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This page should list LUGs, Ubuntu user groups or anyone else interested in Ubuntu that is in the North West of the UK. If you have any Ubuntu-related events planned then please add them here to hopefully get more people involved, and if you have any Free Software/Open Source or related projects then please post links to sites giving more information so that Ubuntu users can add to and improve the project, in true Open Source fashion!


  • Adam Challis (Manchester)
  • Tony Arnold (Manchester)
  • Daniel Taylor (Manchester)
  • Paul Court (Ormskirk)
  • Jonathan Davis (Manchester)
  • Andrew Williams (Widnes)
  • Ben Webb (Manchester)
  • James Milligan (Altrincham, Manchester)
  • DaveMurphy (Cumbria)


Manchester? Any other suggestions?

Tony could arrange a meeting room at the University. If we join up with MANLUG, then they already meet there, or we could meet there separately.




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