• Date: 24 July 2021
  • Participants: Youngbin Han, Hong Phuc Dang, Sartika Lestari, Rohit Man Amatya


  • Timeline
  • Align on speaker flow and speaker communication
  • Select the talks
  • Create a program structure for the 2 days.


  • Deadline for reviewers: 28 July
  • Speaker Notification: 30 July
  • Publish Schedule: Mid August
  • Schedule announcement: Mid August
  • Deadline to submit recorded videos:
    • Video work schedules
      • Pre-recorded session video submission deadline
        • Soft deadline: Aug 24
        • Final deadline: Aug 31
    • Only give some more time for those who lost at the last minute to submit a video.
    • Subtitle deadline
      • Soft deadline: up to each translator team
      • final deadline: September 23
  • Speaker test call: September 13 - 17
  • Final deadline to upload videos on Youtube: Sep 23

Content Team Tasks

  • Formulate acceptance/rejection email -> Tika

    • Email 1: Acceptance message: ask them to confirm their participation, deadline to upload video, how to upload, agree that their material will share under CC
    • Email 2: Rejected message: thank you, can’t accept but hope to see them
  • Send out email to speakers (Hong Phuc and Tika through eventyay)
  • Prepare public announcement on schedule -> Youngbin

  • Decide how to collect videos from speakers
    • Ask people to upload on their own storage (Primary, prefered)
    • Send url to download to content@ubucon.asia

    • Offer a link with instruction how people can upload if they don’t have own storage (Rohit)
  • Review the videos and forward the videos to technical team (distributed among the content team)
  • Upload the final videos on Youtube (unlisted) (Distributed among tech team)

Selection of talks

  • YES: Ubuntu (Linux) related talks have priority + also accept some other open source topics if relevant., personal project not related to company, community partner 1 talk only
  • NO: proprietary, ads, corporate speakers who speak about corporate open source products

Schedule structure

Youngbin and HP will prepare a draft and share with the group

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