Ubuntu Is Easy

Campaign Research

This is a work in progress and will be populated prior to the first creative briefing.


This campaign will publicize existing (or newly created) resources that sit between a product tour and full documentation. They might be called quickstart guides or 5 steps to program x. Community resources (i.e., Ask Ubuntu) were helpful to the PCPro team so they should also be highlighted.

Some metrics that we could use to measure the success of this campaign are:

  • increased participation at Ask Ubuntu and the types of questions asked
  • file download activity if PDF quickstart guides are created
  • tbd based on media selected

Focus applications

  • Web browser
  • Email
  • Office
  • Paint
  • Calculator
  • Sound recording
  • Media player - music
  • Media player - video
  • Burn a CD


Step 1. Find programs to your liking

In Ubuntu Linux there are many Email clients, The two most commonly used are Evolution and Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for Email.

Step 2. Installation

To install Evolution:

  • Select Evolution
  • press more info
  • select the plugins to want to add
  • press install

Step 3. Configuration

Describe configuration of program YYY. Sometimes this is done within the program, other times it requires manual adjustment elsewhere Step 4. Converting XXX to YYY

Describe how someone would extract, transform and load their existing information from program XXX. Step 5. Working with YYY

Describe how to work with program YYY

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