Log for US Teams Meeting on February 6th, 2008

23:00 <    Bamojr> DO IT!
23:01 < posingasp> hey all
23:01              posingaspopular points to the chan topic
23:01 < johnc4510> greetings
23:01              greg-g waves
23:01 <    Bamojr> ello
23:01 <      DPic> hihi
23:02 < posingasp> okay awesome, i dont have to ping 1000 people to get them to show up
23:02 < posingasp> is anyone going to log this?
23:02 <  doctormo> I think we should post there all over our towns: http://gharbeia.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-The-highway-to-freedom-76559904
23:02 < walter_ec> dont know how to log anymore
23:03 <    greg-g> I have a log going
23:04 < posingasp> oh noez greg-g!
23:04 <      DPic> doctormo: it would help if it was in english :/
23:04 < posingasp> agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/MeetingAgenda20080206l
23:04 < posingasp> DPic: desertc in the -locoteams has an english version
23:05 <      DPic> cool
23:05 <      DPic> hey cdm10
23:05 <     cdm10> hey DPic
23:05 <    Bamojr> that is not the right link
23:06 < walter_ec> USTeams/MeetingAgenda20080206l
23:06 <   nhaines> Just drop the l
23:06 < posingasp> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/MeetingAgenda20080206
23:06 < walter_ec> age does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page templates. Before creating the page, please check if a similar page alre
23:06 < posingasp> oops thanks guy
23:06 < walter_ec> nm
23:06 < posingasp> thanks guys* man im terrible toady
23:06 <  doctormo> DPic: you don't get jokes do you
23:06              posingaspopular cant win ^
23:07 < walter_ec> should have asked if that was an l or a 1 after all
23:07 <  doctormo> http://www.google.com/trends?q=ubuntu%2C+linux%2C+redhat%2C+fedora&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 <- Brand awareness
23:07 <      DPic> doctormo: i guess not, what'd i miss?
23:07 < tnseditor> "Google Trends is really popular right now and we couldn't process your request."
23:08 < tnseditor> there it goes
23:08 < tonyyarus> I like how noticeable the spikes for every release are.
23:08 < posingasp> tnseditor is from the ohio team, why don't introduce youreself to the chan?
23:08              posingaspopular thinks introductions are in orde
23:08 < tonyyarus> btw, did you know that Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04 will be within a few days of each other?
23:09 <      DPic> woah why has linux been on such a decline on gtrands?
23:09 < boredandb> fedora is trying to get their marketing act together as well to make a major push
23:09 < tnseditor> hello everyone!  I am from the Ohio team and part of the communication team.  I have used Ubuntu full time since January 2007
23:09 <  doctormo> DPic: the linux brand is going to die, linux = kernel and that is how it will be. ubuntu = operating system
23:09 <     cdm10> um... are we introducing ourselves?
23:10 <   Flannel> cdm10: tnseditor was, obviously
23:10 <  doctormo> Hi, I'm leader of ubuntu-us-ma, Martin Owens, bastard by royal apointment
23:10 <  doctormo> :-P
23:10 <    Bamojr> im Ben from WV team
23:10 <      DPic> doctormo: ah, that makes sense
23:11 < tonyyarus> Well, I'm in the channel and awake, so I guess I'm paying attention to the meeting.  Tony, contact for MN.
23:11 <      DPic> about linux's decling on gtrands
23:11 <   nhaines> I'm Nathan Haines, I've done the ubuntu-us-ca logo and namebadge stuff, and I've been using Ubuntu since 5.04.
23:11 < posingasp> im eddie, aka eddieftw, aka eddie martinez and im the chicago loco leader, and also working with the triloco team
23:11 < walter_ec> as long as meet at mall remains . . .
23:11 <   Flannel> and following nhaines, Neal Bussett, Leader of -california
23:12 <      DPic> I'm Danny, proud member of the Ubuntu MA team, serving loyally under doctormo :)
23:12 < tnseditor> :-)
23:12 < tonyyarus> whoa, Flannel has a name....  *mind boggles*
23:12 < walter_ec> Im alex i dont know what team to join yet
23:12 < tnseditor> :-p
23:12 < posingasp> DPic: coup. coup.coup! :P
23:12 <     cdm10> I'm Caleb, proud member of the Ubuntu MA team, and I suppose I serve loyally under DPic :)
23:12 < tnseditor> haha
23:12 < walter_ec> WA maybe
23:12 < walter_ec> maybe not\
23:12 <  Yasumoto> I'm Joe Smith, another proud member of ubuntu califonria
23:12 < posingasp> cdm10: see my msg to DPic
23:12 < walter_ec> HI
23:13 <      DPic> cdm10: go get me my royal wine!
