Log for US Teams Meeting on August 16th 2010

17:01 < pleia2> ok, who all is here for our meeting?
17:01 < paultag> I'll be back in time for the meeting
17:01 < pleia2> heh
17:01 < Flannel> paultag apparently isn't :)
17:01 < pleia2> goofball
17:01 < ethana2> does he know what time zone he's in?
17:01 < pleia2> it's hard to say                                                                                                                            
17:01 < pleia2> ;)                                                                                                                                          
17:02 < pleia2> ok, so our agenda is here and only has one item on it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Meetings
17:03 < paultag> I'm here. Sorry, computer died
17:03 < paultag> I had a spare :)
17:03  * pleia2 adds one more
17:03 < pleia2> wb paultag
17:03 < paultag> ty pleia2 :)
17:03 < pleia2> so, first agenda item: Ubuntu US Website over at ubuntu-us.org
17:04 < pleia2> john crawford helped me put this together earlier last year (on drupal5 in hardy)
17:04 < pleia2> since then we've discussed a few things that have made the team want to switch to wordpress
17:04 < pleia2> 1. The site is a blog, drupal is slightly overkill
17:04 < pleia2> 2. Drupal uses more resources RAM-wise than the server likes (wordpress is less intensive)
17:05 < pleia2> 3. Our contributors are in general more comfortable with submitting articles via wordpress, drupal's workflow is a bit complicated
17:06 < pleia2> so a couple months ago I put together a draft of what our new ubuntu-us.org on wordpress might look like, and have worked with a couple people to get it to a sorta final state, which you can check out here: http://us.rainwreck.com
17:07 < pleia2> I want to push this along now because I need to upgrade the server from hardy for a couple of reasons, and lucid no longer has drupal5 and I don't want to bother to upgrade to drupal6 if we're going with WP anyway
17:07 < pleia2> the plan: move http://us.rainwreck.com into production at the ubuntu-us.org address within the next couple days
17:07 < pleia2> comments? concerns?
17:08 < ethana2> is wordpress Free?
17:08 < pleia2> yep
17:08 < pleia2> wordpress.org
17:08 < ethana2> i'm good with it :)
17:09 < pleia2> thanks ethana2 :)
17:10 < pleia2> well, since this has been posted to the list for a few weeks and no one has complained there either, I think this is a go
17:10 < pleia2> there are some nifty widgets on the drupal site (showing latest planet feeds, for instance) that I'm going to try to find WP plugins for
17:10 < pleia2> if anyone else has ideas for additions, please speak up, or if you want to help out, etc
17:11 < paultag> I'm here to help, but I can't take lead :)
17:11 < pleia2> ok, good, I need helpers
17:12 < pleia2> now, I added another agenda item: Article Ideas?
17:12 < pleia2> akgraner has been awesome about getting me team lead interviews over the past several months
17:12 < pleia2> I've been writing posts here and there
17:12 < pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Articles is a brainstorm page for more
17:13 < Flannel> pleia2: How handy
17:13 < pleia2> mostly this is a reminder that we need articles, and if you have ideas to add them to the wiki page or give me a nudge
17:14 < pleia2> yeah, we've got some good ideas up there
17:14 < pleia2> we also like highlighting (and contributing back!) to existing wiki pages, for example: http://ubuntu-us.org/?q=node/14369
17:15 < pleia2> so if you stumble upon a greal loco wiki page, please feel free to write a little note about it for a ubuntu-us.org entry and either send it to me or ask to be added as an author on ubuntu-us.org (I'll pretty much add anyone here)
17:16  * pleia2 wonders if his spare computer died
17:18 < rww> o/
17:18 < pleia2> anyway, that's all from me, anyone else have anything meeting wise?
17:18 < pleia2> hey rww
17:18 < Flannel> rww: Are you raising your hand to speak? or to greet?
17:19 < rww> greet. someone needs to write a o/ disambiguation standard :(
17:19 < pleia2> +1
17:19 < rww> Although the Wordpress theme looks nice, if I now have to say something useful.
17:19 < Flannel> hah
17:19 < pleia2> thanks for the feedback, much appreciated
17:20 < pleia2> I even made sure it uses the proper orange!
17:20 < rww> It's ubuntuy without being too ubuntu.comy, which I like :)
17:21 < pleia2> yeah, me too
17:21 < pleia2> it was suggested to use the website theme, but clones of ubuntu.com are boring to me
17:22 < ethana2> pleia2: the ubuntu nebraska site background is the sky according to the time of day in Nebraska :D
17:22 < pleia2> it probably makes more sense for non-english teams, since their ubuntu-country site is frequently the main their-language site for ubuntu
17:23 < pleia2> ethana2: nice!
17:24 < pleia2> http://ubuntunebraska.info/ I like that it's so uncluttered, very easy to get where you're going
17:25 < pleia2> alright, well if there is nothing else I think we can officially wrap up the meeting :)
17:26 < pleia2> I'll post to the list once the wordpress ubuntu-us.org goes live, but it'll be either tonight (depends on how alive I feel after running some errands ;)) or sometime in the next couple of days
17:26 < Flannel> pleia2: Do we have a date for our next meeting?
17:27 < pleia2> Flannel: not yet, I'm going to talk with dantalizing and see if this meeting time (3rd Monday of the month) works ok for him
17:27 < Flannel> pleia2: Alright
17:27 < pleia2> thanks for asking, I'd like to get back on a monthly cycle
17:28 < pleia2> thanks everyone, and please let me know if you want to help out with articles, we always need help (and ideas! and inspiration!)

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