setup doodle poll for meeting time on saturday


request views on these re-runs in the mailinglist


compile great ideas


New IRC channels








Dec 12 22:54:51 <UndiFineD>     anyone here ?
Dec 12 22:55:11 *       ChanServ gives channel operator status to DanteAshton
Dec 12 22:55:41 <UndiFineD>     :P
Dec 12 22:55:42 <DanteAshton>   Thank you, deary.
Dec 12 22:55:49 *       DanteAshton slaps Undi with a haddock
Dec 12 22:55:55 <UndiFineD>     mmmm 
Dec 12 22:56:07 *       jkeyes0 checks in
Dec 12 22:56:10 <UndiFineD>     smells good, is it fresh ?
Dec 12 22:57:57 <DanteAshton>   Undi? Shutup :P
Dec 12 22:58:10 <UndiFineD>     no i wont
Dec 12 22:58:20 *       DanteAshton puts his hand over Undi's mouth
Dec 12 22:58:30 <UndiFineD>     ok so the meetinglogs of yesterday are in the topic
Dec 12 22:58:43 *       DanteAshton wonders how Undi can talk like that
Dec 12 22:58:56 <JamesMR>       xD
Dec 12 22:59:18 *       UndiFineD passes away
Dec 12 22:59:27 <jasono>        Hey
Dec 12 22:59:28 <UndiFineD>     great, now I am dead
Dec 12 22:59:36 <UndiFineD>     hey jasono 
Dec 12 22:59:41 <DanteAshton>   Anyone know how to shut up Undi? :P
Dec 12 22:59:51 <DanteAshton>   Hmmm...cassidy is supposed to be here, no?
Dec 12 22:59:55 <JamesMR>       UndiFineD: can you kick youself?
Dec 12 22:59:58 <UndiFineD>     icecream works ....
Dec 12 23:00:05 *       Topic for #ubuntuadverts is: Ubuntu Advertising -- Meeting time: Sat/Sun 11/12 Dec 22.00 UTC -- Meeting Info: http://goo.gl/5WUG4 -- Website: http://ubuntuadverts.org -- 
Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-advertising -- Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts -- Respect the CoC! -- ANNOUNCEMENTS: http://goo.gl/CdcNJ -- LOGS: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/
Dec 12 23:00:05 *       Topic for #ubuntuadverts set by UndiFineD!~undifined@D9784976.cm-3-1b.dynamic.ziggo.nl at Sun Dec 12 17:29:00 2010
Dec 12 23:00:05 <uat>   booyaka
Dec 12 23:00:15 <DanteAshton>   IT TALKS!
Dec 12 23:00:18 <DanteAshton>   :O
Dec 12 23:00:18 <UndiFineD>     \o/
Dec 12 23:00:27 <DanteAshton>   and...seriously? booyaka?
Dec 12 23:00:35 <DanteAshton>   O.o
Dec 12 23:00:50 <UndiFineD>     yeah stupid words I need to get rid of
Dec 12 23:01:11 <DanteAshton>   Everyone, I'd like you to meet JoelRamsay, who is a good friend of mine, and will soon be helping us create lovely music for the project
Dec 12 23:01:34 <DanteAshton>   and whom, I hope, very soon, will give me the biggest hangover on the planet...
Dec 12 23:01:51 <JamesMR>       XD
Dec 12 23:01:52 <DanteAshton>   Right, Undi? Take the lead...

Start Meeting

Dec 12 23:01:59 <UndiFineD>     [start meeting]
Dec 12 23:02:24 <UndiFineD>     ok we have 12 topics for tonight, as this is a re-run of yesterdays meeting
Dec 12 23:02:25 <JamesMR>       FIRST!
Dec 12 23:02:41 <UndiFineD>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Meetings/2010-12-11
Dec 12 23:02:59 <DanteAshton>   James? Quiet.
Dec 12 23:03:15 <DanteAshton>   Deja Vu, folks.
Dec 12 23:03:21 <UndiFineD>     welcome to all who we have not seen yesterday
Dec 12 23:03:45 <DanteAshton>   o/
Dec 12 23:04:24 *       DanteAshton slaps self
Dec 12 23:04:27 <UndiFineD>     I would like to introduce jasono as project leader, the guy who started this all
Dec 12 23:04:39 <JamesMR>       xD
Dec 12 23:04:42 <JamesMR>       nice timing jasono
Dec 12 23:05:04 <UndiFineD>     DanteAshton, seems to be having some difficulties atm
Dec 12 23:05:14 <DanteAshton>   Shush, you.
Dec 12 23:05:42 <jasono>        :/
Dec 12 23:05:46 <jasono>        :L
Dec 12 23:05:51 <UndiFineD>      DanteAshton; head of documentation and PR
Dec 12 23:05:56 <DanteAshton>   thats better!
Dec 12 23:06:13 <UndiFineD>     cassidyjames, our web dev and such
Dec 12 23:06:28 <UndiFineD>     Lyndon; the grand master of Animation
Dec 12 23:06:40 <UndiFineD>     and as of yesterday
Dec 12 23:06:52 <UndiFineD>     Matt griffin for graphics
Dec 12 23:07:24 <UndiFineD>     Any questions?
Dec 12 23:07:51 <jasono>        jasono Head of team and organiser
Dec 12 23:08:30 <UndiFineD>     ok, moving on ... :)


