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Meeting minutes for 2021-05-12



  • 2021-05-12 22:00 ~ 24:00 UTC+9
  • Text chat meeting on telegram


  • Chair: Youngbin Han - KR
  • Note taker: Hong Phuc Dang (Not present)
  • Fumihito Yoshida - JP
  • Rohit Man Amatya - NP
  • Liam Zheng - CN
  • Ravi Bhattarai- NP


  • Updates from teams
  • Action items from last meeting
  • Topics for discussions

New members


Updates from teams

  • Coordination team:
    • Done same thing as usual. Scheduling and preparing meeting, publishing meeting notes on wiki
    • Published partner community brochure on website and social media
    • KLAS(Indonesia) and WSL Korea User Group will join as our partner
  • Marketing Team
    • Marketing team has published a CFS announcement on our website and our social media.
  • Technical team
    • No updates to share.
  • Sponsorship team
    • Reviewed and finalized sponsorship packages details and brochure.
    • Published the brochure and announcement on web and social media.
  • Content team
    • None present at this meeting.

Action items from last meeting

  • DONE MY LoCo Teams: Add Local Language session information(Refer spreadsheet above)

  • DONE ID, NP, CN LoCo Teams: Add budget information (If need any, add to the budget draft)

  • DONE Fumihito: Share logo for Japanese Team with dark font
  • DONE Content Team: Discuss about virtual booths with video calls (until May 5th)
  • DONE Content Team: Confirmation of the sponsorship document's page 11
  • DONE Content team: Prepare CFS announcement until May 5th
  • Tech Team: Bring some more results on Google speech to text
  • DONE Jeremy Cheng: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • DONE Jeremy Cheng: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • DONE Youngbin Han: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)
  • DONE Next meeting: 2020-05-12 22:00 UTC+9

Topics for discussion

  • Casting(contacting) potential speakers from each local team
    • Sharing and spreading might not enough for gathering enough number of speakers.
  • Opening session: 2 minutes intro video for each host community
  • Gathering sponsorship
    • Ubuntu Community fund - time to submit our application.
      • fund application form: amount required - amount of sponsor package amount or total amount of our budget plan?

Action Items

  • Hong Phuc Dang: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Hong Phuc Dang: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)
  • Next meeting: 2020-05-26 22:00 UTC+9
  • Each local team: Contact(or cast) potential speakers and encourage them to join.(1~2 people for each team. until CFS ends)
  • Liam, RJ, Youngbin
    • Contact other event team who got “ubuntu” as sponsor and ask details about it
      • Whether it’s from community fund or direct sponsorship

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