23:13 < tnseditor> Hello Everyone!  You're special!
23:13 < walter_ec> I am alex of hilo LoCo
23:13 <  doctormo> posingaspopular: you can't coup the best person for the job :-P
23:13 < tnseditor> :-p
23:13              boredandblogging is part of the Georgia team.
23:13 < posingasp> walter_eco: hilo?
23:13 < walter_ec> Hilo
23:13 < walter_ec> by OneKahekaha beach park
23:14 <   Flannel> walter_eco: Are you independant of -HI or a subteam?
23:14 < walter_ec> as in u dont want to end up like those guys in onekahekaha beach park
23:14 < walter_ec> im like a subteam?
23:14              johnc4510-laptop https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Johnc4510
23:14 < walter_ec> an independent subteam
23:14 < walter_ec> independent i suppose
23:15 < walter_ec> there is just a local lug no LoCo really
23:15 < walter_ec> and since no one in the lug seems to be into the LoCo, I have to say I am from hilo when really i am from kona
23:15 <  doctormo> walter_eco: LUGs are User Groups, groups of people who use linux and want to talk about it. LoCos are activism projects and teams
23:15 <   Flannel> walter_eco: you should get in touch with kitofhawaii
23:16 < walter_ec> k
23:16 < posingasp> okay now that we've got introductions, let's line up some somepeople who want to report about their locoactivites, complains, ideas, etc.
23:16 < posingasp> starting at 0 of course
23:16 < walter_ec> LoCos seem cool to me, but I think maybe I should try to find out why no one in the LoCo says they are in the lug
23:16 < walter_ec> possibly because they tend to run debian
23:16 <    vorian> I have a complaint against boredandblogging
23:17              vorian runs and hides
23:17 < walter_ec> I read the LoCo how to lobby govenrment page
23:17 < walter_ec> it seems very effectivre
23:17 <   Flannel> walter_eco: LoCos and LUGs address separate issues, although there is some overlap.  But, definately head over to #ubuntu-us-hi and find out.
23:17              boredandblogging is shocked!
23:17 <      DPic> walter_eco: which one?
23:17              tnseditor gasps
23:17 < tonyyarus> walter_eco: do you still have that link handy?
23:18 < posingasp> someone in the acm tried to start counting at 1 today. i had to ask them if they forgot how to count ;p
23:18 < walter_ec> link
23:18 < walter_ec> one moment pls
23:18 <  doctormo> walter_eco: LUGs tend to attract the traditional sysadmin types, LoCos tend not to.
23:18 <   leftyfb> hey, i'm a sysadmin :)
23:18 < tonyyarus> I'm an aspiring one!
23:19 <   leftyfb> btw, Mike here, current sysadmin of the Ubuntu MA team ;)
23:19              greg-g is the leader of the Michigan LoCo, will be in and out during this meeting
23:19 < walter_ec> ok
23:19 <      DPic> walter_eco: is this the page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoActivism
23:19 < walter_ec> is it cool if i post the ubuntu how to lobby government link
23:19 < walter_ec> no
23:19 < walter_ec> that is not the page
23:19 < walter_ec> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoLobbyingGovernment
23:19 < walter_ec> i think
23:20 <      DPic> yeah, i created that
23:20 <   Flannel> That page redirects to DPic's
23:20 <      DPic> it now redirects to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoActivism
23:20 < walter_ec> i read that it was very helpful
23:20 < walter_ec> aha
23:20 <      DPic> i'm glad
23:20 <      DPic> I need help copying material onto the actual wiki page though
23:20 < walter_ec> let me read the new one real; quick
23:21 <   leftyfb> DPic : did you get that moinmoin language file for gedit i posted in the channel last week?
23:21 <   leftyfb> Needs some localization, but is nice for editing wiki's with gedit
23:21 <      DPic> leftyfb: no i didn't get that
23:22 < tonyyarus> leftyfb: will that be found in the official package soon?
23:22 <   leftyfb> tonyyarusso : I doubt it
23:23 < tonyyarus> :(
23:23 < walter_ec> id just as soon activate as lobby as well
23:23 < tonyyarus> leftyfb: make it so!
23:23 < posingasp> okay the chicago team elected a few people for positions, secretary, project leads, etc. at our meeting this past month. it was a good time. we are planning new projects, ideas, etc. which will be announced in the near future.
