Log for US Teams Meeting on January 22nd, 2009

18:01 < eightyeight> ok. we ready to begin?
18:01 < boredandblogging> yes!
18:01 < JonReagan> yup
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18:02   >>> cprofitt!n=cprofitt@ubuntu/member/cprofitt
18:02 < eightyeight> pleia2: ? Flannel ?
18:02 < pleia2> yep
18:02   cprofitt waves
18:02 < cprofitt> am I in time?
18:02 < eightyeight> yeah
18:02 < nhaines> i'm here.
18:03 < eightyeight> Flannel is detached. we'll begin, and he can catch up
18:03   ethana2 rings the gong
18:03 < eightyeight> so, welcome to the meet. there's a few items on the agenda:
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18:03 < eightyeight> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Meetings and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Meetings/Minutes/2009-01-22
18:04 < eightyeight> (they're a bit fractured. sorry about that. :))
18:04   pleia2 grins
18:04 < eightyeight> so, before we get into it, a little background about this team
18:05 < eightyeight> the US Teams Mentoring Project is all about getting other state teams on board with their loco
18:05 < eightyeight> we want every team in the US with strong locos and approved eventually
18:05 < eightyeight> as such, we created this mentoring project as a way to share ideas and help those teams that were struggling
18:06 < eightyeight> the idea was that we weren't a "team" but a resource. as such, there were no team leaders, but "mentors" to mentor other teams
18:06 < eightyeight> we struggled with what defined a "mentor", and we'll cover that tonight, as you can see on the meet
18:06 < eightyeight> s/meet/agenda/
18:07 < eightyeight> also, because we lacked leadership, as to not being a "team", progress has stagnated the past little bit, and i'm afraid that many teams that need mentoring aren't getting it
18:07 < eightyeight> so, the first item on the agenda: discussing whether or not we should approve a leadership board
18:07 < eightyeight> and turning the project into a bona fide team
18:07 < eightyeight> thoughts? questions? concerns?
18:08 < boredandblogging> if we can find some solid leaders, probably not
18:08 < Flannel> Oh, Howdy all.
18:08 < Flannel> eightyeight: I'm here!
18:08 < eightyeight> i'm not too overly concerned with picking _who_ right now, although we can if we decide to
18:08 < eightyeight> Flannel: welcome! :)
18:08 < ethana2> Will we have a president of the United States of Ubuntu?
18:08 < eightyeight> heh
18:08 < cprofitt> I do not have any questions...
18:09 < eightyeight> i think a team lead as a central point of contact, with the ability to stay self motivated
18:09 < ethana2> I don't think it'd be a bad idea to have a North American community manager who answers to Jono
18:10 < eightyeight> then maybe sub-leaders, like a secretary to make sure the meetings happen, and are looged, etc
18:10 < ethana2> and stays in contact with one rep from every state
18:10 < Flannel> eightyeight: It may be more prudent to discuss/define mentors etc, before discussing leadership.
18:10 < cprofitt> Flannel, +1
18:10 < ethana2> cprofitt, +1
18:10 < eightyeight> Flannel: i was thinking about discussing how the board would work, then defining what a mentor is, but i can see that point
18:11   >>> chuckf!n=chuck@ubuntu/member/chuckf
18:11 < eightyeight> iirc, we defined a mentor as "an ubuntu member of an approved state"
18:11 < Flannel> eightyeight: Perhaps then we should better define what US teams is about then.  "We mentor people" isn't quite sufficient background to discuss a leadership type thing
18:11 < eightyeight> in the past that is
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18:11 < cprofitt> Flannel, I agree...
18:12 < Flannel> Just something to give enough background for people to make an informed decision about what types of leadership would be appropriate
18:12 < cprofitt> mentoring is a wide 'topic'
18:12 < cprofitt> and can involve many things.
18:12 < ethana2> Is being an Ubuntero a requisite of any kind, or is it completely different?
18:12 < boredandblogging> you mean ubuntu member?
18:12 < eightyeight> ethana2: an ubuntero is a requisite to becoming an ubuntu member. we haven't used it here
18:12 < ethana2> ah
18:13 < JonReagan> all that's required for being an ubuntero is signing the code of conduct... not a bad place to start.
