Ubuntu Moblin Remix Project

Ubuntu Moblin Remix is based on Ubuntu 9.10 and is a version of Ubuntu specially designed to run on netbooks. Based on the Moblin v2 for Intel Atom™ processor platform, Ubuntu Moblin Remix is optimised for a retail environment. With its new consumer-friendly interface to bring together online and offline worlds, users can view and post updates to social networks, listen to music and watch videos and manage their daily calendar.

Moblin is a completely new user experience, and Canonical has integrated Moblin into Ubuntu. Moblin’s integrated web browser and media player makes it easier to work and play, providing quick and easy access to favourite applications, tasks, appointments, recently used content and the latest updates from friends.

Ubuntu Moblin Remix pre-installed

If you would like to purchase a netbook with Ubuntu Moblin Remix pre-installed you can now purchase an Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v. Just go to

For more information about the see the Dell Community page for Ubuntu 9.04 Moblin Remix Developer Remix.

Support resources

Looking for help with Ubuntu Moblin Remix? There are a number of resources available to you from the worldwide Ubuntu and communities.

Ubuntu Forums

You can find support forums on

Filing bugs

If you find any bugs in Ubuntu Moblin Remix or have a patch to fix a bug already filed that affects Ubuntu Moblin Remix you can file them from the Ubuntu Moblin Remix project on Launchpad:


To interact with the Moblin community and ask questions about developing on Moblin you can use the #moblin channel on

Downloading UMR

From Dell

For the latest information on downloading Ubuntu Moblin Remix specifically for the Dell Inspiron Mini 10v please go to the Dell Community page for Ubuntu 9.04 Moblin Remix Developer Remix.

Ubuntu 9.10 Moblin Remix

You can download a CD image from There you will find a .iso (CD image) file. If you are installing on a netbook and you do not have a CD or DVD drive then follow this guide for installing Ubuntu from a USB disk. If you have access to a device running Ubuntu 8.10 or later the recommended method is to use USB Image Creator to copy the .iso file to a USB stick.

Moblin Compliance Testing

The Karmic version of Moblin is tested regularly against the Moblin Compliance Tools developed by the Linux Foundation to ensure that the software meets the current standards laid out in the Moblin Specifications. The test installation and release notes are located here.

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