitals, community and mental health trusts,

    <brunogirin> > * Medical labs?

    <exobuzz> add the word "enterprise" to the oss software, and tell them its ?100,000 plus additional payments for the next 100 years, and they will surely buy into it. ..

    <AlanBell> might be nice to compare or showcase open source healthcare solutions working in other countries

    <brunogirin> yes indeed

    <AlanBell> oh and don't forget openmolar for the dentists

    <brunogirin> didn't know about it, so I will make a note Smile :-)

    <AlanBell> the author was interviewed on the podcast

    <brunogirin> anyway, as I said, I'll pick up with dan as soon as work quietens down

    <AlanBell> I expect ipopey will tell you which episode

    <AlanBell> right, lets move on, but have a progress report on that again in the next meeting.

    <brunogirin> no problem

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] ipopey - Open Source Expo

ipopey - Open Source Expo

  • <ipopey> Eh?

    <ipopey> Oh is this the expo in London?

    <AlanBell> yes

    <AlanBell> had your name against it, but I actually emailed the organiser

    <ipopey> Any news?

    <AlanBell> I need to follow up with a call

    <AlanBell> I suspect we can get a stand in the .org village bit

    <ipopey> Do you have a link ?

    <AlanBell> especially if we can pursuade Canonical to get a paid for stand

  • <AlanBell> http://www.opensourceexpo.co.uk/

    <ipopey> Ta

    <AlanBell> is this something we want to do? What would we be doing there? what is our core message and so on

    <ipopey> So once we have a stand we can put the call out for volunteers

    <ipopey> Yeah

    <AlanBell> or do we just get a desk and hand out CDs

    <ipopey> That has worked in the past

    <ipopey> We have previously had the busiest stand

    <brunogirin> AlanBell: maybe we can make it an Ubuntu in Business event?

    <AlanBell> oh and have we done whatever we need to do to get the banner?

    <Biglesp> Demos of Ubuntu on various kit always brings in the crowds, especially jogglers Wink ;)

    <ipopey> Heh

    <AlanBell> brunogirin: the event itself is quite big, it is a proper show

    <AlanBell> or have it running on an iPad . . . I wonder where we can find one of them . . .

    <brunogirin> AlanBell: I know but if we prepare like a UIB event, we can prepare demos and stuff to show and say

    <JamesTait-HTC> Heresy!

    <ipopey> You'd need a lot of space for that

    <ipopey> And for free you get very little

    <nperry> Ubuntu on my nexus <3

    <brunogirin> not necessarily, it's a case of thinking about the message as it's an enterprise event

    <AlanBell> brunogirin: yeah, I am inclined to make it as professional as we can, but as ipopey said there won't be much room

    <ipopey> It's not our event

    <ipopey> As such

    <AlanBell> indeed not

    <AlanBell> we will get a small table and a little booth

    <brunogirin> yes I know but we can have a laptop or two with some demos ready to run

    <ipopey> Sure can

    <AlanBell> but we can have some kit demoing things, we might be able to get a projector doing something on the back wall

    <ipopey> That goes down well

    <AlanBell> we can have posters on the walls

    <ipopey> If there is room

    <mattt> yeah, these things aren't a free for all

    <mattt> you'll get a little cube

    <mattt> end of

    <AlanBell> we can have uniformed staff on the booth http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=776

    <ipopey> Depends, we got a big one last year

    <mattt> Alan: ha!

    <brunogirin> and possibly prepare a few real life examples that we can talk visitors through

    <AlanBell> or slightly more sensibly: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=736

    <brunogirin> indeed, and some CDs

    <AlanBell> ok, so this sounds like something we want to try to do?

    <Biglesp> AlanBell: Sounds good to me mate

    <JamesTait-HTC> +1

    <brunogirin> +1

    <Biglesp> AlanBell: I'll lend a hand / provide advice where I can

    <brobostigon> +1

    <mattt> +1

    <AlanBell> [AGREED] lets try and get a stand at the expo thing

lets try and get a stand at the expo thing

nobody will wear http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=776 unless actually on a bike

  • <brobostigon> lol

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] AlanBell - Any Other Business

AlanBell - Any Other Business

Date of next meeting

  • <AlanBell> we have had a request for not a tuesday

    <brobostigon> yes, i need to go to chess more, and that is a tuesday evening.

    <AlanBell> Thursday 16th?

    <JamesTait-HTC> Any day works equally well for me.

    <AlanBell> between the website hack day and the christmas party?

    <brunogirin> Thursday 16th is good for me

    <brobostigon> looks fine here AlanBell

    <ipopey> Nice to mix it up

    <Biglesp> I'm happy with that

    <AlanBell> any objections to the 16th?

    <AlanBell> [agreed] next meeting Thursday 16th December, 9PM

next meeting Thursday 16th December, 9PM

  • <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Chair for next meeting

Chair for next meeting

  • <AlanBell> eeny meeny miney moe

    <nperry> lets hope its not forgotten Smile :)

    <ipopey> Sure

    <AlanBell> nperry: did you just volunteer?

    <ipopey> I'll do it

  • phillw hides in corner, not used to chairing meetings.

    <AlanBell> ipopey sounded like a volunteer with more conviction than nperry

    <JamesTait-HTC> I won't volunteer because my attendance is not guaranteed.

    <AlanBell> [agreed] ipopey to chair, but probably using a real computer

ipopey to chair, but probably using a real computer

  • <brobostigon> lol

    <nperry> heh

    <AlanBell> and with that

    <AlanBell> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 21:45

People Present

  • brobostigon
  • brunogirin
  • AlanBell

  • Yorvyk
  • nperry
  • Biglesp
  • freesitebuilder
  • Thingymebob
  • JamesTait-HTC

  • suprengr
  • ipopey
  • exobuzz
  • mattt
  • phillw

Actions Recorded

  • None

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