18:13 < ethana2> JonReagan: you have to set up gpg
18:13 < eightyeight> well, for "mentoring", the idea was that a "mentor" was assigned one or more states. that mentor would be in direct contact with the loco leader on helping him setup irc, mailing lists, forums, and general team stuff
18:13 < JonReagan> well, yeah... that's how you have to sign it
18:14 < eightyeight> the idea was, that if the "mentor" was an ubuntu member, and came from an already approved state, then there would be no worries about leading the new team
18:14 < Flannel> eightyeight: Actually, now that I see how this is working out, I'd like to retract my "mentor first, board later" and instead "US teams strong definition first, then board"
18:14 < eightyeight> as he/she would already have experience
18:14 < pleia2> eightyeight: I think "member" might be a bit strong though, having signed the code of conduct should be enough (ubuntero is an obsoleted term)
18:15 < eightyeight> pleia2: yeah. i want to flesh all this out tonight
18:16 < pleia2> but I think being part of an approved team should be required
18:16 < boredandblogging> pleia2: +1
18:16 < eightyeight> first, is there anyone who is confused or unclear in any manner about what the us teams project is about?
18:16 < cprofitt> not sure how I feel about that...
18:16 < cprofitt> there may be people who have a lot to offer, but are not part of an approved state
18:16 < chuckf> eightyeight, if the project is mentoring, I'm clear
18:17 < JonReagan> the project makes sense to me
18:17 < chuckf> cprofitt, it doesn't take much to get approved in the state
18:17 < pleia2> cprofitt: I think they should be offering their energies to their team to get them approved first
18:17 < cprofitt> and there may be people who are part of an approved state that had little to nothing to do with getting the state approved
18:17 < cprofitt> I would prefer it depend on what a person has to offer... rather than the status of their state
18:17 < pleia2> once a state is approved they have momentum, key people can branch out and do things like volunteer as a mentor
18:17 < eightyeight> cprofitt: this channel is setup as a resource to share ideas. we're definitely not stopping that
18:17 < ethana2> There are some sparsely populated states where a LoCo needs something to crystallize around that doesn't even exist yet
18:17 < cprofitt> pleia2, I agree with the focus on getting their own state approved
18:18 < eightyeight> cprofitt: but, if your team isn't approved, then you shouldn't be spending energy on a specific team other than your own
18:18 < cprofitt> chuckf, I just started with NY and they have been around for over a year and are not yet approved
18:18   >>> _stink_!n=stink@
18:18 < cprofitt> so it is not that easy
18:18   ~ Taladan_ is now Taladan
18:18 < eightyeight> but, the channel and mailing list are great outlets for discussing ideas
18:18 < chuckf> cprofitt, what have they done to try to get approved?
18:18 < cprofitt> eightyeight, the energy spend on getting your team approved is part of the process of getting any team approved...
18:18 < cprofitt> its almost a mirror
18:19   Yasumoto belatedly waves hi :)
18:19 < cprofitt> chuckf, before I came on board I am not sure
18:19 < Flannel> The idea behind an approved state is that you'll be able to see (first hand) what an LoCo does (presumably correctly)
18:19 < chuckf> cprofitt, maybe start with that. You can offer help to others, but focus locally first
18:20 < boredandblogging> agreed, get your state approved, there will be time to mentor others
18:20 < eightyeight> however, we've derailed slightly. we'll cover this in a bit. let's get back on track
18:21 < eightyeight> i think there may be some confusion on what exactly this project is about. i'll flesh it out in a bit more detail
18:21 < eightyeight> cprofitt: i'm going to pick on you
18:21 < Flannel> (The US teams project, that is)
18:21 < cprofitt> please do eightyeight
18:21 < eightyeight> let's say cprofitt comes in the channel or on the mailing list looking for help with the NY team. he wants to know how to get the ball rolling, and get people to meets
18:22 < eightyeight> he needs help
18:22 < eightyeight> so, we assign a mentor to show him how to get the ball started
18:22 < eightyeight> we cover things like:
18:22 < eightyeight> setting up an irc channel
18:22 < eightyeight> setting up a mailing list
18:22 < eightyeight> setting up the team wiki on wiki.ubuntu.com
18:22 < eightyeight> setting up the state forum on ubuntuforums.org
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18:23 < eightyeight> actively recruiting interest from local lugs
18:23 < eightyeight> and so forth
18:23 < eightyeight> the mentor sticks with cprofitt until he/she feels the state has good momentum built up, and they can stand on their own two feet
18:24 < eightyeight> then, the next goal, is getting that team approved officially as a loco from jono and the loco board
18:24 < eightyeight> not all is finished, though
18:24 < boredandblogging> so this is now a team?
18:24 < boredandblogging> oops
18:24 < boredandblogging> read that completely wrong
18:24 < Flannel> boredandblogging: US teams?  Is a project, not a team.  Re-read ;)
18:24 < eightyeight> if the mentor were to leave cprofitt, and cprofitt discovers another distro, and bails the team, then what?
