Meeting opened by AlanBell at 21:12

  • <AlanBell> hi all

    <AlanBell> o/

    <DJones> Present

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] review of action items from last meeting

review of action items from last meeting

  • <AlanBell> hmm, anything much to add to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/January ?

    <DJones> Not as far as I can see

    <AlanBell> ok, well I will add the meeting links

    <AlanBell> no podcasts

    <AlanBell> like Ross and Rachel, they are *on a break*

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] AlanBell - OpenSourceExpo/Cloud Expo stand

AlanBell - OpenSourceExpo/Cloud Expo stand

  • <AlanBell> ok, main business of the day

  • <AlanBell> http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/linuxexposchedule

    <AlanBell> we have a box of assorted swag from Canonical

    <AlanBell> it is a conference pack of goodies

    <AlanBell> 55 lanyards, couple of Tshirts

    <AlanBell> stickers

    <AlanBell> badges

    <AlanBell> the official Ubuntu book

    <AlanBell> couple of baseball hats

    <DJones> From whats been said on the mailing list, it sounds like you've got quite a few volunteers as well to help out

    <AlanBell> yes, and I need to mail the names to the organisers in a sec

    <AlanBell> after the event on the wednesday we will go to a pub somewhere nearby and perhaps meet up with other folk working in London

    <DJones> Are you going to be fully covered with enough volunteers, hardware etc? Or does there need to be a further request to the list?

    <AlanBell> Thursday AM is looking a bit thin

    <AlanBell> would be good if selinuxium does the Thursday

    <AlanBell> we don't at the moment have the CDs

    <DJones> Much as I'd like to go down there, its too far & too busy at work for me

    <AlanBell> but Daviey will be chasing this tomorrow and one way or another I expect this will get sorted out in time

    <AlanBell> I am not entirely sure how to best use the swag we have been given

    <AlanBell> lanyards we can just hand out to people

    <AlanBell> but other things like hats and the book?

    <AlanBell> prizes or something?

    <DJones> Hopefully anyway, if not, I'd send an email to the list asking for more help if possible, maybe specify when help is needed

    <suprengr> WOuld live to volounteer - however instead I send sincere apologies. I deliberately did/could not add my name to list of helpers as I have heard rumours of being sent up to Scotland.

    <suprengr> *love

    <AlanBell> suprengr: it is cold up there

    <DJones> Raffle? Free ticket to everyone who visits the stall

    <DJones> For the book anyway

    <AlanBell> could do

    <AlanBell> we don't *have* to use it all at this event

    <DJones> Are there any other events planned/expected that it could be used at

  • <AlanBell> http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/2011plan

    <AlanBell> need moar events

    <DJones> Thinking outloud, could you take a list of names & email addresses for visitors to the stall in return for a raffle ticket, maybe one way of notifying visitors of future events

    <AlanBell> ohh, good idea

    <TheOpenSourcerer> How about another Ubuntu in Business event?

    <AlanBell> ok, I will maybe get some raffle tickets or figure out a more high tech way of doing that

    <AlanBell> TheOpenSourcerer: yes indeed, bung one on the schedule we can always move it

    <AlanBell> and an Ubuntu in Healthcare event

    <TheOpenSourcerer> done

    <DJones> The only other thought on that would be making sure we get peoples permission to send emails so there isn't a complaint about people being spammed

    <AlanBell> DJones: meh, it is an expo, people expect a followup if they give their card/get scanned

    <DJones> True

    <AlanBell> ok, so I will take all the goodies and we will either use them usefully or retain for some better idea

    <DJones> Sounds good

    <AlanBell> I don't want to just hand out the bigger items randomly for no purpose

    <AlanBell> ok, any more on the expo?

    <DJones> Nope from me

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] discuss status of beta.ubuntu-uk.org

discuss status of beta.ubuntu-uk.org

  • <AlanBell> not much more to discuss on this

    <AlanBell> I would kind of like to get the flippin map working by the time of the expo and turn it on

    <AlanBell> not entirely sure I will get round to that

    <DJones> Its not something I've had much chance to look at, so maybe move this forward to the next meeting when more people are available

    <AlanBell> yup

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Any Other Business

Any Other Business

  • <AlanBell> anyone got anything they want to raise?

    <DJones> Nothing

    <AlanBell> [TOPIC] Date of next meeting

Date of next meeting

  • <DJones> When is the expo? Do you need another meeting before then

    <AlanBell> expo is next wednesday

    <AlanBell> this *is* the meeting before then

    <AlanBell> Wednesday 16th?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> 9/10 Feb I guess.

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Might be an idea to have a review of the Expo - See what worked what didn't etc...

    <AlanBell> yup

    <TheOpenSourcerer> Whilst it is still fresh (ish)

    <AlanBell> Thursday 10th at 9:00?

    <TheOpenSourcerer> +1

    <DJones> +1

    <suprengr> ditto

    <AlanBell> [agreed] next meeting Thursday 10th Feb 9pm

next meeting Thursday 10th Feb 9pm

  • <AlanBell> and lets make popey chair it Smile :)

    <DJones> +1

    <AlanBell> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 21:39

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