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Meeting minutes for 2021-02-17


2021-02-17 22:00 ~ 24:00 KST On Eventyay video call


  • Chair: Hong Phuc Dang(SG)
  • Note taker: Gunyoung Yoon(KR)
  • Youngbin Han(KR)
  • RJ Hsiao (TW)
  • Rohit Man Amatya (NP)
  • Sartika Lestari (ID)
  • Fumihito Yoshida(JP)
  • Robbi Nespu (MY)


New members

  • Rohit
  • Robbi
  • Ravi

Updates from teams

  • Coordination team
    • Created a fixed agenda for all meetings
    • Organized the notes
    • Published meeting notes on the Wiki
  • Marketing Team
    • Sartika designed logo for Ubucon Asia 2021
    • Hong Phuc created twitter account (@ubuconasia)
    • Hong Phuc set up CFP https://eventyay.com/e/75ac7f83/cfs

    • Sartika created the facebook fanpage (Ubucon Asia)
    • Sartika working on promotion template
  • Technical team
    • Khairul (fenris) purchased ubucon.asia and Youngbin set up address with that domain
    • www.ubucon.asia
    • https://2021.ubucon.asia

  • Sponsorship team
    • No update
  • Content team
    • No update

Action items from last meeting

  • Hong Phuc: Setup CFP and share access
    • Done
  • Hong Phuc: Create Google drive shared directory
    • Done
  • Sartika: Set up trello.
    • Done
  • Youngbin: Invite volunteers to join different dedicated teams
    • Done
  • Youngbin: Set up mailing list(contact address)
    • Done. Google Group based email is all set.
    • But we need domain-connected email addresses too. (see below)

Topics for discussion

  • Which time zone to advertise?
    • Asia/Korean Time (GMT+9)
  • Feedback on the Call for Speakers, specially the important time (Ex. due date of the CFS submission)
    • CFS Submission due date: 30th June
    • Submitted CFS review: A month
  • Contact email
    • We need Ubucon domain connected email. (Ex. for sponsorship, etc)
    • Budget problem when using custom domain email.
    • 1. we contact Liam, since he said he might be able to get the basic funding for this event.
    • 2. When we fail to get the basic funding, use yandex, since it gives 20? emails with custom domain
  • About the session formats & subtitles

    • There was no conclusion about this topic, and we only shared about the individual's ideas.
    • Tech team and content team should discuss and bring a draft idea for this.
    • Some ideas which was shared at the meeting
      • eventyay + YouTube streaming: since YouTube is blocked in China

      • Accepting Recorded / Live Session both seems good (Language: English / Local language w/ English subtitles)
      • Consider using GCP's features(Ex. Speech to Text API, Translation API)
      • Using Tex2Voice services

      • Translations by LoCo Teams and volunteers

Action Items

  • Hong Phuc: provide twitter for members
  • Each Team: List the tasks for each team and share at the next meeting
  • Tech / Content Team: Discuss about the session format and subtitles, and prepare a draft about it to share everyone.
  • Content Team: Enter your contact information on the google spreadsheet(URL)
  • Sponsorship Team: Contact Liam, for the basic funding to start with.
  • Hong Phuc: Provide access to eventyay to content team
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Jeremy Cheng: Next meeting note taker - Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting
  • Next meeting: 2020-03-03 22:00 KST

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