18:25 < eightyeight> the team could go south, and become inactive. so, we would need to make sure a mentor is there to keep the team stable, or help if they go inactive
18:25 < eightyeight> this project (the us teams project) setup some resources that could be helpful:
18:26 < eightyeight> http://ubuntu-us.org, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams, the mailing list and this irc channel
18:26 < eightyeight> so, even if there isn't a mentor assigned, at least there's places to go for ideas, questions, support, etc
18:26 < eightyeight> make sense?
18:26 < cprofitt> It does...
18:26 < Flannel> More importantly: Any questions?
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18:27 < ethana2> I'd like to see users sent to local support irc channels by default
18:27 < ethana2> #ubuntu is like 2000 people and everyone's always talking at once
18:27 < eightyeight> ethana2: if a team already exists, then we point them there
18:27 < ethana2> ah, sweet
18:27 < eightyeight> oh, for general support that is. not for your team
18:27 < pleia2> ethana2: not all loco teams specialize in support
18:27 < ethana2> yes
18:27 < cprofitt> It sounds as though you really need people who are used to organizing...
18:28 < Flannel> ethana2: That's inaccurate, and not really viable (and not within our scope)
18:28 < ethana2> Flannel: k
18:28 < cprofitt> The BT team helps with support
18:28 < eightyeight> cprofitt: we have people in this project that are good at specific things, so the load isn't too much to bear for a single mentor
18:28 < eightyeight> which we'll cover in this meet. :)
18:28 < cprofitt> eightyeight, I agree...
18:29 < eightyeight> (under responsibilities)
18:29 < Flannel> cprofitt: BT?
18:29 < cprofitt> Beginners Team
18:29 < Flannel> Oh
18:29 < eightyeight> so, that's the general jist of the project
18:29   <   jimmacdonald!n=jimmacdo@196-28-178-69.gci.net ["Be back later"]
18:29 < cprofitt> we have a support channel... and can assist state LoCos with getting support stuff setup if that is desired
18:30 < eightyeight> the problem we faced, is lack of direction. it was a good idea at first, but we quickly realized that without a leader, if a controversial topic comes up, the project gets pulled in several directions
18:30 < Flannel> That's what #ubuntu is for. But this is wildly offtopic right now.
18:30 < eightyeight> (we had a few of those in the past)
18:31 < eightyeight> so, a leader will keep the focus of the group. a leader will keep the momentum up. a leader will counsel with other board members about directives and other things
18:31 < eightyeight> in other words, just like any other team, the leader leads
18:32 < Flannel> eightyeight: Tonight we're deciding if that's leadership board vs leader vs whatever, right?
18:32 < eightyeight> yeah. what a board consists of. if it's a single leader, or a board of leaders with positions, etc
18:32 < eightyeight> i don't think we should be overly concerned about the who until the next meet, although, i wouldn't know how to handle the 'who'. elections?
18:33 < cprofitt> I would vote for leadership board or council I think...
18:33   >>> ausimage!n=ausimage@ubuntu/member/ausimage
18:33 < boredandblogging> LP pool?
18:33 < cprofitt> It would be a very large task for one person
18:33 < boredandblogging> poll
18:33 < JonReagan> or a leader over a board?
18:33 < Flannel> eightyeight: Once we figure out how the board is going to work, we can figure out how to figure out whos on said board.
18:33 < eightyeight> yeah
18:33 < chuckf> I'd say a board. Single leaders can get bogged down in family/job/etc
18:34 < nhaines> How many are active in the US Teams project?
18:34 < eightyeight> on the second bullet point on the agenda, i cover responsibilities. i think that the board should make up those responsibilities
18:34 < nhaines> Maybe we just need a small board, enough to assure a quorum (or working leadership) during meetings.
18:34 < eightyeight> so, the board covers: leader, wiki person, forums person, irc person, mailing list person, etc. thoughts?
18:35 < eightyeight> nhaines: there's about 3-4 active, although i hope that changes. :)
18:35 < Flannel> eightyeight: I don't agree that those positions automatically make the board, no.
18:35 < pleia2> eightyeight: I think the board would be something broader, we need more than one person covering wiki and irc for instance
18:35 < Flannel> While they may be shared, I don't think that defining the board as "the people in charge of various things" is a good way to do it.
18:36 < pleia2> eightyeight: it was a serious pain to track down zelut for ML, vorion for forums...
18:36 < eightyeight> true
18:36 < boredandblogging> ML don't have to go through zelut
18:36 < boredandblogging> jcastro can approve them now
18:36 < eightyeight> so, the board have more generalized positions?
