Brief introduction to the team, meeting, and theme if possible.

Team Page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams
Meeting Log: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Meetings/IRCLogs/2009-06-02
Meeting Chair: Elizabeth Krumbach
Meeting Minutes by: Elizabeth Krumbach

Agenda Items

The following agendas were proposed for this meeting:

  • Planet
    • theme update
    • pro-active approach to contributions
  • Upcoming articles?
  • Any interest in -US cluster?


The following were present during this meeting:

  • pleia2
  • MTecknology
  • dantalizing
  • rihanh1


  • Planet
    • MTecknology mentioned he could work to develop a new planet module for 5.x but it was felt that our current Canonical hosted planet is working fine for us
      • Quickly outlined what needed to be done for current planet, dantalizing volunteered to take a look at the template code and make some adjustments, pleia2 to email templates
  • The global LoCo meeting was mentioned, they are working to find a way to make it easier for all teams to share info about their events, our planet works well for that within the US but does not keep a record - only events from the past few months are listed

    • Hoping in the future the fridge could be a more useful outlet for contributions
    • Are there any other states in the country with RSS feeds that we aren't including on the planet?
  • Upcoming articles
    • pleia2 has one drafted, needs to talk to johnc4510 about how we're putting articles on the website
    • another article: how important it is to document your loco events
  • rihanh1 proposed that the USTeams maintain a checklist of things a team should do
  • boredandblogging (in absentia) was interested in our current thoughts about the US Teams Cluster idea he proposed

    • Interesting, exciting and useful idea!
    • We currently lack the momentum nationwide and volunteers to accomplish such a task, should probably be shelved for now


  • pleia2 will send dantalizing the planet templates
  • pleia2 will do an audit of current teams to see if she can find more teams with RSS feeds for the planet
  • rihanh1 and pleia2 will work on generalized administriva page for the team
  • We're not ready for a US Teams Cluster at this time

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