Basic Ideas

If you have any new ideas or found something missing feel, free to update this page.

Form of the event

  • Virtual(online) event
  • Pre-recorded and uploaded videos will be streamed with YouTube Premieres on scheduled time.

    • YouTube Premiere shows uploaded video in live streaming form.

    • Mainland China region would need alternative that provides similar feature
  • Session languages choice
    • Allow both Local Language and English for speakers
      • Requires English subtitle works for non-English session, So that much more people can understand
      • Subtitle for English spoken session and translating English subtitle to Local language will be optional for each LoCos based on each LoCo's resource status.

    • Just English Only
      • This would be easy, But We can't bring those no confident with English. (Some LoCos hesitate to join because they think they are not good enough at English)

Event scale

  • Not defined yet. Needs discussions.
  • Expected scale
    • 8 regions (current)
    • 3(min)~6(max) session for each region
    • 1~2 keynotes(Max 2)
    • Max numbers of sessions = number of regions * maximum session numbers for each region
      • (8 * 6) + 2 = Max 50 sessions expected
    • Minimum numbers of sessions = (8 * 3) + 1 = 25

Session video standards

  • Need discussion. It should be optimized for YouTube

  • Resolution: 1920*1080(1080p), 1280*720(720p)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Working with subtitle


  • Require all speakers to submit their script for presentation with session video.
    • It's to reduce volunteer's subtitle work. and to use it for correcting auto generated subtitles. Speaker knows exactly what speaker said.
    • Script content should be exactly same as what speaker said on the video.
    • Timestamp not required. scripts will be used to correct machine generated subtitles.

Sessions with local language

  • Auto generate subtitle with online subtitle generation tool
    • See list of tools below section for auto-generate subtitle
  • Volunteers or hired workers compare with provided script and fix/improve subtitle
  • Translate improved subtitle into English with machine translator
  • Volunteers or hired workers fix and improve machine-translated subtitle

Session with English

  • Just auto-generate with one of automation tools on the list below.
  • Compare with provided script, Fix/improve generated subtitle

Translating English subtitle into Local language (Optional)

  • Since all video will at least have English subtitle, translate that English subtitle into Local language.
  • Use machine translator to translate into Local language first, then fix and improve by hand.
  • This is optional, each LoCo(or Local event team) decide to whether translate into their language based on their resource status.

Automatic caption(subtitle) generation tools

What we need to prepare

  • Core organizers
    • 2~4 people for each region
  • Volunteers
    • Video editing
    • Translating
    • Writing subtitles
    • Marketing
  • Speakers
  • Conference website - under construction

    • Github Pages
    • address
    • event timeline info
    • session timetable and details
    • Sponsors information
  • YouTube channel for releasing contents

  • Logo

Timeline Ideas

Any suggestions for schedules welcome

2020.10.27 ~ 2021.01.31

Gather core organizers for each region (2~3 people)

2021.02.01 ~ 2021.04.30 (3 months estimated)

Calling for papers(CFP), Gather volunteers

? ~ ?

Review and adopt CFPs, notify adopted speakers

? ~ ?

Record and submit session videos

? ~ ?

Edit videos, create translations and subtitles for each videos

? ~ ?

Review session videos, plan session timetables

? ~ ?

Upload videos and set release time

2021 Q3 or Q4 1~2days

Release videos via YouTube premiere

? ~ ?

Gather feedbacks

Session topics

  • Local Community
    • LoCo activities under COVID-19 pandemic

  • Desktop
    • Ubuntu flavours
  • Server, Cloud, Containers
  • DevOps

  • IoT
  • AI/ML
  • WSL(Windows Subsystem for Linux)
  • i18n, l10n
    • Fonts, Input Methods
  • Security

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