Dec 12 23:08:33 <UndiFineD>     announcements
Dec 12 23:09:24 <UndiFineD>     we kindof gave away our announcements on the mailinglist already
Dec 12 23:09:39 <JamesMR>       so take them back and give them out here?
Dec 12 23:09:40 <UndiFineD>     first off, thanks to myself and the other leaders, we are an OFFICIAL project.
Dec 12 23:10:12 <UndiFineD>     we have studio access; we'll be working with GLOSCOL, a local college.
Dec 12 23:10:28 <UndiFineD>     who, incidently, will be using Ubuntu on a good deal of their machines in the future.
Dec 12 23:10:39 <DanteAshton>   OI!
Dec 12 23:10:54 <DanteAshton>   I thought those words sounded familar...
Dec 12 23:11:07 <jasono>        Shhh... He's announcing
Dec 12 23:11:08 <UndiFineD>     hehehe
Dec 12 23:11:14 <DanteAshton>   Shut up, Jason.
Dec 12 23:11:16 <UndiFineD>     any more to add
Dec 12 23:11:18 <UndiFineD>     ?
Dec 12 23:11:47 <UndiFineD>     . o O (add n ad ...)
Dec 12 23:11:57 <DanteAshton>   Not really, Undi.
Dec 12 23:12:02 <DanteAshton>   whats next?


Dec 12 23:12:01 <UndiFineD>     podcast
Dec 12 23:12:11 <UndiFineD>     So, in case you haven't heard, we got a nice little spot on the last Ubuntu Uk Podcast!
Dec 12 23:12:17 <UndiFineD>      http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/
Dec 12 23:12:28 <UndiFineD>     http://uupc.tonywhitmore.co.uk/uupc/s03/e22/uupc_s03e22_low.mp3
Dec 12 23:12:52 <UndiFineD>     :)
Dec 12 23:13:12 <UndiFineD>     thanks cassidyjames for that
Dec 12 23:13:26 <DanteAshton>   oooh yes, "This Week In Linux" A YouTube show, promoted us in their latest vid.
Dec 12 23:13:29 <UndiFineD>     such is much too scarey for me
Dec 12 23:13:31 <jkeyes0>       :)
Dec 12 23:13:43 <jasono>        Thank you!
Dec 12 23:13:47 <jkeyes0>       no prob

Dec 12 23:14:24 <UndiFineD>     Logo
Dec 12 23:14:53 <UndiFineD>     we have some logos to vote on
Dec 12 23:15:25 <UndiFineD>     there is more than an hour left for it
Dec 12 23:15:29 <UndiFineD>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Logos
Dec 12 23:15:55 <UndiFineD>     and you can vote here: http://doodle.com/3g9aw7mk7n2wvvqq
Dec 12 23:16:18 <UndiFineD>     expand the view before voting
Dec 12 23:17:15 <UndiFineD>     Dec 11 23:27:19 <Muscovy> I've got a logo nearly finished, is it too late? <-- unfortunatly yes
Dec 12 23:18:02 <UndiFineD>     ... 
Dec 12 23:18:27 <UndiFineD>     anyone want to add to this
Dec 12 23:18:39 <Merk>  I would but I showed up late I'm sorry
Dec 12 23:18:58 <jkeyes0>       just voted
Dec 12 23:20:37 <UndiFineD>     ok if there is no more for this I like to continue

