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Meeting summary

  • The Chair - review of action items from last meeting
    • REPORT] People who have achieved something in November, please place it in the report. (AlanBell, 21:08:07)

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/November (AlanBell, 21:08:10)

  • REPORT] Christmas Party (AlanBell, 21:09:41)

LINK: http://www.danslenoir.com/london/ (AlanBell, 21:10:54) LINK: http://www.danslenoir.com/book/gui/calendar.php?PHPSESSID=vccqkiudd2co4hit6b8odajmi2&id_restaurant=3&month=12&year=2011 (AlanBell, 21:19:12) ACTION: AlanBell to sort out loco directory event for dans le noir (AlanBell, 21:27:33)

LINK: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19613/community-p-localized-iso-community-growth/ (AlanBell, 21:36:55)

  • The Chair - Any Other Business

ACTION: brunogirin to investigate venues for an Ubuntu desktop apps hacking evening (AlanBell, 22:05:26)

Meeting ended at 22:06:51 UTC.


Action items

  • AlanBell to sort out loco directory event for dans le noir

  • brunogirin to investigate venues for an Ubuntu desktop apps hacking evening

Action items, by person

  • AlanBell

  • * AlanBell to sort out loco directory event for dans le noir

  • brunogirin
  • * brunogirin to investigate venues for an Ubuntu desktop apps hacking evening

People present (lines said)

  • AlanBell (87)

  • bigcalm (54)
  • brunogirin (22)
  • smouty (6)
  • DJones (6)
  • christel (5)
  • meetingology (5)
  • daubers (5)
  • SuprEngr (4)

  • Jorvyk (4)

Full Log

  • 21:07:11 <AlanBell> #startmeeting

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    21:07:29 <AlanBell> #meetingtopic Ubuntu UK LoCo Meeting

    21:07:48 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Chair - review of action items from last meeting

    21:08:07 <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] People who have achieved something in November, please place it in the report.

    21:08:10 <AlanBell> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/TeamReports/11/November

    21:08:18 <AlanBell> oh, who is here? o/

    21:08:22 <bigcalm> o/

    21:08:26 <SuprEngr> o/

    21:08:32 <daubers> o/

    21:08:35 <Jorvyk> o/

    21:09:20 <AlanBell> think we might adjust the time next meeting to get more people along

    21:09:41 <AlanBell> [PROGRESS REPORT] Christmas Party

    21:09:47 <bigcalm> Thought it was a bit quiet

    21:09:49 <AlanBell> so christmas party stuff

    21:10:26 <AlanBell> I have been investigating the options here, and as discussed we are going to make it more of a meal out than a drinkie pub meet

    21:10:36 <AlanBell> because we are doing plenty of them and they are great

    21:10:54 <AlanBell> http://www.danslenoir.com/london/

    21:11:01 <AlanBell> full of awesome

    21:11:04 <AlanBell> lets go there

    21:11:22 <DJones> o/

    21:11:25 <AlanBell> I have been talking to Canonical about doing a joint thing, but they have been a bit unresponsive

    21:11:43 <AlanBell> so I am going to go ahead and get it arranged

    21:11:50 <SuprEngr> could Father Christmas arrive there and bring gifts of a working Unity Wink ;)

    21:11:50 <bigcalm> I am all for Danslenoir, though my better half has doubts sadly

    21:12:10 <daubers> 'tis a touch pricey, so will depend on dates Smile :)

    21:12:31 <bigcalm> Talking of dates, I'm already doing an xmas meal thing on the 8th Dec

    21:12:37 <AlanBell> yeah, I think some time in mid December, but what suits you?

    21:13:03 <daubers> Either the start of the month or the very end of the month suites best for the wallet Smile :)

    21:13:19 <AlanBell> well there is christmas in that month!

    21:13:39 <daubers> Yep

    21:13:43 <bigcalm> We are up in the midlands, so would need to make it into a 2 day thing to allow for trains etc

    21:14:21 <AlanBell> bigcalm: so does that mean a saturday?

    21:14:29 <bigcalm> AlanBell: Friday or Saturday

    21:14:39 <bigcalm> AlanBell: thinking of taking a half day to get down there

    21:15:10 <bigcalm> Will also need to find somewhere to stay for the night Smile :)

    21:15:25 <AlanBell> thats probably best for various people coming from some distance

    21:15:44 <bigcalm> Right, so we're all kipping on AlanBell's sofa!

