set up a doodle for around 1st of january



create pointers for a housestyle and/or make one himself


review guidelines, UndiFineD will do so too


invite Jacob and Paula



work on flyers etc


<UndiFineD> [startmeeting]
<UndiFineD> hello everyone
<barrydrake> Hi
<UndiFineD> here are the meeting notes
<UndiFineD> http://openetherpad.org/5lwYqcDybM
<UndiFineD> not too many arround today :/
<barrydrake> Short meeting!
<UndiFineD> cassidyjames, next time when you have an action item, please do it ...
<cassidyjames> I'm sorry. :-/


<UndiFineD> so any announcements ?
<cassidyjames> None from me.
<barrydrake> Nor me
<UndiFineD> no ?
<UndiFineD> I thought cassidyjames was going to ramble about his cr-48
<UndiFineD> heh ok then
<barrydrake> Well, all I have to say is up on the Wiki
<UndiFineD> :)

Leader for sponsorship

<UndiFineD> Leader for sponsorship ? I think we have to skip this one
<barrydrake> Definitely not me

Next meeting

<UndiFineD> Next meeting
<UndiFineD> is 1st of january ok ?
<barrydrake> Jan 1????  All of us with hangovers?
<UndiFineD> yup
<barrydrake> UUrgh
<UndiFineD> I must say, I already have one that day
<UndiFineD> so I might not be there with full attention
<UndiFineD> unless times differ
<barrydrake> As always, I won't be doing 'late'
<UndiFineD> i know barry
<UndiFineD> cassidyjames, can you set up doodle for that weekend ?
<UndiFineD> no .. ok I wil
<UndiFineD> [action] Keimpe set up a doodle for around 1st of january
<UndiFineD> Ok next

House style

<UndiFineD> we now have a Logo, which we need to transform into a housestyle for formal outgoing letters
<UndiFineD> as cassidyjames won, he should point out what to think of regarding the logo
<UndiFineD> and what colors / styles
<barrydrake> Could Cassidyjames do a letterhead?  He has a very good visual ability.
<UndiFineD> [action] cassidyjames create pointers for a housestyle and/or make one himself
<barrydrake> Is he listening?
<UndiFineD> i do not knw
<UndiFineD> Ok next point

Rewrite the guidelines

<UndiFineD> Rewrite the guidelines
<UndiFineD> we need to know what we can and cannot do
<barrydrake> They seem 90% OK ....  I'll take a look if you want.
<UndiFineD> and who is willing to put some time in this
<barrydrake> Me I guess
<UndiFineD> well, spelling errors are not nice
<barrydrake> Hmmm
<UndiFineD> :P
<UndiFineD> it is a visible document, which should sell ourselves too
<UndiFineD> I do not want this to be a halfbaked one
<UndiFineD> so barrydrake you are willing to look at it and do some rewriting ?
<barrydrake> Hows about I write it - you put it on a Wiki page or give me one as a sandbox and let everyone look at it?
<UndiFineD> yes, wiki / etherpad is very good for this
<barrydrake> OK.  Will do.  Tell me where to put it and I'll do it.
<UndiFineD> I would be happy to have a look too it as well
<barrydrake> OK
<barrydrake> Hey - is this meeting just you and me?
<UndiFineD> [action] barrydrake reviews guidelines, UndiFineD will do so too
<UndiFineD> looks like it :P
<barrydrake> IS ANYONE OUT THERE?
<UndiFineD> makes it fast though
<barrydrake> yEAH


