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<mattgriffin> yeah. ready to go? here's the agenda: http://openetherpad.org/RnHhhPw1pP
<barrydrake> Got it.
<mattgriffin> cool. UndiFineD? Billynkid? yt?
<mattgriffin> ok. let's get started. for those that aren't here, this discussion will be recorded.
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> so first item. Status of social network icons.
<mattgriffin> i got in contact with Cassidy.
<barrydrake> Great
<mattgriffin> i'll follow-up with him on this
<mattgriffin> for #2, i can follow-up with Cassidy as well. barrydrake: have you sent him an email about this so you can get the original doc?
<barrydrake> no.  should I?
<UndiFineD> hey mattgriffin 
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: hello! :)
<barrydrake> Hi Undi
<UndiFineD> anyone else around ?
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: yeah. send him an email and i'll ask about it when i send him a message about the icons
<barrydrake> OK
<Billynkid> Here
<UndiFineD> hey Billynkid 
<mattgriffin> Billynkid: hey! :)
<Billynkid> Sorry watching IPAD 2 vids
<mattgriffin> hehe
<mattgriffin> np
<Billynkid> Victor could not make it but I will update him
<mattgriffin> Billynkid: cool
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD, Billynkid: we're already done with the first 2 agenda items at http://openetherpad.org/RnHhhPw1pP
<mattgriffin> #3 Should we change the meeting time. vote at http://doodle.com/3vugx9gcefiahkqa
<barrydrake> No
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: now is a good time for you?
<barrydrake> The most votes suggest 9.00 pm
<mattgriffin> that works for me... so let's not change it then :)
<barrydrake> That's OK with me
<mattgriffin> cool... that was easy
<UndiFineD> :)
<Billynkid> Cool
<mattgriffin> let's skip to #6 on the agenda list before starting with the Brief presentation
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: how are things going? need more time to write your brief?
<UndiFineD> I was hacked wednesday
<mattgriffin> oh fun
<UndiFineD> I had to do a complete reinstall
<UndiFineD> documents were planted on my machine
<barrydrake> nasty
<Billynkid> yikes
<UndiFineD> so you can guess, I did not get to do anything
<Billynkid> So we delay till the next meeting?
<Billynkid> Is that the 20th?
<mattgriffin> 19th/20th depending on your timezone
<Billynkid> Indeed ;-)
<mattgriffin> evening of the 19th for you guys
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> so i think we should just delay it and give UndiFineD more time. UndiFineD: okay with you?
<UndiFineD> yes please
<mattgriffin> cool... adding to notes
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> ok... #4 ... the Brief presentation then. i've prepared a doc that's essentially my presentation of barrydrake's brief. http://ubuntuone.com/p/gGD/
<barrydrake> I like your additions and mods
<mattgriffin> i can also send it in FreeMind format if you want it that way
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: thanks!
<mattgriffin> so what i'll do is go through the 3 sections (campaign goal, research, and the brief)
<UndiFineD> after a facebook virus my gf had another person converted to ubuntu :D
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: :)
<mattgriffin> and i'll try to keep it ... brief :)
<mattgriffin> starting with the "Campaign goal" section...
<mattgriffin> the goal is: Educating Windows users in understanding what Ubuntu could mean for them.
<barrydrake> brief ....   :-)
<mattgriffin> there's definitely some good research results that show that there's an opportunity here...
<mattgriffin> of course Windows users often don't realise that there is a choice.
<barrydrake> That's very true
<barrydrake> Chained ....
<mattgriffin> and in their mind ... She always knew that Linux is only for geeks. From user:
<mattgriffin> "Firstly with regards to Ubuntu, having only ever worked off Microsoft systems I have found
<mattgriffin> Ubuntu less 'user friendly' - this I imagine is due to the fact that I (like many others) have never
<mattgriffin> used anything other than Microsoft. However I have found the word processing, and spreadsheet
<mattgriffin> programmes like for like with Word and Excel - it just takes some time to navigate around and get
<mattgriffin> to grips - but they are accessible."
