Log for US Teams Meeting on January 9th, 2008

23:00 <    greg-g> MEETING START
23:00 <    greg-g> Welcome to the meeting everyone
23:00 < johnc4510> :)
23:00 <  lugnut64> ;-)
23:01 <    greg-g> the agenda is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/MeetingAgenda20080109
23:01 <    greg-g> shall we just go right into it then?
23:01 < johnc4510> +1
23:01 <    greg-g> alright, US Teams Leader
23:02 <    greg-g> The question posed is why we need a leader for a non-team, a cooperation of teams
23:02 <    greg-g> is there any input on this matter?
23:02 <     Zelut> i thought we talked about that last meeting?
23:02 <        xq> Are we still seeking election of a leader for Ubuntu-US? Or no? Or yes?
23:02 <    greg-g> oh, well, it is still on the agenda :)
23:02 <        xq> It can be removed if it was discussed
23:03              dthacker thinks it's helpful to have someone make sure all the functions fo the us-team are being done. T
23:03 <    pak33m> there are items on that agena from last meet yes
23:03 <    greg-g> oh
23:03 < johnc4510> ?
23:03 < naufragio> this would be why you want a leader :)
23:03 <   Flannel> Zelut: yeah, we did.  I guess his is a followup.  We should ask first if theres anyone who would like to see one, since I think the other opinion is already spoken for
23:03 <    pak33m> oh, hello everybody
23:04 <    greg-g> so, quick vote on if we should discuss this now
23:04 <  dthacker> Flannel: could you summarize the other side?
23:04 <        xq> Both of those items were on the agenda last week, they can be removed if need be. I did have a side-bar conversion with Ubuntu-IRC (in their channel) regarding agenda item #2? Either way, both were discussed. (Just noting this).
23:04 <    greg-g> thanks xq
23:05 <    greg-g> I vote for just summarizing the decision, then moving on
23:05 <    jchase> sorry I'm late, just got back from my birthday dinner
23:05 <    greg-g> someone want to summarize it quickly?
23:05 <    greg-g> np jchase 
23:05 <   tritium> That's dedication, jchase, to attend a meeting on your birthday!
23:05 < naufragio> happy bday jchase
23:05 <   Flannel> dthacker: Probably not exhaustively, but I'll try sure:  A lot of people don't feel there needs to be a US teams leader, since it's not a team in itself, but a federation of teams.  One team (or a leader) really doesn't have authority over anyone.  As for making sure all the funcitons are done, that's already happening, quite well
23:06 <  dthacker> Flannel: tnx
23:06 <    pak33m> the summary is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Minutes/Dec06Formal
23:06              greg-g wishes jchase a happy birthday
23:06 <    pak33m> too
23:06 <    jchase> thanks :)
23:06 <    bperry> Flannel: I know that is why the previous DFW team leader left
23:06 <    greg-g> thanks pak33m 
23:06 <    pak33m> np
23:06 <        xq> Thanks Flannel and thanks pak, I'll read through
23:07 <    greg-g> This is a good time for my addition to the agenda: That we keep the Agenda for each meeting separate (as you see the one I liked to had 20080109)
23:07 < tonyyarus> Oh bother - I was going to prepare something for this meeting I think...
23:07 <   Flannel> bperry: DFW?
23:07 <  dthacker> it sounds like a done deal, so let's move on
23:07 <    bperry> Dallas/Ft Worth
23:08 <    greg-g> Lets all welcome jchase as the new team leader for Georgia
23:08 < johnc4510> agenda and firm meeting times that don't change within 24 hrs of original time
23:08 <    greg-g> Congrats jchase 
23:08 <    jchase> thank you :-)
23:08 < posingasp> welcome greg-g
23:08 < boredandb> wohoo!
23:08 < johnc4510> also we should be emailing to the us mail list when there is a meeting change
23:08 < posingasp> i propose all meetings should be held on UTC time, not PTZ ;p
23:09 <        xq> hehe
23:09 <   Flannel> posingaspopular: I think the meetings are going to be held at 8PM, in varying time zones.