Group Organization

Dec 12 23:20:43 <UndiFineD>     Group Organization
Dec 12 23:21:02 <UndiFineD>     Right, each group has it's own channel
Dec 12 23:21:20 <Merk>  Okay voted there for the logo, onto the Group Organization
Dec 12 23:21:25 <UndiFineD>     we are currently in a unsupported channel
Dec 12 23:21:31 <urcminister>   Only showed up to say all the best.  Gotta go.  Please consider: "What do you see when you use your Computer? Same old thing?  ...There IS a Better Way!  Use 
Ubuntu!" from the mailing list (where all the best ideas are seeded)).
Dec 12 23:22:02 <UndiFineD>     so I set up new ones
Dec 12 23:22:08 <urcminister>   Bye!
Dec 12 23:22:41 <UndiFineD>     #ubuntu-adverts , #ubuntu-adverts-social , #ubuntu-adverts-sponsors , #ubuntu-adverts-documentation , #ubuntu-adverts-design and #ubuntu-adverts-leaders 
Dec 12 23:23:35 <moiso> when should  we  should switch to #ubuntu-adverts?
Dec 12 23:23:51 <UndiFineD>     you can already join in it
Dec 12 23:24:09 <jkeyes0>       it's possible to forward a channel. could have everyone join #ubuntu-adverts and just set this one to autoforward
Dec 12 23:24:18 <JamesMR>       I've been hiding there for a day
Dec 12 23:24:31 <moiso> ok
Dec 12 23:24:37 <UndiFineD>     jkeyes0, yes such is possible but I have not set that up yet
Dec 12 23:25:02 <jkeyes0>       UndiFineD: just throwing it out there when we're ready to move entirely.
Dec 12 23:25:41 <UndiFineD>     I am going to put the message out after meeting so everyone knows
Dec 12 23:26:04 <UndiFineD>     join the channels of your interest
Dec 12 23:26:29 <UndiFineD>     and contact the leaders for it
Dec 12 23:26:44 *       ChanServ gives channel operator status to DanteAshton
Dec 12 23:27:11 <DanteAshton>   hmm...that was strange
Dec 12 23:27:17 <DanteAshton>   Empathy crashed O.o
Dec 12 23:28:49 <UndiFineD>     ok I would like to skip the scripts topic and save it for last, so we have more time for that when needed
Dec 12 23:28:58 <moiso> Undi any plans for translations?.. i know there has to be some work done before we start, but i would like to do something meantime
Dec 12 23:29:49 <UndiFineD>     yes, we want to make it international, so we need to translate our documets
Dec 12 23:30:43 <UndiFineD>     this can be done through LP too, but translators should understand the context
Dec 12 23:30:47 <DanteAshton>   my team will begin working soon on multiple documents for Ubuntu
Dec 12 23:30:57 <DanteAshton>   so yes, we will have work needing translation shortly
Dec 12 23:31:15 <moiso> ok great, i'll be ready

Visiting the studio

Dec 12 23:31:57 <UndiFineD>     Visiting the studio
Dec 12 23:32:37 <UndiFineD>     DanteAshton, want to organise a trip in the (nearby?) future to the studio
Dec 12 23:32:50 <DanteAshton>   I'm still waiting for them to organise
Dec 12 23:32:56 <UndiFineD>     <DanteAshton> Right, can I just ask that all those willing to travel to Gloucestershire email me?
Dec 12 23:33:01 <DanteAshton>   sadly, the College is shutting down for Christmas
Dec 12 23:33:05 <DanteAshton>   so it wont be in the near future
Dec 12 23:34:37 <UndiFineD>     I suggested we gat some interns from that school as well, ask them to do tasks their teachers can rate them for
Dec 12 23:35:00 <DanteAshton>   that is part of the agreement, we get access to the studio, and the students benefit from it.
Dec 12 23:35:09 <UndiFineD>     :)
Dec 12 23:35:51 <UndiFineD>     such could be for english and "foreign languages" too
Dec 12 23:37:31 <UndiFineD>     anymore to add to this ?