18:36 < pleia2> boredandblogging: no, but he helped nudge jono in the past
18:36 < pleia2> boredandblogging: I know its changed, just an example :)
18:37 < nhaines> Do the poeple in charge of the wiki, mailing list, etc,. have to be part of the board?
18:37 < pleia2> eightyeight: yeah
18:37 < eightyeight> nhaines: not necessarily. we're discussing that now
18:37 < Flannel> eightyeight: I see no reason to not just have a "board of N" persons
18:37 < eightyeight> so, no one higher than another. more like judges?
18:38 < pleia2> eightyeight: I think we want to collect some talented people for the board, have them say "I like wiki, forums, irc" or whatever and give each board member the keys to what they like doing
18:38 < nhaines> eightyeight: there might be a defacto leader, but a small enough board wouldn't require one.
18:38 < Flannel> eightyeight: Well, whether there's one in charge or not is yet to be seen, but I don't think *everyone* should have positions (N-1 + Person in charge, or whatnot)
18:38 < pleia2> lots of overlap will be good, and we make sure there is some overlap :)
18:38 < eightyeight> redundancy is always good
18:39 < eightyeight> so, give me what you're thinking in terms of actual positions. just leader and board of N members?
18:39 < pleia2> +1
18:39 < Flannel> Or not even a leader, just a board of N people.
18:39 < cprofitt> perhaps have regional board members...
18:40 < eightyeight> i like that
18:40 < pleia2> yeah, leader might not be required
18:40 < cprofitt> East, Central, Mountain, Pacific or some such
18:40 < pleia2> but we would have to find a way to keep people motivated
18:40 < Flannel> cprofitt: What would the benefit of being regional be?
18:40 < boredandblogging> keep it flat
18:40 < nhaines> cprofitt: I'm not sure we're active enough yet for regional leaders.
18:40 < nhaines> Better not to divide our limited resources up just yet.  :)
18:41 < eightyeight> let's keep it small, and we can add as time goes on for those who are self-motivated
18:41 < cprofitt> Flannel, those people would likely be on during a similar time as the people they were mentoring and supporting
18:41 < nhaines> eightyeight: +1
18:41 < eightyeight> let's say 3 on the board?
18:41 < cprofitt> they would be familiar with regional resources that might be specific to their region
18:41 < eightyeight> or too small?
18:41 < Flannel> 4? 5?
18:41 < eightyeight> cprofitt: i think that would be more appropriate for a specific mentor
18:41 < pleia2> 3 board members, mentors are separate, right?
18:41 < nhaines> cprofitt: I think regional LoCos can collaborate through the US Teams project.
18:41 < eightyeight> pleia2: yes
18:42 < chuckf> eightyeight, I'd say break up the US to 4-5 regions and a leader from each
18:42 < cprofitt> nhaines, there are regional loco?
18:42 < eightyeight> i'm thinking the board leads the mentors
18:42 < pleia2> I think 3 is plenty then
18:42 < pleia2> just as long as the 3 stay active
18:42 < eightyeight> chuckf: we might not have enough to pick from for that quite yet
18:42 < nhaines> cprofitt: LoCos in various regions which require specialized knowledge.
18:42 < Flannel> Board and mentors should be separate, yes.
18:42 < Flannel> cprofitt: Timezones are only six hours max.  Email is also an option.  I don't think timezones really are an issue.
18:42   >>> `Matir!n=david@jupiter.webgroup.org
18:43 < eightyeight> ok, so the only question is how many to start with on the board? i say 3 for now, as we're kind of in 'rebirth'
18:43 < eightyeight> and as pleia2 said, we have to keep them motivated, whach is a challenge in and of itself
18:43 < nhaines> Let's keep it simple at first.  We can always grow with US team activity.
18:44 < nhaines> Board of 3 members +1
18:44 < Flannel> eightyeight: how many old mentors do we have active?  If there's three, they'd make a handy pro-tem board.
18:44   pleia2 is an active mentor
18:44 < Yasumoto> i think 3 would be a good idea as well
18:45 < eightyeight> Flannel: you, me and pleia2 i think. my activity in mentoring could be called into question too. :)
18:45 < Flannel> eightyeight: Even if that term is only a few months until we have time to elect a new one.
18:45 < Flannel> eightyeight: I wasn't/am not a mentor.  CA isn't approved.
18:45 < eightyeight> i thought you were. ok.
18:45 < Flannel> Although, I am old ;)
18:45 < eightyeight> you've been with us a while
18:46 < eightyeight> what's taking CA so long, eh?
18:46   eightyeight jests
18:46 < boredandblogging> isn't there a wiki page with the name of the mentors?
