Creative brief for campaign no. 1

Client / Client contact information:

Ubuntu –


Campaign to show Windows and Mac users that there is a 'third' system that will better meet their computing needs.

Prepared by:

Barry Drake for the Ubuntu Advertising team.

Background / Overview:

Ubuntu has now reached the point at which it is simple to install and operate, and any computer user can use Ubuntu with only a very small learning curve. Many computer users will quickly realise that their computing experience is enhanced when they simply try Ubuntu.

What is the objective; the purpose of the ad?

To persuade Windows computer users to visit and get them to take the tour and try the live CD for themselves.

Target audience: who are we talking to?

Ordinary users of Windows computers who have found that their system annoys them for various reasons. Top reasons are speed and they may feel that they need to upgrade or buy a new computer. The expectation is that potential consumers are computer literate, but only with the system and apps that they have encountered. They are not geeks and don't understand technical jargon.

The top computer activities of these Windows users are:

  • browsing the web
  • email
  • using office applications
  • playing music and video
  • burning CDs for backup and playing music

What's the single most important thing to say?

Ubuntu gives you a more powerful, improved computer for you to enjoy.

What are the supporting rational and emotional 'reasons to believe and buy?'

The consumer can quickly and easily try Ubuntu with no risk to their existing computer and at no cost. The consumer would like to have a better computer.

What are the factors in sales-resistance that we have to overcome?

I don't like change. I am afraid of the unknown. I 'know' Windows and it would be hard to learn something new. Ubuntu is too geeky for me – I've read some of the forums. It won't run my favourite Windows programme.

What else will assist creative development?

Your computer will run faster and be easier to use. Your computer will be more secure and the possibility of virus intrusion will be almost negligible. You will have thousands of apps available to you at the touch of a button, and all of them are fully tested and known to be virus and mal-ware free. You will not be tied in to a specific software provider. You will be able to upgrade as often as every six months if you wish.

Are there any creative guidelines?

Yes. This project does not have specific medium requirements. Options include the following mediums:

  • Physical flyers
  • Online video (e.g., for Youtube or similar sites)
  • Twitter messages
  • Community members

Keep in mind that there is currently no budget for media.

Community members idea

One medium that could be used is the Ubuntu community. They are a powerful force of hundreds, if not thousands of willing volunteers within the community. They could be given specific tools which educate them on how to reach out to our target (also making it clear what negative aspects bad techniques can have. In other words, how NOT to sell Ubuntu.).

We could rely on our 'volunteer army' and give them specific resources to reach the target audience with the right message for our goal. These community members regularly attend public events such as computer fairs, exhibitions, computer training classes, etc to name but a few. The second (but no less important) approach is that of advertising. How can we raise the profile of Ubuntu and the Ubuntu web-site? What is our target audience looking for when they go online? You-Tube, Facebook et al are powerful tools. How do we make the best use of these?

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