23:24 < posingasp> also we did a triloco meeting with greg and tnseditor and a few others, if they want to talk about that, now would be a good time
23:24 < tnseditor> ok
23:24 < tnseditor> we are trying to get a triloco going for support for the different teams' events
23:25 < walter_ec> i have it on pretty good authority there are less than 5 people here in chicago
23:25 < tnseditor> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TriLoCo-Midwest
23:25 < posingasp> walter_eco?
23:25 < walter_ec> i could be wrong
23:25 < tnseditor> that shows the different events the teams have planned
23:25 <   leftyfb> http://tinyurl.com/3ckfz7 - " MoinMoin: syntax highlighting for gedit"
23:26 <    Bamojr> not to change the subject drasticly but what do i need to do to get my team on the approved list?
23:26 < walter_ec> ?
23:26 < tnseditor> cash
23:26 < tnseditor> or credit
23:26 < tnseditor> ?
23:26 <     cdm10> :)
23:26 < posingasp> walter_eco: we have a pretty good team. our chan is quiet atm, but when it comes to events and stuff, we come out
23:27 <   Flannel> Bamojr: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved
23:27 <    Bamojr> Flannel: thanks
23:27 < walter_ec> im sure u do this all over not just chicago as well
23:28 < walter_ec> im just not able to see the messages from the chicago delegates apparently
23:28 < posingasp> ya im not sure where you are checking
23:29 < walter_ec> ubuntu-us
23:29 <   Flannel> walter_eco: They elected them at a past meeting, not tonight
23:30 < posingasp> oh
23:30 < posingasp> oh is that where the confusion is
23:30 < posingasp> we elected at our last IRL meeting, early jan.
23:31 <   leftyfb> Ubuntu MA is having our next installfest later this month (23rd). We are also planning on holding some packaging jams, creating an end user remote support service/application, trying to work with some local libraries on switching to ubuntu and also just started looking at creating some "Freedom Toaster" kiosks for burning ubuntu discs and other OSS cd's.
23:31 < walter_ec> i only bring it up because there doesnt seem to be a team at all in my state
23:32 < tnseditor> leftyfb that sounds cool
23:32 <   Flannel> walter_eco: There is.  #ubuntu-us-hi is its IRC channel, its in the development stage still, I believe.
23:33 < walter_ec> that does sound cool i wonder if its cool to copy the idea for the local team
23:33 <   Flannel> The California LoCo is attending SCaLE (Southern California Linux Expo), which is this weekend.  If any of you happen to be at LAX, you're welcome to stop by.  (This is where jono is premiering his new keynote on Saturday, for those of you who read planet)
23:34 <   leftyfb> walter_eco : which idea?
23:34 < posingasp> SCALE, w00t
23:34 <   Flannel> By attending, I of course mean having a booth at.  We've also got a member giving a presentation, and Ted Gould (tedg) will be giving an Ubuntu themed presentation as well.
23:34 < walter_ec> i have been speaking with a local aitp liason who has been advised of the unencrypted financial database if we get to a funding part of the meeting
23:34 < posingasp> Flannel: look for Kevin Harris, the flourish developer from chicago. he's got a red beard and is a solid dude
23:35 <    greg-g> the Michigan Team had a Bug Jam recently, and is going to have our second (2nd!) Packaging Jam in the next month (Date TBA) with a another Packaging Jam at Penguicon, a big Sci-Fi/FOSS conference in Michigan
23:35 < walter_ec> <leftyfb> Ubuntu MA is having our next installfest later this month (23rd). We are also planning on holding some packaging jams, creating an end user remote support service/application, trying to work with some local libraries on switching to ubuntu and also just started looking at creating some "Freedom Toaster" kiosks for burning ubuntu discs and other OSS cd's.
23:35 < walter_ec> that idea
23:35 <   leftyfb> the kiosk?
23:35 < walter_ec> installfest
23:35 <   leftyfb> ah
23:35 < walter_ec> the kiosk is a cool oidea too though
23:35 <   leftyfb> our first one was a huge success. They're lots of fun
23:36 < walter_ec> the whole thing just seemed like a cool idea
23:36 <   anthony> MN was hoping to do an installfest in collaboration with a LUG in the area, but due to the time restrictions of key individuals I'm guessing that's not actually going to happen for the time being.
23:37 <   anthony> For our team it is probably going to make more sense to put a real push in from Hardy release onward, which is nice in that the spring is the end of school semesters, and we have a large number of college students in the area.
23:37 < posingasp> sounds good
23:37 < posingasp> on that note.... hardy plans?
