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Thank you for choosing Ubuntu Linux.

As Ubuntu is installing, we invite you to explore the many possibilities that it offers to you. It is our hope that Ubuntu will enable you to use empowering technology on your computer (and have fun while doing it!).

Let us know about your Ubuntu Experience at!

Ubuntu is built to be safe. Please, feel free to explore!

Getting to know your desktop

Ubuntu's desktop is configured by default to be both easy to use and practical.

The Panels at the top and bottom of your screen keep a List of your Open Programs, the Main Menu, the Clock and more.

The Work Space Switcher makes sure that you can do what you want, when you want, with the Notification System making sure that you are always aware of what is happening on your system.

Browse the web seamlessly with Firefox

Ubuntu comes with Firefox 3, the latest web browser from Mozilla. Firefox has quickly become one of the most popular and useful web browsers and is used on millions of computers worldwide. With this version of Firefox, browsing is a smooth, safe and fun experience.

Experience a consistent appearance across platforms. With Firefox 3 being the most standards compliant Firefox so far, web pages can be rich, beautiful and intelligent.

Browse the web your way with Firefox

Every Ubuntu user is different, that's why there are thousands of add-ons for Firefox. You can customise the web browser for your every need.

Never have to worry when browsing on the internet, with a built in pop-up blocker & anti-phishing filter, frequent security updates, and a thriving development team, there has never been a safer way to get the information you need.

Relive Memories with F-Spot Photo Manager

Ubuntu comes with F-Spot Photo Manager – a terrific utility to manage all of your photos. Plug in your mobile-phone or camera and discover a really easy way to display, organise, edit and share your photos.

Adjust colour, remove red-eye or make them artistic... F-Spot comes with built-in, easy to use tools to touch up your photos and make memories crystal clear.

Never get lost in your photo collection again, F-Spot comes with tools like the Photo Timeline or the Tagging tool so you can find a picture in seconds.

Accessibility in Ubuntu

At the core of the Ubuntu philosophy is the belief that computing is for everyone and access should be free and complete whatever your economic or physical circumstances.

Our fantastic developers have included a range of assistive technologies that make Ubuntu one of the most accessible desktop operating systems around.

Whether you require slow key support, magnification, braille support or more, we have you covered.

Ubuntu speaks fluently

Ubuntu is available in many different languages. It is a simple as selecting your language in our Language Support tool and the necessary files are downloaded and ready for you as soon as you next log on.

Ubuntu's translations are contributed by our generous users. If you notice any errors or omissions, or wish to add a language to Ubuntu, feel free to help out at

Ubuntu, making you more productive

The clock in Ubuntu does more than tell the time.

It integrates seamlessly with Evolution Calendar to remind you of upcoming events or important tasks so you never miss an important meeting again.

For communicating across time zones, unfold the Locations section to find out exactly what time it is and even what the weather is like anywhere around the globe.

Take control of your inbox with Evolution

Evolution is the fully-featured email, calendar, task and contact sharing program that comes with Ubuntu. It can connect with your online email service, presenting your messages regardless of your location.

Send and receive emails with rich formatting to communicate with others even more efficiently. With the comprehensive mail filters and the inbuilt search functionality that important email is never lost.

Keep up to date with Pidgin IM

Pidgin IM is the extremely popular open source instant messaging tool.

It has all the basic functions you know and love such as file transfers, away messages, buddy icons and custom smilies but with numerous plugins also extending Pidgin's functionality above and beyond.

Supporting a wide range of instant messaging protocols, such as AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, QQ, Lotus Sametime, MySpaceIM ... and more! Pidgin will make sure that you are never a second behind the action.

OpenOffice - Office tools at your fingertips provides all of the functionality you expect from a powerful office application and in an easy to use format that you will get to grips with very quickly.

Whether you need to type a letter, create a presentation, calculate using a spreadsheet, store data in a database or even create mathematical formulae, will have you covered; always keeping compatible with the formats that your friends, colleagues and clients are using.

Watch and listen on Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes with Rhythmbox, a music player, one of many choices for playing your music. It is a music player that enables you to plug in your MP3 player, download and share music, access rights-free music stores, share albums across networks and stream live radio.

With Movie Player, you can watch streamed content from the BBC, YouTube and other sources. Movie Player will automatically download additional software that may be needed to play a media file so you can concentrate on what matters.

Ubuntu speaks fluently

Ubuntu is available in many different languages. It is a simple as selecting your language in our Language Support tool and the necessary files are downloaded and ready for you as soon as you next log on.

Ubuntu's translations are contributed by our generous users. If you notice any errors or omissions, or wish to add a language to Ubuntu, feel free to help out at

Installing additional software

There is already a ton of software ready for you after installing Ubuntu, but we understand that you will want to download additional applications to add additional functionality. That's why we have thousands of up-to-date, carefully polished, free software packages in our repositories ready for you to use.

Using the Add/Remove application, you can search for a particular piece of software or browse through the carefully filtered software categories. In a click, your new applications are ready to be used.

Installing additional software

While we try to include a lot of popular software in the Ubuntu repositories, there is no way we could keep up-to-date with the thousands of new pieces of software being created every day.

That is why it is not difficult to install third-party software that is not included in the official Ubuntu repositories (make sure it is from reputable source though!).

For a more advanced tool to manage your Ubuntu packages, look for the Synaptic Package Manager.

Make Ubuntu yours

We recognise that once you install Ubuntu on your computer, it is your own installation which is why we make it very easy to configure Ubuntu to your likes, needs and preferences.

Whether you want to change the theme, font, mouse cursor or more, Ubuntu has all the necessary tools installed and ready for you to use. The arrangement, appearance and settings of your desktop are only a short click away...

Getting Help with Ubuntu

We have really only scratched the surface of what Ubuntu is and so if there was anything that you didn't understand, a plethora of helpful documentation is included with Ubuntu for you.

There are also various online support resources such as or, with users helping people just like you.

The installation is finishing soon, so finally we want to thank you for installing Ubuntu and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy using it!

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