23:09 <   Flannel> posingaspopular: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Minutes/Dec06Formal  as per the first +1 there
23:09 <  dthacker> good plan
23:09 < posingasp> no, that's fine, i mean, we should just do it in UTC not PST, because it's easier to calculate for everyone
23:10 < Palintheu> +1
23:10              posingaspopular points to the topic
23:10 <    greg-g> Next Item I have is a status update by the mentors of USTeams and how they are doing with each new team
23:10 <   Flannel> UTC is harder than XST, when we're just adding or subtracting 1,2, or 3.  With UTC, the day even changes.
23:11 <   Flannel> (where X is P, M, C, E)
23:11 <   tritium> Agreed.
23:11 < johnc4510> we just need to link to a conversion page like the CC does
23:11 <    greg-g> ok, for future meetings, the time of meeting will be in UTC with a link (and maybe a paranthetical list of each timezone PST,MST,CST,EST)
23:12 <    greg-g> so
23:12 <    greg-g> Next Item I have is a status update by the mentors of USTeams and how they are doing with each new team
23:12 <   Flannel> And so the date will always be, more or less, wrong?
23:12 <   Flannel> date/day
23:12 < johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda   click on the time here
23:12 < johnc4510> to see the conversion link
23:12 < Palintheu> UTC is more consistant with the other Ubuntu-* teams
23:13 < posingasp> thats my point Palintheus
23:13 <   Flannel> If we're linking, we might as well do it in [local time] since the conversion will be there for anyone who needs it.  By the same argument as conversion re: UTC
23:13              tritium agrees with Flannel, particularly given that all teams are within the U.S.
23:13 < johnc4510> that's fine, just an example
23:13 < johnc4510> of what we need
23:13 <    greg-g> ok, just a list of each time zone in the continental US
23:14 <    greg-g> ?
23:14 <   Flannel> I think that's certainly sufficient
23:14 <    greg-g> ok, moving on then
23:14 <    greg-g> Next Item I have is a status update by the mentors of USTeams and how they are doing with each new team
23:14              dthacker thinks this is a bikeshed
23:14              greg-g agrees
23:14 <    pak33m> there used to be a UTC conversion link on the main us teams page next to the meeting date/time but its since disppeared
23:15 <    greg-g> Any mentors want to report on how they are doing with some new teams?
23:15 < johnc4510> boredandblogging: welcome
23:16 < boredandb> stupid comcast
23:16 < johnc4510> hee hee
23:16 <   Flannel> Perhaps we should ping some of the mentors
23:16 <    bperry> greg-g: the DFW team isn't approved yet, but we have some projects that are doing really well
23:16 <    greg-g> bperry: good deal
23:16 <    bperry> we have the OCAM project http://ocam.volatileminds.net/main/
23:17 < johnc4510> greg-g: call off the list of mentors and ask for their input please
23:17 <    bperry> that is fairly string right now
23:17 <    bperry> strong*
23:17 <    greg-g> Zelut, atoponce, Vorian: update on mentoring of new teams?
23:17 <     Zelut> greg-g: nothing to report here.
23:17 <    greg-g> Zelut: ok
23:17 <    Vorian> none here greg-g
23:18 <    greg-g> Vorian: ok
23:18 < boredandb> if anyone needs a mentor, I can try to help out
23:18 <    greg-g> DPic ?
23:18 <    Vorian> actually
23:18 <    greg-g> ok, then, for the mentors who are here, what can we do to pick up the pace of team approval?
23:19 < posingasp> i want to apply to be a mentor, but im new to being a leader myself ;p
23:19 <    Vorian> There seems to be a problem with the LA team
23:19 <    greg-g> oh?
23:19 <  dthacker> Nebraska:  We have no mentor.  We are currenty resetting after a 45 day period of no activity.  I plan on setting up monthly meetings in the largest city (Omaha) and looking for someone to chair a meeing in the 2nd largest city (Lincoln) .  We would like to have someone support us via IRC for a packaging fest.
23:19 <    bperry> DPic no esta aqui
23:19 <    Vorian> Yeah, Michael is AWOL
23:19 <    Vorian> Axxium
23:19 < r2d2roger> Vorian: he's been in some touch
23:19 < r2d2roger> contact...
23:19 < posingasp> dthacker: i know some MOTU's who can help you out
23:19 <     wharp> And he's going to me at our next meeting I believe.
23:19 <    Vorian> r2d2rogers: ok, that's news then
23:20 <    Vorian> ok
23:20 < r2d2roger> He's due to be back on the scene after next week
23:20 < boredandb> who was having trouble getting control of their mailing list? did that get straightened out?