    21:15:54 <AlanBell> they do a 7pm and 9:15pm sitting

    21:16:08 <AlanBell> bigcalm: out in the chicken house Smile :)

    21:16:12 <bigcalm> Big Grin :)

    21:16:23 <bigcalm> 7pm meal and then pub afterwards?

    21:16:29 <AlanBell> yeah I think so

    21:16:37 <AlanBell> otherwise trains home become an issue

    21:16:39 <bigcalm> Or is that a crazy idea for a Friday anywhere in the big smoke?

    21:16:53 <SuprEngr> q/ why London as only choice?

    21:17:36 <AlanBell> SuprEngr: it is the most equally inconvenient place for everyone, plus that interesting restraunt is there

    21:17:48 <SuprEngr> Wink ;)

    21:18:26 <AlanBell> trains all go to london 21:18:31 * bigcalm pokes christel

    21:19:03 <bigcalm> If I can't get Hayley to go, I might try and blag a sofa off somebody Wink ;)

    21:19:12 <AlanBell> http://www.danslenoir.com/book/gui/calendar.php?PHPSESSID=vccqkiudd2co4hit6b8odajmi2&id_restaurant=3&month=12&year=2011

    21:19:53 <bigcalm> Heh, the page is in french

    21:20:04 <AlanBell> hmm, some dates are full already

    21:20:07 <DJones> Click the union jack

    21:20:50 <bigcalm> DJones: got it, ta Smile :)

    21:21:31 <bigcalm> 9th is still available

    21:21:46 <bigcalm> 23rd is a bit close to xmas I think

    21:21:53 <bigcalm> Will push hotel prices way up

    21:22:47 <bigcalm> If we can't all do 9th, I'll see if I can blag a day off in the week

    21:23:13 <AlanBell> 9th is good for me

    21:23:40 <AlanBell> bit concerned that there might just be one or two seats left

    21:23:41 <daubers> I'll have to check with the calendar, but she's out on the town Smile :)

    21:24:06 <bigcalm> It's not the best booking system is it?

    21:24:15 <AlanBell> not the best

    21:24:26 <bigcalm> Maybe it would be best to get an idea of +ve numbers and then phone in a booking?

    21:24:31 <AlanBell> I spoke to them on the phone, they seemed fine

    21:24:41 <AlanBell> bigcalm: yeah, I think that would be best

    21:25:38 <AlanBell> OK, I think I will set up a loco directory event for it with a provisional date, get people to sign up to that and then phone the place and get us all booked in together

    21:25:54 <bigcalm> Sounds good

    21:26:08 <AlanBell> preferably on a friday or saturday 7PM sitting, followed by later sitting on friday or saturday followed by a weekday

    21:26:16 <bigcalm> Hopefully it's not too late to accommodate us all

    21:26:38 <bigcalm> AlanBell: I agree

    21:26:56 <AlanBell> they seemed fine when I spoke to them, but that was about a weekday lunchtime private party Smile :)

    21:27:33 <AlanBell> #action AlanBell to sort out loco directory event for dans le noir

    21:27:33 * meetingology AlanBell to sort out loco directory event for dans le noir

    21:28:07 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] AlanBell - The Next Happy Hour(s)

    21:28:16 <AlanBell> right, next happy hour, probably Southampton

    21:28:56 <smouty> Southampton sounds good to me (my home town!)

    21:29:02 <AlanBell> trying to get a date for that when some locals (Tony Whitmore in particular can turn up)

    21:29:04 <bigcalm> Still a bit far for me, but do carry on Smile :)

    21:29:04 <brunogirin> sorry I'm late

    21:29:28 <AlanBell> ooh smouty pick a date you can certainly attend and we will go with that

    21:29:39 <AlanBell> I just need commitment from one person that they will turn up

    21:29:51 <brunogirin> maybe I could make Southampton, depends on the date

    21:30:45 <AlanBell> I might be able to get down to Southampton too

    21:30:47 <smouty> After xmas would be great say 2nd fri in jan?

