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Session ideas

For those who want to submit proposal, but don't really have no idea. You can see below example topics to brainstorm and bring some your own topic ideas. Please note that those are just examples. Choosing session topic is totally up to you.


  • Packaging flutter app with snapcraft
  • Configuring ubuntu desktop for web development
  • Integrating Active Directory tenant with Ubuntu Desktop
  • Comparing Active Directory on Ubuntu Desktop and Windows
  • Installing ubuntu on Samsung, LG, MS Surface, MacBook, ... etc, laptops: things to consider

  • Ubuntu Desktop on Raspberry Pi / Ubuntu Desktop on ARM
  • Playing games from Steam on Ubuntu

Cloud, Infrastructure, Server

  • Ubuntu server as k8s GPU node
  • Edge k8s cluster with Ubuntu and Microk8s
  • Optimizing container image
  • Running package mirror server for ubuntu
  • Operating package mirror(or container registry) on intranet
  • Ubuntu Server with ARM processor

Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)

  • Ubuntu on WSL interop with Powershell commands
  • Develop Ubuntu GUI app on WSL
  • Running IDEs on Ubuntu with WSLg: comparing with running same one on Windows
  • Working with containers on WSL environment
  • GPU workload with Ubuntu and WSL
  • Customizing Linux kernel for WSL

Localization(L10n)/Fonts/Input Methods

  • Ubuntu l10n workshop: from CoC signing, LP l10n team signup, to submitting translation.
  • Managing translation glossary
  • Non iBus IME compatibility with containerized apps(snap, flatpak, appimage)
  • State of CJK issues on Input methods
  • Rendering emojies
  • Broken font rendering for specific codepoint area
  • Localized remix version of Ubuntu from local communities

Internet of Things(IoT)/Embedded

  • Ubuntu Desktop on Raspberry Pi
  • Deploying updates to multiple IoT devices with snap and ubuntu core
  • Ubuntu and WSL for IoT/Embedded software development
  • ROS on Ubuntu
  • Setting up my own IoT Home Hub with Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu


  • FIDO Login on Ubuntu
  • Canonical livepatch(live kernel security patch)
  • Container image security
  • EOL coming for LTS installed server: upgrade or ESM?
  • Customizing Linux kernel for WSL
  • AppArmor on Ubuntu: Best practice


  • Configuring graphic driver for ML
  • Working with CUDA on Ubuntu
  • Developing AI/ML on Ubuntu
  • Configuring AI/ML libraries and development environment on Ubuntu

Community/Social Context

  • Community activities on COVID-19 pandemic
  • Running community election to elect new leader/organizers periodically.
  • How to run community actively with less sacrifice of organizers.
  • Running community in sustainable way
  • Engaging with new and young people to community
  • Encouraging new comers to become a long-term contributor and organizer
  • Co-working with Non-English contributors in Non-tech area
  • Breaking language barrier on international events for Non-English speakers


  • Ubuntu Desktop customization
  • Debian packaging + package distribution with launchpad PPA
  • Automate building Debian packaging with CI/CD
  • Snap packaging
  • Automate snap packaging with CI/CD
  • Creating a GPG Key + Signing and uploading Ubuntu Code of Conduct with it
  • Ubuntu translation workshop


  • Your own project that runs on Ubuntu
  • Good practices that Ubuntu can adopt from other linux distros

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