23:20 < r2d2roger> yessie
23:20 <     wharp> No, it didn't
23:20 < r2d2roger> yessir, new as of yesterday
23:20 < Palintheu> ML trouble was LA
23:20 <  dthacker> posingaspopular: as soon as I get a date, I'll be back to you.
23:20 <    bperry> we have door prizes at our meetings to try and gather attention
23:20 < r2d2roger> Right Palintheus
23:20 <     wharp> I emailed Jono about it this evening
23:20              Vorian wanders back into nothingness
23:20 < posingasp> okay cool dthacker
23:20 <      DPic> greg-g: yes?
23:21 <    greg-g> DPic: any update on mentoring for new loco teams?
23:21 <   tritium> dthacker: I am an (inactive) MOTU, and would be happy to ask a few of the active ones help you out
23:21 <    greg-g> dthacker: check out the Michigan Team's page on our packaging jam
23:22 <   tritium> to* help you out, that is
23:22 <    greg-g> dthacker: and this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingJam
23:22 < tonyyarus> Would this be an okay time to _request_ a mentor?  Minnesota has a lot of good potential just sitting there, but lacks time and experience to make things start really happening.
23:22 <  dthacker> ok, I'll ping our list tonight and see if we can get a date.
23:23 < posingasp> tonyyarusso: i can suggest myself, and im in the area
23:23 < posingasp> and... in the chan. already lol
23:23              dthacker gets in line behind tonyyarusso
23:23 < Palintheu> I could use help in OK as well I have tried and tried to get activity with no response
23:23 < tonyyarus> posingaspopular: Sounds like a plan, ty
23:23 <    greg-g> cool
23:23 <    bperry> Palintheus: where in OK are you?
23:23 < Palintheu> Norman
23:23 <    bperry> not sure where that is
23:24 < Palintheu> just south of OKC
23:24 <    bperry> hrm
23:24 <    greg-g> well, I would just like to add that at least two of us are going up for membership approval at the Community Council meeting tomorrow, posingaspopular and myself
23:24 <    greg-g> so any support/cheering would be welcomed
23:24 <  dthacker> It's where that funny red colored football team plays
23:24 < posingasp> yay.
23:24 <    greg-g> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
23:24 < Palintheu> watch it dthacker
23:24 <  dthacker> ;)
23:24 < tonyyarus> greg-g: What time is it?
23:24              tonyyarusso goes to read
23:24 <        xq> 11 A.M. EST, tony
23:24 <    greg-g> 16:00 UTC
23:24 < posingasp> 1pm central time
23:24              johnc4510-laptop tyche from AZ team is up for membership too
23:24 <     tyche> 16:00 UTC
23:25 <      DPic> greg-g: what? sorry i mist be a little out of the loop
23:25 < tonyyarus> shoot, I'll be at work
23:25 <  dthacker> Palintheus: I have nothing to brag about :)
23:25 < posingasp> +
23:25 < Palintheu> heh I know ;)
23:25 <   tritium> Things are going well for us in New Mexico.  We were approved in late November, and are actively working with a local homeless shelter on a large ubuntu install and SLA.
23:25 <    bperry> Palintheus: if you were a bit more south, I might have been able to help out :-(
23:25 < Palintheu> thanks anyway bperry
23:25 <    greg-g> DPic: your irc nick was listed as a mentor for the US Teams project, just seeing if you had anything to report on regarding that (no big deal if you don't)
23:26 < Palintheu> tritium: SLA?
23:26 < tonyyarus> tritium: Sweet.  I've been looking into installing Ubuntu on donated machines being distributed through a local charity's thrift store here, but haven't had time to make much progress yet.
23:26 <   tritium> Palintheus: service level agreement
23:26 <   tritium> tonyyarusso: we'll be happy to share lessons learned from our experience
23:27 <    greg-g> is there anything else that people need to discuss at this meeting?
23:27 <   Flannel> Whens the next meeting?