<mattgriffin> ... then if they do search for something they discover technical speak that they don't understand...
<mattgriffin> "I feel you do need to be technically savvy to use Ubuntu above and beyond emails and word processing."
<barrydrake> I think 'locked in' is the official phrase - but folk are moving to OpenOffice
<mattgriffin> that's good ... so if they have heard of Linux, they think that it's strictly for geeks :)
<barrydrake> OH yes
<mattgriffin> ... i thought this was important to note - Some users immediately say that documentation is the solution. In reality, though, reading a manual is a big commitment. Based on past experience, we've found that demonstration is the best way to introduce a new person to Ubuntu. ... and there's some good evidence of this
<barrydrake> I agree
<UndiFineD> more screencasts :)
<barrydrake> Normal folk don't read docs
<mattgriffin>  ... there's a great little story in the shared pdf about this ...
<UndiFineD> or picture browsing through how to do things
<mattgriffin> screencasts are good too ... keep that in mind ;)
<barrydrake> shared pdf?
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: http://ubuntuone.com/p/gGD/
<mattgriffin> Computer fairs are fantastic opportunities to demonstrate the power of Ubuntu. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to relying solely on these events...
<barrydrake> Well, they are a start
<mattgriffin> 1. they don't happen every day; 2. you have to rely on demonstrators; and 3. the users need to show up ... this method is good but it has scaling limitations
<barrydrake> True
<mattgriffin> the great thing is that Ubuntu already has a way to empower people to become acquainted with the OS... the Trial feature
<barrydrake> It works
<mattgriffin> 1. it's already built into the OS; 2. there are instructions about it at the ubuntu.com website; 3. People like trials - see example at 10.cloud.ubuntu.com for the 10.10 server trial of a cloud; 4. trials are very scalable; 5. very low risk for the user
<mattgriffin> so remember that our campaign goal is to educate Windows users in understanding what Ubuntu could mean for them. How to accomplish the campaign goal? Get more Windows users to Trial Ubuntu.
<mattgriffin> questions?
<mattgriffin> before i proceed :)
<Billynkid> Nope
<barrydrake> OK with me
<UndiFineD> :)
<UndiFineD> go on
<mattgriffin> cool ... so now the brief
<barrydrake> briefly ....
<mattgriffin> hehe
<mattgriffin> barrydrake did a great job with this... so to keep some structure, i'm going to use some standard bullet-y questions. ... so why are we advertising?
<mattgriffin> Answer: To persuade Windows computer users to visit www.ubuntu.com and get them to take the tour and try the live CD for themselves.
<barrydrake> coz we have the best ....
<mattgriffin> :)
<mattgriffin> 2. Who are we talking to?
<barrydrake> non-geeks
<mattgriffin> ordinary Windows users.... exactly
<mattgriffin> they don't understand computer jargon. IMAP is some Apple product that they think they heard about
<mattgriffin> that goes in their car
<mattgriffin> POP = Pepsi
<barrydrake> rolfl
<mattgriffin> but they are computer literate. they use computers for some standard stuff like email, documents, listening to music
<barrydrake> sorry - rofl
<barrydrake> yep
<mattgriffin> :)
<mattgriffin> but they've found that their computer is annoying ... most likely that it's slow and keeps getting slower
<mattgriffin> so they think that they might need a new computer unfortunately
<mattgriffin> 3. But when it comes down to it, what do they currently think?
<mattgriffin> Answer: They don't like change and are afraid of the unknown. They 'know' Windows and it would be hard to learn something new. Ubuntu is too geeky for me – I've read some of the forums. It won't run my favourite Windows programme.
<mattgriffin> 4. What would we like them to think?
<mattgriffin> Answer: Your computer will run faster and be easier to use. Your computer will be more secure and the possibility of virus intrusion will be almost negligible. You will have thousands of apps available to you at the touch of a button, and all of them are fully tested and known to be virus and mal-ware free.
