Some members of UKTeam would like to hold audio meetings rather than or in addition to the IRC meetings we already hold. This page outlines the status of that project.


Each stage to follow the success of the previous one. The stages may be repeated after reconfiguration or problem solving where appropriate.

NOTE: Stage 1 and Stage 2 are not considered actual Ubuntu-UK LoCo team meetings. Merely tests of the infrastructure and process.


2nd April, we held global jam using mumble, and also plan to do a quiz night, using mumble. This thus is progress towards the aim, and also completion in part of that aim.

Stage 1

  • 4 person trial of VOIP Meeting.

Stage 2

  • Invitation to the mailing list for Ubuntu-UK members to participate in a test VOIP Meeting

Stage 3

  • Schedule a proper Ubuntu-UK meeting to happen over VOIP

How To Join

Documentation to go here detailing how to join a VOIP meeting.


sudo apt-get install mumble

And point mumble at mumble.ubuntu-uk.org.




Standard Phone

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