<UndiFineD> Promotion:
<barrydrake> Some of the stuff already in the ads. Wiki could go out there?
<UndiFineD> I would like us to make online and physical promotion, suggesting twitter and facebook, but this is not my expertise
<UndiFineD> next to that I propose flyers and supermarket ads
<barrydrake> Nor mine, but I suppose I could try ....  never really taken to twitter or facebook
<barrydrake> Now, I could offer something there I think
<UndiFineD> On the ubuntu-uk mailinglist I saw some good suggestions from Jacob Mansfields and Paula Gazz
<barrydrake> I agree ....
<UndiFineD> if they are not already with us, I would like to invite them
<barrydrake> Maybe they'd   .... oh, I think I remember Paula saying she had no time, but let's try anyhow.
<UndiFineD> yup
<UndiFineD> so that are things that can be done ...
<barrydrake> I'll post a wording for flyers etc. that can be discussed and maybe used.  I'm not so good at visual though.
<UndiFineD> we have graphics people, they should aid in this
<barrydrake> GRReat
<barrydrake> I think we've already done the 'invite people' thingy?
<UndiFineD> [action] graphics people help in creating flyer / supermarket ad
<UndiFineD> think paper sizes, graphics etc
<UndiFineD> [action] UndiFineD invite Jacob and Paula
<barrydrake> Hang on  - [action] Barry work on flyers etc
<UndiFineD> next

Visiting the school in gloucestershire

<UndiFineD> Visiting the school in gloucestershire
<UndiFineD> there are a lot of students
<barrydrake> OK students
<UndiFineD> we could handout cds with ubuntu (studio)
<UndiFineD> get the young invloved helps a lot for the future
<barrydrake> Absolutely - also chance to interact with potential users and get their angle.
<barrydrake> I think good demos (live) to a captive argumentative audience will be a good opportunity and it will work for them too!
<UndiFineD> so I can only hope people are willing to order some locally ...
<UndiFineD> How to get their students involved ?
<UndiFineD> well yes a demo or good (not boring), presentation would help
<barrydrake> Now, the downside.  What can't Ubuntu do for them?  They are arts students.  What are the (system ex) apps that they are using?
<UndiFineD> that we do not know
<barrydrake> We need to find out first
<UndiFineD> the visit is intended for us to have a look around and get to know some and make an inventory
<barrydrake> Wonderful!  Can I come?
<UndiFineD> yes contact danté for it
<barrydrake> As soon as he gets back
<UndiFineD> ok, so this seems clear to me


<UndiFineD> Taglines:
<UndiFineD> we need more
<barrydrake> There are several potentially good ones on the ad wiki
<barrydrake> But I'll write more if you want
<UndiFineD> where do you get the imagination :P
<UndiFineD> thanks though!
<barrydrake> When you get really really old, it's a gift you get ....


<UndiFineD> Scripts: I hoped to make a selection of good versus bad, but I do not dare to do so now
<UndiFineD> and discuss them a bit
<barrydrake> slightly unwise in the present circumstances.  Let's use the list .... OR how about one of those voting thingys?
<UndiFineD> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Scripts
<UndiFineD> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-December/thread.html
<UndiFineD> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-December/027733.html
<UndiFineD> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-December/027738.html
<UndiFineD> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2010-December/027788.html
<UndiFineD> just putting these links in here for the logs
<UndiFineD> and we move it till next meeting
<barrydrake> OK - I hope folk have glanced at them.
<UndiFineD> I am sure they did

Any other business

<UndiFineD> so any other business ?
<barrydrake> Well, not from me.  I've been regularly posting every single thought on the list as it happens.  How about you?
<UndiFineD> nothing for me
<barrydrake> OK
<UndiFineD> just want to remind people, there is enough to do, so if you are bored, come around I am here all the time
<UndiFineD> one last poke around:
<barrydrake> Can we conclude with a post to the list of the URL for tonight (quickly) and ask folk to comment on list?
<UndiFineD> Agafonov, Darael, Ddorda, JamesMR, MichealH, popey 
<Ddorda> ‎?
<barrydrake> Csssidyjames
<UndiFineD> yes as always I post up the meetings to the wiki and point people to it on the mailinglist
<barrydrake> Thanks
<UndiFineD> at midnight tonight I will close down the old IRC channel
<UndiFineD> assuming people now know where to find us
<barrydrake> Well Undi .... thanks for an interesting one-to-one
<UndiFineD> thanks barrydrake, at least we get some things done
<barrydrake> Post the new meeting point again on the list before the next meeting
<UndiFineD> I will
<MichealH> UndiFineD: Hi
<barrydrake> I think we got through a bit of useful discussion

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