18:46 < pleia2> hehe
18:46 < eightyeight> boredandblogging: yeah
18:46 < Flannel> eightyeight: In all likelyhood, nothing but the fact that we're overachievers. And our status will hopefully be changing in a few months.
18:46 < eightyeight> looking...
18:47 < Flannel> eightyeight: But, being an "old guy", if there aren't any other old mentors who volunteer, I'll fall on the sword due to experience.
18:47 < pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Projects/TeamMentoring
18:47 < pleia2> so, very out dated
18:48 < eightyeight> heh. yeah. very old. but that's it
18:48 < Flannel> A protem board could also consist of just the two of you.
18:49 < Flannel> That may be the cleanest way to go about it.  As long as you two don't fight ;)
18:49   >>> csills!n=csills@c-71-204-113-241.hsd1.ga.comcast.net
18:49 < pleia2> hehe
18:49 < eightyeight> boredandblogging is a mentor...
18:49 < eightyeight> heh
18:50 < boredandblogging> gonna pass unless we can't find others to help out
18:50 < JonReagan> *cough*
18:50 < eightyeight> i think everyone else there is no longer, or haven't heard of them for some time
18:50 < cprofitt> I am willing to help... after I get NYS approved... so for now I am focused on that...
18:50 < Flannel> boredandblogging: It'd only be for a few months until we can have a proper election/etc
18:50 < eightyeight> s/of them/from them/
18:50 < JonReagan> I'll be glad to help out
18:51 < boredandblogging> JonReagan would be good
18:51 < boredandblogging> he runs the Georgia LoCo
18:51 < cprofitt> pleia2, eightyeight and one more is that what we are discussing...
18:51 < cprofitt> my kid called for me... and I am trying to catch up....
18:51 < eightyeight> JonReagan: your team is approved, right? iirc, it is
18:51 < JonReagan> yeah
18:51 < JonReagan> it's the ubuntu georgia loco
18:51 < eightyeight> yeah
18:52 < boredandblogging> JonReagan got us approved
18:52 < pleia2> cool
18:52 < eightyeight> i'm fine with that. Flannel ? pleia2 ?
18:52 < chuckf> i can help as needed
18:52 < eightyeight> chuckf: MD, right?
18:53 < chuckf> yup
18:53 < Flannel> eightyeight: Sounds good to me.
18:53 < pleia2> yep, that's good
18:54 < boredandblogging> nice
18:54 < eightyeight> so, what's the consensus? pleia2, eightyeight and JonReagan ?
18:55 < boredandblogging> +1
18:55 < cprofitt> +1
18:55 < nhaines> +1
18:55 < pleia2> +1
18:56 < chuckf> +1
18:56 < Flannel> +1
18:56 < eightyeight> ok. done then. that was easy. as a board then, we need to decide where our responsibilities lie
18:56 < JonReagan> sounds good
18:57 < Flannel> What about determining how we elect/select/whatever-ect new leadership?
18:57 < eightyeight> thoughts on scheduling a separate meet just for that topic? as to not run this into this meeting too long?
18:57 < eightyeight> Flannel: good idea
18:57 < JonReagan> I'd say set up a poll
18:57 < nhaines> Flannel: too late.  Every good non-dictatorship knows you figure that out first, before appointing the leadership!
18:57 < JonReagan> 88:  sure
18:58 < JonReagan> are you EST?
18:58 < eightyeight> MST (utah)
18:58 < JonReagan> ah, k... just curious for when we set up a time
18:58   <   leftyfb!n=leftyfb@ubuntu/member/leftyfb ["Leaving"]
18:58 < Flannel> eightyeight: If we want to table the method for election, that's fine.  Btu we need to set a deadline for it.  And also need to (right now) set a length for the temporary positions.
18:58 < eightyeight> (my wife is getting anxious for me to get off the computer, that's why i suggested another time)
18:59 < JonReagan> hehe... yeah, let's set up a side meeting
18:59 < pleia2> another time is fine, we can stick with temp stuff for now, more pressing matters to attend to :)
18:59 < cprofitt> I think the newly elected temporary leaders can come up with some suggestions on elections and terms
18:59 < cprofitt> and we can have more meetings at a later time...
18:59 < eightyeight> seeing as though we're a temp board for the time being, how's 3 months? too short? 5 perhaps?
19:00 < cprofitt> a lot of progress was made tonight... despite it perhaps not seeming that way
19:00 < nhaines> I think maybe two meetings and we should have an election?
19:00 < cprofitt> three months sounds fine...