23:27 < tonyyarus> tritium: Okay
23:27 < posingasp> tonyyarusso: if you can organize a get together, i can bring some people up from chicago to help hopefully
23:27 < posingasp> it doesn't have to be some giant conf. or anything
23:27 <    greg-g> Flannel: we need to decide
23:27 < dantalizi> greg-g i just want to make sure everyone is aware i've taken over for Bordy as team lead for Florida
23:27 < tonyyarus> posingaspopular: Oooh, that'd be fun
23:27 <   Flannel> greg-g: right.  Thats what I was saying ;)
23:28 < boredandb> just wanted to say that I'm happy jchase is taking over the Georgia team...looking forward to great things from him...no pressure dude :-P
23:28 <      DPic> greg-g: oops i misunderstood what that list was. i didn't pick up on it being for mentors of new teams. i thought it was just contact info for different teams. the MA team is already an approved team
23:28 <    greg-g> DPic: no worries, well done on that btw
23:28 <    jchase> boredandblogging:  thanks.. :)  yeah, no pressure :)
23:28 <    jchase> I'm happy to do it
23:28 <  dthacker> here's where a mentor would be a help.  we have a shelter in Omaha that is currently building new quarters for women and kids.  It's an excellent chance for us to make a positive impression.  I'd like to know how others sold the agiency, concerns to overcome, hardwaree, etc
23:28 <    Vorian> ^5 jchase
23:28 <    Vorian> good luck
23:28 < posingasp> by the way, I should be taking over the reins as leader of the chicago team after our next meeting. once it becomes 'official'
23:29              johnc4510-laptop jchase congrats
23:29 <    Vorian> ^5 posingaspopular
23:29 <    Vorian> good luck
23:29 <        xq> Team SC is organizing its first IRC meeting -- via our forums which Vorian helped us get up and running about a month or two ago :) It's still slowly getting started. It's very hard rallying our members for some reason even though they've joined. We only have about 3 - 4 active members and they are active on/off. Only one or two really active members at the moment that I can count on responding within 1 - 3 days via e-mail or forums.
23:29 <    jchase> thank you.. I appreciate it
23:29 < posingasp> ^5
23:29 < posingasp> that rules
23:29 <    greg-g> ok, how does February 6th (Wed) for the next meeting sound?
23:29 <    bperry> dthacker: hit up small computer repair shops for a donation of a small computer
23:29 < posingasp> xq: i know a guy in SC
23:29 <  dthacker> oh I almosts forgot. how does nebraska get a forum?
23:29 <        xq> My update on Team SC. Hopefully after the scheduling of the first IRC meeting and Agenda setting we will start rallying more...hopefully. Otherwise, I will need a bit of help.
23:29 < posingasp> daspina, he hang out in our loco chan. talk to him if possible on IRC
23:29 < johnc4510> greg-g: anytime is ok with me
23:30 <    pak33m> greg-g: +1
23:30 <   tritium> dthacker: we got our donated computers from a bank.  You might try local businesses that typically replace their machines every 3 to 5 years.
23:30 <   Flannel> dthacker: Vorian can hook you up
23:30 <    Vorian> eh?
23:30 <        xq> posing: Send him on over to our site and forum :) It seems we get more activity on the forum than anywhere else. The mailing list and IRC channel are mostly dead (except for an occasional IRC person once in a blue moon that may be missed).
23:30 <    Vorian> dthacker: do you have a paypal account?
23:30              Vorian hides
23:30 <  dthacker> Vorian: yep
23:30 < johnc4510> lol
23:30 <    pak33m> greg-g: who will be presiding for the next meeting?
23:30 <  dthacker> let's go!
23:31 <    greg-g> that is the next thing pak33m 
23:31 < tonyyarus> tritium: That seems likely - I mentioned that I was doing it last time I was at my bank and my banker wrote a little Post-It (TM) about it
23:31 <    Vorian> I nominate boredandblogging
23:31 <    pak33m> greg-g: sorry
23:31 <    Vorian> :D
23:31 < boredandb> gah!
23:31 < posingasp> i nomiate Vorian
23:31 < posingasp> ;p
23:31 <    Vorian> I'll be
23:31 <    Vorian> um
23:31 <    greg-g> pak33m: no worries
23:31 <  dthacker> tritium: what kind of commitments on support?
23:31 <   tritium> tonyyarusso: excellent!  I think many companies replace computers on regular intervals, often as soon as they go out of warranty.
23:31 <    Vorian> I have a .. food in the oven.
23:31 <   tritium> dthacker: we're negotiating that now, and documenting in a service level agreement.
23:32 <  dthacker> tritium: are you going to wikify the project?
