Meeting with Ubuntu desktop team for work on Unity 7.


  • About the Launcher rotation, Because of all kinds of things recently, The work moves slowly, so when is the deadline? and about move the Dash to bottom, any suggestion?
  • when the branch of lockscreen be merged?
  • what do canonical do recently, any plan about unity7, unity8, snappy, ubuntu core and so on? where to get the messages?
  • We will have a holiday from February 5th to February 15th.so next meeting may be February 18th.

Action Items from last meeting

  • Launcher rotation

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  • None

Meeting Log

[08:18] <hikiko> hello everybody!! Smile :)

[08:19] <handsome_feng> hi Smile :)

[08:19] <hikiko> I won't miss the meeting this time!! \m/ Big Grin :)

[08:20] <handsome_feng> yeah └(o)┘

[08:30] <handsome_feng> hi, meeting time

[08:31] <handsome_feng> welcome, marco

[08:35] <hikiko> hello

[08:35] <handsome_feng> seems there is someting wrong with his calendar Sad :(

[08:37] <hikiko> I told you!!!

[08:37] <handsome_feng> what ?

[08:39] <handsome_feng> let's waiting for marco?

[08:42] <hikiko> sure Smile :)

[08:43] <handsome_feng> and eleni, have you read the Agenda of this meeting ?

[08:47] * hikiko reads

[08:49] <handsome_feng> About the plan, Do you have some valuable information?

[08:50] <handsome_feng> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu%20Kylin/Meeting/2016/20160128#preview

[08:50] <hikiko> well I can tell you about the 3rd

[08:50] <handsome_feng> cool

[08:50] <hikiko> because andrea is the one who knows the most about lockscreen

[08:51] <hikiko> and marco is doing the launcher

[08:51] <hikiko> I added a feature on unity

[08:51] <hikiko> shadows for the shaped windows

[08:51] <hikiko> (those that are not rectangular for example oclock that is round etc)

[08:51] <hikiko> the gtk ones etc

[08:53] <hikiko> Now, we have a serious bug to fix in compiz/unity (performance related) but I don't know much about it yet we ll have a meeting with Will and he will explain us

[08:53] <hikiko> if you have something we could help

[08:54] <handsome_feng> seems those work have write in the blueprint of 1604?

[08:54] <hikiko> We didn't updated the blueprint yet I think

[08:56] <handsome_feng> ok...

[08:56] <hikiko> It was in Trello and should automatically go to launchpad I guess..

[08:56] <hikiko> I'll look at it Smile :)

[08:57] <handsome_feng> fine

[08:58] <handsome_feng> And do you know something about unity8 , ubuntu core ... ?

[08:59] <hikiko> not much, there was an email in the list at some point I think from willcooke maybe he knows better

[09:00] <hikiko> let me find it

[09:01] <handsome_feng> Fine, Think you !

[09:01] <handsome_feng> thank you ...

[09:01] <hikiko> mmm no it was an update on mir tasks

[09:01] <hikiko> I don't know Smile :)

[09:01] <hikiko> but maybe will knows

[09:02] <handsome_feng> ok , i think maybe i shout sent an e-mail to him Smile :)

[09:02] <hikiko> yes probably Smile :)

[09:03] <handsome_feng> hi, willcooke Smile :)

[09:03] <hikiko> hello willcooke Smile :)

[09:05] <handsome_feng> Is there anything new about the plan of 1604? eleni told me that the blueprint is out-of-date

[09:05] <hikiko> I updated it!

[09:05] <hikiko> a second ago... :p

[09:05] <handsome_feng> wow, cool !!

[09:10] <handsome_feng> And about the snap ? anything new ?

[09:13] <hikiko> I don't know Sad :(

[09:13] <handsome_feng> :)

[09:14] <handsome_feng> maybe marco will not come today Sad :(

[09:14] <hikiko> oh wait maybe he is travelling

[09:14] <hikiko> there's the fossdem in brussels

[09:17] <handsome_feng> oh, I really admire him, maybe i should call him next week

[09:18] <hikiko> Big Grin :)

[09:20] <handsome_feng> Do you have anything else ? eleni

[09:20] <hikiko> not really, do you need anything from me?

[09:21] <handsome_feng> not too, so maybe let's wrap up this meeting ?

[09:22] <hikiko> sure Smile :)

[09:22] <hikiko> have a nice rest of the day!

[09:22] <hikiko> and happy holidays Big Grin :)

[09:22] <handsome_feng> Thank you !!!! See you next year(chinese year) !!

[09:22] <hikiko> hahaha

[09:22] <hikiko> happy new chinese year!

[09:24] <handsome_feng> \o/ bye! eleni

[09:24] <hikiko> bb!

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