19:00 < chuckf> and we can run them out if they get too power crazed
19:00 < pleia2> hehe
19:00 < pleia2> three months seems fine
19:01 < Yasumoto> three months +1
19:01 < JonReagan> yeah, sounds good to me
19:01 < Flannel> Three months == End of April?
19:01 < eightyeight> ok. next in line is responsibilites of the board then
19:01 < Flannel> Why don't we push that to may...
19:01 < chuckf> sounds good
19:01 < Flannel> End of April is ahectic time for Ubuntuers
19:01 < eightyeight> may 1st?
19:01 < Flannel> eightyeight: No, End of May
19:01 < nhaines> Flannel: good eye.
19:01 < Flannel> May 1 is going to be Party time ;)
19:01 < eightyeight> ahh. june 1st
19:01 < cprofitt> ooh... yeah we might want to wait until June
19:01 < Flannel> That's the end of may, yeah.
19:01 < eightyeight> fine with me
19:02 < eightyeight> is thursdays good for everyone to meet?
19:02 < JonReagan> yeah
19:02 < eightyeight> we could make it may 22 or 29
19:03 < eightyeight> er, 21 or 28
19:03 < eightyeight> :)
19:03 < Flannel> eightyeight: No
19:03 < JonReagan> both are good for me
19:04 < cprofitt> I am open to end of May or Start of June
19:04 < Flannel> eightyeight: June 1 is a good (and round) number.  (my no was to thursdays)
19:04 < eightyeight> hmm, well, let's flesh it out later. we have some work ahead of us. we'll target end of may, first of june
19:04 < Flannel> That'd be June1 for new term?  May 31 would be the end of the old term?
19:04 < Flannel> Alright, later specifics, good.
19:04 < cprofitt> yeah Flannel
19:04 < eightyeight> yeah
19:05 < eightyeight> ok. responsibilities of the board
19:05 < cprofitt> I have to cut out guys... sorry
19:05 < pleia2> making sure meetings get planned, keeping the wiki up to date
19:05 < eightyeight> first should be scheduling meetings
19:05 < pleia2> cprofitt: take care
19:05 < eightyeight> pleia2: spot on
19:05   <   cprofitt!n=cprofitt@ubuntu/member/cprofitt ["Leaving"]
19:05 < JonReagan> agreed
19:05 < eightyeight> and getting logs of the meeting posted
19:06 < eightyeight> (probably what pleia2 had in mind of keeping the wiki up to date)
19:06 < pleia2> yeah
19:06 < pleia2> I finally got the ones from november posted... 2 days ago :)
19:06 < eightyeight> the board should know what teams are approved, what are being mentored, which are inactive, which don't have a leader, etc
19:07 < JonReagan> are we going to approve mentors?
19:07 < eightyeight> we need to define them first (which we may have already done)
19:07 < nhaines> Err, did we schedule the meetings yet?
19:07 < JonReagan> yeah, I think so... was it that they needed to have signed the code of conduct (ubuntuteros were mentioned)
19:08 < pleia2> eightyeight: yeah, probably expand upon https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/TeamList
19:08 < eightyeight> any other thoughts for the board?
19:08 < JonReagan> and they needed to be from an appr loco
19:08 < eightyeight> nhaines: the next meeting will be scheduled tonight. the only other one is for the board to get inline with each other
19:09 < JonReagan> btw, when do you want to hold that meeting for the board?
19:09 < Flannel> eightyeight: inline with each other?
19:09 < eightyeight> members of the board should also be mentors, i think
19:10 < eightyeight> Flannel: discover what states are approved, who needs help, etc. unless we could table that for the next meet
19:10 < pleia2> eightyeight: yeah, board members should be mentors
19:10 < JonReagan> look at the map... there are plenty of states who need help
19:10 < eightyeight> thoughts on what defines a mentor? ubuntero from an approved state?
19:11 < JonReagan> I think that's good enough
19:11 < Flannel> table the status of the states?  I don't think that needs to be discussed really, its more of a fact based "do your homework" type thing.  Although, someone creating a report about it may be nice (multiple someones, etc)
19:11 < Flannel> eightyeight: Those are good baseline (we can add later if needed) requirements
19:12 < eightyeight> (picking up the pace a bit- my wife is turning from anxious to upset :) )
19:12 < JonReagan> being an ubuntu member means work outside of the loco, and I bet there are some good folks who haven't worked outside of the loco arena
19:12 < Flannel> JonReagan: That's not true.  If you do good LoCo work you can get approved.
19:12 < Flannel> But, this is off topic.
19:12 < JonReagan> !