    21:31:09 <AlanBell> smouty: was hoping a bit sooner than that, early december perhaps

    21:31:29 <AlanBell> if someone wants to volunteer a different city then that would be good too

    21:32:41 <smouty> unfortunatley my ubuntu using friend who would also love to join in is in hospital early dec and is likley to be recovering over xmas

    21:32:49 <AlanBell> Sad :(

    21:33:01 <smouty> but if early dec I could make it alone

    21:33:51 <AlanBell> ok, well I will try and sort something out, 2nd friday in jan would work great for the happy hour after next, so if we can do somewhere else early december and go to Southampton in January that works

    21:34:16 <smouty> works for me too Smile :)

    21:35:26 <AlanBell> ok, I will get that sorted one way or another

    21:35:34 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] AlanBell - en_GB Localised ISO

    21:35:57 <AlanBell> last week was the Ubuntu Developer Summit, I think there was a session on these localised ISO images

    21:36:29 <bigcalm> Are people really in need of a GB specific ISO? It would be en_US with only minor alterations surely?

    21:36:55 <AlanBell> http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19613/community-p-localized-iso-community-growth/

    21:37:06 <AlanBell> bigcalm: yeah, but the translations are done pretty much

    21:37:21 <AlanBell> good for schools in particular

    21:38:04 <AlanBell> I am not 100% certain of the benefits

    21:38:35 <bigcalm> I'm struggling myself. A tool to set up localisation during install would be a good idea though

    21:38:56 <bigcalm> Though isn't that what's done during install already?

    21:39:07 <AlanBell> dunno, but I think we should find out more about it

    21:39:59 <bigcalm> Who here added it as a discussion topic for this meeting?

    21:40:07 <AlanBell> me from last time

    21:40:23 <bigcalm> Not blaming anybody, just wondered if they had any input

    21:40:24 <bigcalm> Ah Smile :)

    21:40:38 <AlanBell> not much input sadly Smile :)

    21:40:48 <Jorvyk> A live Cd without Trashcans and color would be nice!

    21:40:56 <AlanBell> just the localised iso project was mentioned to all loco teams and I figured it could be interesting for us

    21:40:56 <christel> bigcalm: POKEAGE?

    21:41:04 <AlanBell> christel o/

    21:41:07 <DJones> I would say find out more about it, but seems to be a bit of a duplication of work

    21:41:11 <bigcalm> Somebody thought it was a good enough idea have it discussed at UDS

    21:41:17 <bigcalm> christel: \o/

    21:41:27 <christel> 9th works for me to i think!

    21:41:37 <AlanBell> yay

    21:41:57 <bigcalm> christel: mind if I pm for a moment?

    21:42:07 <christel> AlanBell: i think we need a happy half-hour next week sometime since we still don't have a southampton date 21:42:09 * christel nods

    21:42:16 <christel> bigcalm: go ahead! Smile :)

    21:42:44 <AlanBell> anyhow, I think for the iso thing we should just follow along with the progress, maybe listen to the audio of the session and figure out what the benefits are over the standard image

    21:42:48 <AlanBell> lets move on

    21:42:57 <DJones> I would guess the localised iso would be more useful for non-english based locos, but certainly worth looking into

    21:43:26 <AlanBell> DJones: yes, more useful for other languages, but on the flip side I figure it is probably less hard for us to do

    21:43:35 <DJones> very true

    21:43:55 <AlanBell> [TOPIC] The Chair - Any Other Business

    21:44:00 <DJones> Unless we go for Yorkshire/Lancashire/Geordie/Cockney localised versions Smile :)

    21:44:20 <AlanBell> DJones: ee by gum, what a smashing thought

    21:44:28 <Jorvyk> Would it take the image under 700M ir there was only English on it?

    21:44:29 <bigcalm> Haha

    21:45:26 <AlanBell> Jorvyk: there might be some space saving, interesting point as they are thinking of busting the CD size limit (no idea if they will need it or not)

    21:45:33 <bigcalm> The image is being extended to 750mb to give more room for good packages

    21:45:40 <AlanBell> anyone got anything else to raise?

    21:45:47 <AlanBell> anything interesting that happened at UDS?

    21:45:47 <brunogirin> yes

    21:45:58 <AlanBell> go ahead brunogirin

    21:46:43 <brunogirin> unrelated to UDS but wild thoughts I had over the weekend: what abut organising an Ubuntu App Bar/Pub/Cafe evening?

    21:46:59 <brunogirin> i.e. anybody interested in building Ubuntu apps, come along

    21:47:07 <brunogirin> whatever level of experience

    21:47:14 <brunogirin> would need a place with decent free wi-fi

    21:47:28 <smouty> intersted in learning how to build apps!

