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Meeting minutes for 2021-05-26



2021-05-26 22:00 ~ 24:00 UTC+9

  • Text chat meeting on telegram


  • Chair: Hong Phuc Dang
  • Note taker: Gunyoung Yoon (KR)
  • Hong Phuc Dang
  • Youngbin Han (KR)
  • Rohit Man Amatya (NP)
  • Sartika Lestari (ID)
  • Yudhi Satrio (ID)
  • Ko Ko Ye (MM)
  • Koala Yeung (HK)
  • Robbi (MY)


  • Updates from teams
  • Action items from last meeting
  • Topics for discussions

New members


Updates from teams

  • Coordination team
    • New Partner(s) - 2
      • WSLHUB (South Korea)
      • KLAS (Indonesia)
    • In Contact
      • OpenStack Korea (South Korea) - will submit partner form soon

  • Marketing Team
  • Technical team
    • Tried remotion.dev for creating video templates
      • https://github.com/ubucon-asia/2021-video-template

      • Using this, we can simple create a video session covers by modifying params.json and running commands on CLI
      • Hong Phuc Dang suggested having a separate session(meeting) for sharing tool’s usage (Added to the Action Item)
  • Sponsorship team
    • Updates from Canonical (by Liam)
      • Forwarded sponsorship doc, and waiting for the reply
    • Prepared contact list for potential sponsors
    • Wrote some email templates for proposing sponsorship
      • and sent out some, but no reply yet (Except Canonical)
    • Trying to contact Samsung via Youngbin’s private connection
    • Hong Phuc Dang shared VMware contact (done)
  • Content team
    • 8 Speakers submitted
    • Indonesian subtitle generator looks good but still needs modification

Action items from last meeting

  • Hong Phuc Dang: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse (Done)
  • Hong Phuc Dang: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting (Done)
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker) (Done)
  • Each local team: Contact(or cast) potential speakers and encourage them to join.(1~2 people for each team. until CFS ends)
  • Liam, RJ, Youngbin (Done)
    • Contact other event team who got “ubuntu” as sponsor and ask details about it
      • Whether it’s from community fund or direct sponsorship
    • Youngbin asked Ubucon Sintra team
      • They said to contact Monica(Ubuntu community representative) and Claire(Mark's secretary) before submitting a fund request form

Topics for discussion

  • Gathering speakers / Session ideas for host communities & ubuntu LoCos

  • Share potential speaker status from each local team
  • Ideas
  • Gathering sponsorship
    • Reach out to companies that sponsor similar conference like Linux App Summit or previous UbuCon

    • What will happen if we don't get any sponsorship?
      • No swags
      • No subtitles
      • Video work all done by hand manually
      • promo on social media done by hand manually(no social media ads)
      • organizers may need spend their own money
    • Announcing about a donation ticket in the discourse, mailing list etc
      • Donation ticker buyers’ name will go on the event website
      • Try to develop a Batch system for creating a PR
      • if fails, add people’s name by hang typing (Gunyoung)

Action Items

  • Hung Phuc Dang: Setup a donation ticket on our eventyay page
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Publish meeting minutes on Ubuntu wiki and discourse
  • Gunyoung Yoon: Next meeting chair - prepare and invite people to next meeting
  • Youngbin Han: Prepare meeting minutes for next meeting (Note taker)
  • Tech team: Schedule seperate session about react remotion usage guideline
  • Next meeting: 2020-06-09 22:00 UTC+9

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