Team Leaders

Dec 12 23:38:25 <UndiFineD>     Team Leaders
Dec 12 23:39:04 <UndiFineD>     https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/People
Dec 12 23:39:09 <UndiFineD>     has been updated
Dec 12 23:39:35 <UndiFineD>     if you want to join a specific group, please edit it
Dec 12 23:40:01 <UndiFineD>     if you don't know how, ask us and we will do it for you
Dec 12 23:41:15 <UndiFineD>     for the future... I would like to see another leader for sponsorship
Dec 12 23:41:24 <DanteAshton>   Once we attain it
Dec 12 23:41:52 <DanteAshton>   we will also be looking into a leader for social marketing.
Dec 12 23:42:01 <UndiFineD>     well I have seen some MBA people joining .. hint hint
Dec 12 23:43:05 *       DanteAshton turns on the 40 foot hint sign
Dec 12 23:43:05 <UndiFineD>     so if you have ideas .. we are open for it


Dec 12 23:43:41 <UndiFineD>     Meetings
Dec 12 23:44:39 <UndiFineD>     it has been suggested yesterday we have a meeting every 2 weeks, for most it is preferred in the weekend it seems
Dec 12 23:45:13 <DanteAshton>   saturday WOULD be better....
Dec 12 23:45:17 <UndiFineD>      <cassidyjames> I think we will set up another Doodle poll to be sure (and for members who couldn't make it yesterday evening)
Dec 12 23:45:27 <DanteAshton>   we seem to have a lot more on saturday....
Dec 12 23:46:05 <UndiFineD>     I am also willing to have these re-runs on a different weekday
Dec 12 23:47:12 <UndiFineD>     I think this requires an action
Dec 12 23:47:38 <UndiFineD>     ACTION setup doodle poll for meeting time on saturday
Dec 12 23:47:44 <DanteAshton>   ??
Dec 12 23:48:44 <UndiFineD>     ACTION request views on these re-runs in the mailinglist
Dec 12 23:49:45 <UndiFineD>     ok next ?

Any other business

Dec 12 23:50:15 <UndiFineD>     Any other business (before we move to scripts)
Dec 12 23:50:35 <UndiFineD>     feel free to ask
Dec 12 23:50:40 <UndiFineD>     anything
Dec 12 23:51:29 <UndiFineD>     ....


Dec 12 23:52:16 <UndiFineD>     Scripts
Dec 12 23:52:27 <UndiFineD>     much has been written / said
Dec 12 23:53:09 <UndiFineD>     if you feel you would like to add your grand idea, here is another chance to do so
Dec 12 23:53:57 <UndiFineD>     no ?
Dec 12 23:54:23 <UndiFineD>     Ok then I think this sums it up
Dec 12 23:54:26 <Merk>  is there a time frame to where we're going to settle on a script/scripts?
Dec 12 23:54:54 <UndiFineD>     hmm DanteAshton 
Dec 12 23:55:45 <UndiFineD>     we have not yet set a time frame for first production
Dec 12 23:56:11 <UndiFineD>     as there is a christmas break at the studio, we have time to make ideas
Dec 12 23:56:27 <UndiFineD>     and work things out
Dec 12 23:57:00 <UndiFineD>     there are plenty of production possibilities
Dec 12 23:57:11 <UndiFineD>     and we named some of it
Dec 12 23:57:17 <Merk>  it wouldn't have to be soon, I just feel that if it doesn't exist at all, the mailinglilst and meets will constantly talk about the pros/cons of various scripts 
which will never go beyond that point because we'll just constantly talk about them
Dec 12 23:57:45 <UndiFineD>     so if you have something, please put it out there so we can review
Dec 12 23:58:59 <UndiFineD>     on the various communtication channels a lot of good  and bad ideas came up
Dec 12 23:59:28 <UndiFineD>     I will try to compile them for the next meeting, but I might miss something
Dec 12 23:59:45 <UndiFineD>     and so we can discuss the best stuff in the next meeting
Dec 13 00:00:23 <UndiFineD>     Merk, good enough ?
Dec 13 00:00:53 <Merk>  yes
Dec 13 00:01:18 <UndiFineD>     great if there is anything more say so now
Dec 13 00:01:31 <UndiFineD>     otherwise i will wrap this up
Dec 13 00:01:49 <UndiFineD>     ACTION compile great ideas
Dec 13 00:02:39 <UndiFineD>     ok, thank you all for being here, next meeting will be held in the new channels
Dec 13 00:02:54 <UndiFineD>     me and my bot uat are in each of them
Dec 13 00:03:22 <UndiFineD>     #ubuntu-adverts  #ubuntu-adverts-social #ubuntu-adverts-sponsors #ubuntu-adverts-documentation #ubuntu-adverts-design #ubuntu-adverts-leaders
Dec 13 00:03:42 <Merk>  hopefully that will be updated on the website
Dec 13 00:03:50 <UndiFineD>     yes it will :)

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