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The content is in simple point form in the hopes that it will be easily remembered. It mainly focuses on the individual applications present in Ubuntu.


  • Thank you for choosing Ubuntu Linux.
  • While Ubuntu is installing, we invite you to explore your new operating system.
  • Let us know about your Ubuntu Experience at!
  • Ubuntu is built to be safe. Feel free to explore!

Browse the web with Firefox

  • Ubuntu comes with Firefox 3, one of the most popular and useful web browsers in the world.
  • Firefox keeps you safe by blocking pop-ups and warning about malware.
  • You can download add-ons that adapt Firefox to your personal requirements.

Relive Memories with F-Spot Photo Manager

  • F-Spot makes it easy to display, organise, edit and share all your photos.
  • Import files from your phone and export them to Flickr.
  • Find a picture in seconds with tagging and timelines.
  • Make memories crystal clear by adjusting the colour, removing red-eye or adding effects.

Accessibility in Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu makes computing easy whatever your circumstances.
  • A range of assistive technologies make Ubuntu one of the most accessible operating systems around.
  • We have you covered whether you want slow key support, magnification, braille or more.

Ubuntu speaks fluently

  • Ubuntu is available in many different languages.
  • Simply select your language in Language Support Administration
  • Ubuntu's translations are contributed by our generous users. Feel free to help out at

Control your digital life with Evolution

  • Use Evolution for email, calendar, tasks and contact sharing.
  • Comprehensive mail filters and search tools make managing your mail a breeze.
  • Calendar events show up in the system clock, so you never miss an important meeting.

Keep in contact with Pidgin IM

  • Pidgin IM is Ubuntu's instant messaging tool.
  • Pidgin connects to all the major IM networks, so you only ever need to learn one interface.
  • Plugins let you adapt Pidgin to your personal requirements.

OpenOffice - Office tools at your fingertips

  • is a powerful office application that you can start using very quickly.

  • creates letters, presentations and spreadsheets, as well as drawings and databases.

  • keeps you compatible with your friends, no matter what office software they use.

Watch and listen on Ubuntu

  • Movie Player makes it easy to play a huge variety of formats, including streamed content from the BBC, YouTube and other sources.

  • Rhythmbox Music Player helps you share music with your friends, listen to Internet radio or download Creative Commons music.
  • Rhythmbox also manages your Podcast subscriptions and connects to your MP3 player, so you can listen to your music on the go.

Installing additional software

  • Use Add/Remove... to install and uninstall thousands of approved applications from our online repositories.
  • The Ubuntu community makes sure these packages are polished and virus-free to make your life easier and safer.
  • Regular updates keep you up-to-date when improvements and new versions become available.

Getting Help with Ubuntu

  • All this is just the beginning!
  • Ask your questions at, where advanced users help people just like you.
  • The installation will finish soon, we hope that you enjoy using Ubuntu!

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