23:37 < posingasp> how to make it a great release
23:37 < walter_ec> i realize of course there will be no raising fund by the undue exploitation of open source software at least not by me
23:37 <    Bamojr> Im going to try to get some more members for Wv and try an install fest for hardy
23:38 <    Bamojr> hopefully
23:38 <   Flannel> walter_eco: You should get in touch with kitofhawaii, and let her know you're interested in doing an installfest
23:38 < posingasp> on the chicago end, we have a project (still secret atm) which we will announce soon. and we are attending Flourish (booth) which we will use the two ideas to springboard into hardy
23:38 < posingasp> flourish confrence is in april btw
23:39 <   leftyfb> posingaspopular : awww .. that's cruel
23:39 <   leftyfb> hint!
23:39 <   leftyfb> :)
23:39 <   anthony> There has been some interest in trying to get some Live CDs booted in stores.  There was discussion in here recently about legal ways of approaching that, with Best Buy, Target, and Wal Mart all being mentioned.  For those cases were you can't get permission, some people may be comfortable with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PCJacking
23:39 < posingasp> leftyfb: ubuntu desktop guide + 12
23:39 < posingasp> that's your hint
23:40 <   Flannel> California is planning a (yet unmaterialized) Installfest/Release party for Hardy, probably a week or two after the final release.  We'll be starting the planning on that after we're finished with SCaLE.  We may be doing a dual location one as well, one in the south (Los Angeles), one in the north (San Francisco), depending on how the interest pans out.
23:41 <   anthony> I have just gotten involved with a project being done by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities in collaboration with Sun Microsystems and developers around the world for development of an open-source virtual world platform, similar to Second Life, but more extensible.  While of course Sun has Solaris, the MNSCU portion will be standardizing on Ubuntu, and that will be our official binary distribution format when we have code to put o
23:42 < boredandb> anthony: pretty cool
23:42 < tnseditor> that sounds really cool
23:42 < tnseditor> how's that going?
23:43 <   anthony> *code to put out.  As part of that, there is a good chance that I will be bringing another Ubuntu repository mirror online in the next few months.  (It's already up, but only with x86 and source packages, and only accessible on the internal LAN.) - for cutoffs
23:44 < tnseditor> good
23:44 <   anthony> The codebase that we're starting from is versioned 0.3 right now, and after my first real interaction with it this evening, it has a _long_ way to go.  3D graphic designers and Java programmers welcome.  :)
23:45 <   anthony> Meanwhile, the Minnesota LoCo has also had a lot of talk (but little action yet) about things we want to do, the vast majority of which we felt really hinged on the stability of an LTS, so will just start to receive more attention now.
23:45 < tnseditor> oh
23:46 < posingasp> anthony: and you are working on the MN open standards reformation
23:46 < posingasp> or something similar to that, on the ML right?
23:47 <   anthony> These include a push for awareness of open source and open standards in state government and public schools, persuing distribution of CD media through local retailers, and doing whatever we can within our financial limits to get lots of CDs out there, with an "it would be super cool" goal of maybe handing some out at the State Fair (afaik the largest of it's kind in the country)
23:48 <   anthony> posingaspopular: Yes, that is something I just brought up at my local caucus yesterday, and which I hope to make more of an issue of soon.  The state legislature has been on recess, but reconvenes later this month.
23:48 < walter_ec> i will try to get in touch with kitofhawaii
23:49 <   anthony> Two big things that will become issues for us will be collaboration with other teams to minimize reinvention of the wheel, and financial concerns for optical media.  So far I have secured 100 CDs and jewel cases from Imation Corp., and am thinking about how to best play our cards to see more like that in the future.
23:50 < walter_ec> i am at least moderately comfortable with best buy and co etc
23:52 < walter_ec> solaris is like second life??
23:52 <   anthony> Oh bother - auto suspend :S
23:52 <   anthony> what'd I miss?
23:53 < walter_ec> nothing that i saw
23:53 <   anthony> k
23:54 <   Flannel> posingaspopular: do we have any other topics for the meeting? (besides deciding when the next one will be)
23:54 <   anthony> One thing that I could use advice on from more established and successful teams (Chi, MA, etc.) is how you find time for things?  I personally am doing what I can, but I've taken on a third job in addition to school, so am basically toast for the semester, but much of my team doesn't have a lot of free time to spare either.
23:55 < boredandb> anthony: don't sleep
23:55 < posingasp> anthony: that's what i do ^^
23:55 <   jcastro> I'd like to mention something if the agenda is finished
23:55 < boredandb> seriously, short of getting others involved, one person can only do so much
23:55 < posingasp> jcastro: you're not allowed in here! ;p
23:55 <   jcastro> woo!