23:32 <    greg-g> any volunteers for presiding the next meeting?
23:32 < johnc4510> Vorian---->late night snacker    lucky dude
23:32 <    greg-g> unless boredandblogging does want to do it
23:32 <  dthacker> and do you have an install date?  nm sounds much warmer....
23:32 <   tritium> dthacker: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Endorphin_Power_Company_Ubuntu_Install_and_Support (more to follow, as things progress)
23:33 <    Vorian> dthacker: request a forum in this section of the forum http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=181
23:33 <  dthacker> tritium: thanks
23:33 < posingasp> i'll volunteer myself if nobody actually *wants* to preside over the next meeting
23:33 < boredandb> greg-g: umm, no
23:33 < tonyyarus> tritium: The problem though is that those are the same businesses that are super-concerned about data leaks.
23:33 <    Vorian> dthacker: make sure you follow the format that ubuntugeek laid out
23:33 <    greg-g> posingaspopular: ok, good deal, thanks
23:33 < tonyyarus> so most dump everything in acid or the shredder
23:33 <    Vorian> johnc4510-laptop: :)
23:33 < johnc4510> lol
23:33 <    greg-g> this time is ok for everyone to meet?
23:33 < boredandb> Vorian the trouble-maker
23:34 <     tyche> And his trusty sidekick, tyche
23:34 <    Vorian> boredandblogging: that's my calling in life
23:34 < johnc4510> :)
23:34 <   tritium> tonyyarusso: yes.  You could use D-BAN on any machines donated to address that concern.
23:34 < boredandb> so true!
23:34 < posingasp> one thing I want to talk about that this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4100149
23:34 < tonyyarus> tritium: I know that.  You know that.  But how do I convince THEM of that?
23:34 <    greg-g> posingaspopular: oh yeah, thanks!
23:34 <    Vorian> posingaspopular: that's too far away for me
23:34 <   tritium> tonyyarusso: yeah, I know what you're saying...
23:34 <    Vorian> sorry :(
23:35 < posingasp> we are trying to get the midwest to collaborate more, so the -michican, -ohio, and -chicago teams are working together
23:35 < posingasp> and I want to encorage more people to do similar projects
23:35 < posingasp> and invite tonyyarusso and -mn in on this as well
23:35 < johnc4510> ok, is meeting over?
23:35 <    pak33m> so, the next meeting will be feb 6th with posingaspopular presiding
23:35 < johnc4510> kk
23:35 <    greg-g> at the same time
23:35 < posingasp> Vorian: what is too far for you?
23:35 <   tritium> Oh no, are we forming conferences?  e.g., ubuntu-Big10, ubuntu-Pac10?
23:35 < dantalizi> jchase, we need to work on a triloco with AL
23:36 <    greg-g> the #ubuntu-us-mi channel is too far away from -us-oh?
23:36 <    Vorian> posingaspopular: ohio, it's just too far.
23:36 < dantalizi> ubuntu-SEC ftw!
23:36 < boredandb> dantalizing: jchase got disconnected, but yeah
23:36 < posingasp> yea, ohio sucks right Vorian :) ;p
23:36 < dantalizi> doh! missed taht boredbandblogging
23:36 < boredandb> vorian's gonna start punching people now
23:36 <    Vorian> join #ubuntu-big10
23:36 <    Vorian> boredandblogging: only if you live below sea level
23:36 <    pak33m> greg-g: meeting ajorned?
23:36 <  dthacker> tonyyarusso: how's that iowa contact going.  We could do some collab.
23:37 < boredandb> lol
23:37 <    greg-g> So, all are encouraged to attend the Tri LoCo meeting on Jan. 22nd in #ubuntu-us-mi at 8pm EST
23:37 <    Vorian> or
23:37 < boredandb> dantalizing: we should discuss it
23:37 <    greg-g> with that, I have nothing else
23:37 < tonyyarus> dthacker: Haven't touched base much lately.  Note to self to do so.
23:37 <    Vorian> wear black and white stripes
23:37 < tonyyarus> greg-g: Remind the -US mailing list on like the 19th?
23:37 < johnc4510> kk, night all
23:37 < johnc4510> :)
23:37 <    greg-g> tonyyarusso: ok
23:37 <   tritium> Good night, all.
23:37 <    greg-g> good night
23:37 <    greg-g> meeting adjurned

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