Establishing Ubuntu-Arabic Team

There has been some discussion on Ubuntu-tn],eg],sa],sd],lb] (The Arabic LoCo teams forums) about having one interface for Arabic support.

The current scenario for Arabic user who's looking for Arabic support is to post same question in all LoCo teams that speak Arabic language or post it to all of their mailing list, instead of that mess, we are proposing establishing a team that can handle Arabic support.

To solve this problem and after some discussion over some Arabic LoCo teams mailing lists lb] eg], sy] sd] ae] jo] we created Ubuntu-Arabic] team on LP and planning to do the following which is mostly a virtual tasks but hoping on creation a cross country conferences or gathering especially in Middle East as we speak same language and we are really close border wise.

What this team can do:

  • Ubuntu Arabic wiki
  • Ubuntu-Arabic mailing list
  • Ubuntu Arabic forum, which can be a sub-forum of Ubuntu-Forums or we can run our own under
  • Ubuntu-Arabic IRC channel on Freenode
  • Arabic questions on LP answers.

Of course we will need the permission to use Ubuntu-Arabic domain for all of the mentioned tasks, forum (if agreed to be hosted on, mailing list

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