19:13 < Flannel> eightyeight: Lets table the rest (instead of trying to cram it in and have things go untouched) and schedule meeting now.
19:13 < pleia2>  ubuntero from an approved state? <-- +1
19:13 < eightyeight> i was going to suggest that
19:13 < pleia2> k
19:13 < eightyeight> vote on the mentor definition though?
19:13 < JonReagan> +1 for that, too
19:13 < Flannel> things we're tabling include: board 'responsibilities' (although starting on a status report may be good), heck, we can even table the decision about mentor definition
19:13 < JonReagan> let's go ahead and do that
19:13 < JonReagan> I mean the vote on mentor definition
19:13 < Flannel> we're not going to find mentors before the next meeting, are we?
19:13 < eightyeight> no
19:14 < Flannel> If not, there's no benefit of defining them now vs then.
19:14 < JonReagan> probably not, but at least we can define them so they will know
19:14 < eightyeight> why not?
19:14 < JonReagan> if we do it now we will have it out of the way, and can even slap it up on the wiki for those who want to get involved
19:14 < Flannel> Alright.  Lets vote ;)
19:15 < eightyeight> mentor = ubuntero from approved state
19:15 < eightyeight> +1 here
19:15 < JonReagan> +1, y'all.
19:15 < pleia2> =1
19:15 < Flannel> +1
19:15 < nhaines> Ubuntero is no longer an active term.  Ubuntero == Signed the CoC?
19:15 < eightyeight> yeah
19:15 < pleia2> nhaines: yes
19:15 < nhaines> +1
19:15 < chuckf> +1 if there is consensus from one other state member
19:15 < nhaines> thanks.
19:15 < boredandblogging> +1
19:16 < pleia2> chuckf: I think these would be base requirements, board can review mentor applicants
19:16 < JonReagan> that sounds good to me
19:16 < chuckf> k
19:17 < JonReagan> good stuff.
19:17 < eightyeight> ok. with that, let's table the rest. when should we hold the next meet?
19:17 < JonReagan> for the board?
19:17   <   franklin!n=franklin@211-74-251-30.adsl.dynamic.seed.net.tw ["Ex-Chat"]
19:17 < eightyeight> no. the team
19:17 < pleia2> 2 weeks?
19:17 < eightyeight> yeah. i like that
19:17 < pleia2> or 1?
19:17 < JonReagan> feb 5th
19:17   >>> calimer--!n=calimer@cpe-67-242-200-126.nycap.res.rr.com
19:17 < JonReagan> is 2 weeks out
19:17 < eightyeight> no holidays or anything...
19:18 < pleia2> feb 5th is fine with me
19:18 < eightyeight> same time? earlier? later?
19:18 < JonReagan> this time is perfect for me
19:18 < Flannel> Can we move it to non-thursday?  M/W/F/S/N?
19:18 < chuckf> feb 5 I might be able to make it, shmoocon
19:18 < eightyeight> 4th?
19:18 < pleia2> I can't do 4th
19:18 < eightyeight> heh
19:19 < eightyeight> 6th?
19:19 < JonReagan> friday?  that's good for me
19:19 < pleia2> that's fine
19:19 < JonReagan> let's vote.
19:19 < chuckf> shmoocon through the 8th for me
19:19 < JonReagan> who's up for Friday the 6th?
19:19 < eightyeight> i'm good
19:19 < Flannel> +1
19:19 < pleia2> +1
19:20 < eightyeight> time? 8pm est?
19:20 < JonReagan> works for me
19:20 < chuckf> If I'm here I'm here.
19:20 < pleia2> +1
19:20 < nhaines> +1
19:20 < Flannel> +1
19:20 < eightyeight> cool
19:20 < antdedyet> +1
19:21 < eightyeight> i have a log of the meet. i'll post it to the wiki tonight, and update it with the new meeting date/time
19:21 < JonReagan> awesome
19:21   ChanServ sets +o pleia2
19:21   >>> topic changed by pleia2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams | US Teams Mentoring Project | Ask questions, get help with your state LoCo here | Next Meeting: Feb 6, 8pm EST | Official Ubuntu Store Now in the US! http://usshop.ubuntu.com/
19:21   pleia2 sets -o pleia2
19:21 < eightyeight> thx everyone for coming
19:22 < JonReagan> sure... but before you run, when do you want to get together as the board?
19:22 < Flannel> JonReagan: Feb 6, 8pm...