23:55 <    Bamojr> tell me about it
23:55 < posingasp> actually yea, we were supposed to talk about OPS
23:56 <   Flannel> anthony: If the team goes somewhat dormant for a period, its not the end of the world, as long as you arent leaving anyone stranded.
23:56 <   Flannel> anthony: I know -california sort of ebbs and flows depending on the semester timeframe.
23:57 <   leftyfb> anthony : we set schedules. Our meetings are the 4th Thursday of every month. The meetings are in person at a couple of places as well as on IRC. We have someone logging everything we say in person to the IRC channel and another person who speaks to the in person group for the IRC channel.
23:57 <   anthony> Flannel: makes sense
23:57 <   leftyfb> We also schedule the installfests for every 3/4 months
23:57 <   leftyfb> I think the trick is to just schedule things so people can make time for them
23:57 <   anthony> leftyfb: How long is the drive for the farthest away folks who show up in person?
23:58 <   leftyfb> hm
23:58 <   leftyfb> people who show up the most, maybe an hour away
23:58 <   leftyfb> I personally live about 45 minutes away from our meetings/events
23:58 <   leftyfb> But a lot of people live right in the city where they are held
23:58 <   anthony> Ah - the joys of a small state I guess.  It takes over 45 minutes to cross this city :)
23:59 <   leftyfb> We are also trying to plan some events/meetings in other parts of the state so more people can attend. But the people local to those areas haven't been speaking up/showing interest enough.
23:59 <   leftyfb> anthony : Boston is hardly across the state from me
23:59 < posingasp> anthony: on train or in car?
00:00 < posingasp> it takes 2 on the train to cross chicago
00:00 <   anthony> posingaspopular: We don't have trains.
00:01 < posingasp> oh i see. sorry
00:01 <   leftyfb> I think it'd 2.5 hours to cross our state
00:01 <   leftyfb> roughly :)
00:01 < tnseditor> you guys have it easy :-p
00:02 <   anthony> Ours corner to corner is about 9 or 10, and that's still medium-sized.
00:02              anthony would feel bad for Ontario if they tried to have a provincial LoCo
00:03 <   anthony> That would be a three day ordeal :P
00:03 < tnseditor> :-p
00:04 <   leftyfb> 4 hours to cross your state anthony  ... East to West .. which is what I did for MA :)
00:05 < posingasp> ha okay that sounds like a good, nice long meeting
00:05 < posingasp> if anyone else has anything to offer
00:05 <   leftyfb> not even 4 ... 3.5 :)
00:05 <   anthony> leftyfb: There's nothing worth crossing east-west for - everything that matters is north-south
00:07 <   Flannel> posingaspopular: We've gotta decide on a date/timezone for next meeting, and I think that covers it.
00:07 < posingasp> Flannel: aren't we rotating it? the next one should be east of CST
00:07 < tnseditor> hi tristanbob
00:07 < posingasp> afaik
00:08 < tristanbo> tnseditor: hello!
00:08 <   Flannel> posingaspopular: its supposed to be rotated/arbitrary, yeah.  I just know the last two have been PST, to my surprise.
00:08 < tnseditor> how are you tonight/this morning?
00:08 < tristanbo> terrific, how about you?
00:08 < tnseditor> good
00:08 < tnseditor> I am going to go to bed eventually
00:09 < tnseditor> :-p
00:10 < tristanbo> where you located?
00:10 <   Flannel> posingaspopular: but, EST sounds like a good timezone to me for next time.  What date does everyone think?
00:10 < walter_ec> i guess kitoofhawaii doesnt post in the ubuntu-us list?
00:10 < tnseditor> Ohio
00:11 < walter_ec> arent they usually every sunday?
00:11 < posingasp> oh and we need to decided who will preside over the next one
00:12 < walter_ec> steering committee
00:13 < walter_ec> jk
00:16 <  Memememe> walter_eco: are you pretending to be me?
00:20 < walter_ec> dont think so
00:21 <      H264> ;)
00:21 < walter_ec> either everyone is awfully quiet or i am heavily censored on my end
00:21 < posingasp> umm ping?
00:21 < posingasp> hello
00:21 < tnseditor> it's quiet
00:22 < tnseditor> too quiet :-p
00:22 < posingasp> we still have to decided about the next meeting/date/time
00:22 < boredandb> did we set a date?
00:22 < posingasp> boredandblogging: no

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