    21:47:33 <bigcalm> Or wi-fi for the price of a coffee?

    21:47:43 <brunogirin> bigcalm: yes that sort of things

    21:47:53 <bigcalm> Though a lot of gastro pubs offer free wifi as well

    21:48:09 <AlanBell> ok, I like that plan

    21:48:11 <bigcalm> brunogirin: were you thinking any region of the UK?

    21:48:15 <bigcalm> As do I

    21:48:27 <bigcalm> I'd like to do desktop app dev at some point

    21:48:29 <brunogirin> I'm based on London so I could organise one here, see how it goes

    21:49:04 <bigcalm> brunogirin: you have experience in this field then?

    21:49:15 <AlanBell> London is quite good for getting Canonical folk along who may be able to help

    21:49:53 <brunogirin> bigcalm: I have a lot of experience in development and I was planning to use quickly to start with as it simplifies the deployment part

    21:49:54 <bigcalm> Seems to be a few Canonical folk in the West Midlands as well (see work place days organised by davmor2)

    21:50:11 <bigcalm> brunogirin: what language?

    21:50:13 <AlanBell> there are, and sil did a talk in Manchester on development

    21:50:23 <bigcalm> Indeed he did

    21:51:09 <brunogirin> bigcalm: if using quickly, it would be python but happy to do Java, Vala, C++ or anything you can think for which we can find good resources online

    21:51:20 <bigcalm> Fair enough

    21:51:21 <brunogirin> s/for/of

    21:51:35 <AlanBell> making unity lenses would be an interesting topic

    21:51:47 <bigcalm> I'm a PHP web dev with a history of perl. So I'd have to learn a new language whatever it is Smile :)

    21:51:52 <brunogirin> AlanBell: yes, I'd like to do that but probably not on the first one

    21:52:00 <bigcalm> Ooo, interesting

    21:52:14 <brunogirin> as I'd have to work out how you do it first Smile :-)

    21:52:23 <bigcalm> Shame I've had to move to xubuntu-desktop due to my multi-monitor set up and thus don't have the lens to play with

    21:52:24 <AlanBell> yeah, me too

    21:52:39 <AlanBell> I have modified a lens, but I didn't really understand what it was doing very much

    21:53:49 <AlanBell> ok, so we need some kind of venue

    21:54:13 <bigcalm> Find a Yates and snarf their wifi? Wink ;)

    21:54:46 <AlanBell> yeah, but not too worried about connectivity, phone wifi tethering is good now

    21:54:58 <bigcalm> Indeed

    21:54:58 <brunogirin> yes, requirements: free wi-fi, not too busy, where they are happy for a bunch of geeks to sit down for a couple of hours sipping a glass or two

    21:55:11 <bigcalm> I know diddly about London Smile :)

    21:55:36 <brunogirin> AlanBell: true but that implies at least one person present has their phone setup to do that

    21:56:15 <AlanBell> I think a starbucks or something would be good for that kind of thing

    21:56:20 <brunogirin> more requirements: somewhere with power sockets! you don't want to run out of juice halfway

    21:56:38 <bigcalm> Netbooks

    21:57:37 <brunogirin> I'll go have a look at a few places in central London

    21:57:51 <brunogirin> the other question is: would it be better in the evening or at the weekend?

    21:59:20 <AlanBell> evening sounds good to me

    22:00:51 <brunogirin> ok so the place needs to be open until 9pm-ish while not being a busy pub where drunken patrons are likely to spill beer on laptops

    22:01:03 <AlanBell> I think cafe would be better

    22:01:10 <AlanBell> and quieter in the evening

    22:01:22 <brunogirin> yes, as long as they are open in the evening Smile :-)

    22:02:34 <Jorvyk> What about https://london.hackspace.org.uk/

    22:03:33 <brunogirin> Jorvyk: that's a possibility, I'll see if I can go round one evening and ask

    22:03:52 <AlanBell> I have been round there, interesting place, it might work for this

    22:05:04 <AlanBell> ok, lets give bruno an action

    22:05:26 <AlanBell> #action brunogirin to investigate venues for an Ubuntu desktop apps hacking evening 22:05:26 * meetingology brunogirin to investigate venues for an Ubuntu desktop apps hacking evening

    22:05:43 <AlanBell> anything else to discuss right now?

    22:06:46 <AlanBell> ok, lets wrap it up then

    22:06:51 <AlanBell> #endmeeting

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