19:22 < JonReagan> I thought that was for the team (either way is good)
19:22 < eightyeight> yeah. let's keep it the same as the other meet
19:22 < eightyeight> no sense i think in doing a separate meet really
19:22 < Flannel> JonReagan: I don't see (but I may be blind) a reason to have separate ones
19:23 < eightyeight> JonReagan: pleia2: just bone up on what teams are active and what aren't. whether or not they're approved couldn't hurt too. shouldn't take too much
19:23 < JonReagan> I thought that was what we were setting up earlier, but I just misunderstood.  See you all on the 6th! :)
19:24 < JonReagan> will do, I'll start working on the list
19:24   pleia2 nods
19:24 < pleia2> JonReagan: can you work on it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/TeamList so we can all keep up with each others progress?
19:24 < JonReagan> sure
19:25 < JonReagan> what do you want me to do... just thinking we can avoid double duty
19:25 < chuckf> take care
19:25   <   chuckf!n=chuck@ubuntu/member/chuckf ["Quitting this place"]
19:25 < JonReagan> maybe mark if I have checked it, etc?  take on A-L and you take M-Z (or however it breaks down)
19:26 < pleia2> something like that is fine
19:26 < Flannel> spinlocks!
19:26   Flannel hides.
19:26 < Flannel> Ooh, does this mean you're going to be interviewing all the LoCo leaderish people?
19:27 < pleia2> interviewing seems so invasive :)
19:27 < JonReagan> those that seem to be silent... IRC logs, mailing lists, forums, wiki, etc,
19:27 < Flannel> I'll just have to make sure I set our channel +m during that time, so nhaines can't tell you all the horrible things I make him do.
19:27 < pleia2> lol
19:27   <   calimer-!n=calimer@cpe-67-242-200-126.nycap.res.rr.com [Connection timed out]
19:27 < JonReagan> we will offer to help, if they need it I am sure they will take it
19:27 < pleia2> I think first pass through will be a more passive examination of activity
19:28 < JonReagan> pleia2:  why don't we start on those that are new, maybe contact the leaders, introduce ourselves... see how they are doing?
19:29 < Yasumoto> yeah, Flannel really cracks the whip :(
19:29 < JonReagan> yeah, no need to talk to a team which has everything rolling along... those with 3 members, well, they need some advice ;)
19:29 < pleia2> JonReagan: yeah, I think that's a good idea
19:29   antdedyet signs up for team mentorship right away for the Alabama Team... :)
19:29 < pleia2> but maybe first do a quick review of them all
19:30 < pleia2> then we can see if it's the ones with "3" that need help, or the ones with 10 (just so we use our resources properly)
19:30 < JonReagan> k, maybe take on a chunk, develop a list of suspiciously quiet teams
19:30   pleia2 nods
19:30   JonReagan pulls up the list
19:31 < JonReagan> there are quite a few new teams
19:31 < pleia2> I am not positive about the accuracy of that map
19:31 < boredandblogging> match with LoCoTeamList
19:32 < JonReagan> ah, I was reading the list
19:32 < Flannel> That map has been outdated for at least two years.
19:32 < JonReagan> LoCoTeamList, I mean
19:32 < pleia2> ah ok
19:32 < boredandblogging> LoCoTeamList should be accurate
19:33 < JonReagan> looks like there 32 "new" teams
19:33 < JonReagan> we can break it up 16-16
19:33 < JonReagan> to cut down on the work
19:33 < pleia2> yeah
19:34 < Flannel> Mmmm, you may want to check on the approved teams as well.  Hopefully nothing will be wrong... but you never know (also shouldn't take long to check approved teams)
19:35 < JonReagan> k... well, I can take care of the first 16, and you the last according to the list here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/TeamList
19:35 < JonReagan> Flannel:  good point
19:35 < JonReagan> shouldn't take long to check them
19:35 < JonReagan> I'll sweep by their sites, forums, etc. and see where they are at
19:35 < pleia2> JonReagan: works for me
19:36 < pleia2> so a list of things to check: mailing list activity, forums activity, irc activity
19:36 < JonReagan> do you want to communicate via email so we can both combine the lists we come up with?
19:36 < pleia2> JonReagan: yeah
19:36 < JonReagan> yeah, just the basic stuff
19:36 < pleia2> and whether they have all these things or not
19:36 < JonReagan> cool, mine is jreagan1990ATgmail.com
19:37 < JonReagan> yeah, hopefully they all have these things
19:37 < JonReagan> ;)
19:37 < pleia2> JonReagan: lyz@ubuntu.com
19:37 < JonReagan> great!  thx
19:39 < JonReagan> well, I'll get working on that tomorrow... I have to run.  thanks so much everyone for coming to the meeting!
19:39 < pleia2> thanks JonReagan :)
19:39 < JonReagan> np, talk to you later!

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