<mattgriffin> 5. In order to get them to think this, what is the single most persuasive idea that we can convey?
<mattgriffin> Answer: Ubuntu gives you a more powerful, improved computer for you to enjoy.
<barrydrake> It's easy to try ....
<mattgriffin> and why should they believe this?
<mattgriffin> exactly. it's easy to try. The consumer can quickly and easily try Ubuntu with no risk to their existing computer and at no cost.
<mattgriffin> once they try it, they will start to change their mind
<mattgriffin> so #7: Are there any creative guidelines for this campaign?
<mattgriffin> yeah. a few
<barrydrake> (unless it's today's Natty ....  but don't tell tham that .....  )
<mattgriffin> hmm... good point. so i think we should emphasize trial of the latest, most stable release - 10.10
<barrydrake> 10.10 is OK
<Billynkid> Agreed
<mattgriffin> or if we launch the campaign after 11.04, then 11.04
<barrydrake> Only if it works OK#
<Billynkid> The problem is that is Unity ready to show off
<barrydrake> Not yet
<mattgriffin> it will be ready though... people will stay up very late a lot to make it ready ;)
<barrydrake> hmmmmm
<mattgriffin> but as far as mediums or how the creative teams can distribute the messages that they come up with... keep an open mind.
<UndiFineD> I think unity is a very daring step, new users must know they have choice
<mattgriffin> barrydrake had a excellent suggestion about the Ubuntu community ... the group is almost a medium in itself (like television or radio)
<barrydrake> I'm thinking You Tube, Facebook et al as well
<Billynkid> twitter
<mattgriffin> exactly... all of those are great touch-points with the target
<mattgriffin> but keep in mind that the budget for this campaign is $0 :)
<UndiFineD> we actually have a budget
<barrydrake> Personally I don't do any of them .....  Matt ...  in due course there's going to be a BIG budget
<mattgriffin> i hope so
<UndiFineD> :P there is some 20 paypal dollars orso laying around :P
<mattgriffin> haha
<Billynkid> nice
<mattgriffin> so that's the brief on the Brief :) ... questions?
<barrydrake> Right ...  last night I became rich ...  won $15 on the slots
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: more than i've ever won
<barrydrake> I'm going to hit the jackpot tomorrow
<mattgriffin> if there are no questions then Next Steps
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> so now the Creative Teams should collaborate on ideas over the next 2 weeks
<Billynkid> How many idea should each team produce?
<barrydrake> we should work together on the ml
<mattgriffin> Billynkid: as may as you can ;) ... think about how many people might be exposed the idea and if the idea will really inspire them to take the desired action
<mattgriffin> ml?
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: ^
<barrydrake> Mailiung list
<Billynkid> Do you have any templates for how you'd like the ideas presented?
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: yes. i've found that smaller teams have a better chance of producing more complete ideas ... maybe using the mailing list to invite more people to make teams?
<barrydrake> Can we reach all of ther lugs in any way?
<mattgriffin> Billynkid: i do not have a template... i'd say, though, start with the goal of the campaign and tell a story of how a user would interact with your idea to arrive at the desired action
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: don't know if there's a technically easy way to do that
<mattgriffin> First Creative Review will be 19 March. If we find that we need more ideas, we'll have another Creative Review.
<mattgriffin> ... at the next meeting
<UndiFineD> mattgriffin: #ubuntu-locoteams ?
<barrydrake> We could - I could write to the LUG ML and ask.
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: ok
<mattgriffin> want me to do that?
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> cool
* mattgriffin adds to the meeting notes
<mattgriffin> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education - i'm going to be on a team with Cassidy. barrydrake, UndiFineD: you guys are welcome to form teams as well if you want (or have free time). or not... no big deal. just wanted to offer.
<barrydrake> Sounds good to me
<UndiFineD> ok
<mattgriffin> cool. i think we lost Billynkid
<mattgriffin> great. so that's all i had and we covered everything on the agenda
<mattgriffin> any other items to cover?
<UndiFineD> mattgriffin: were you contacted by Omega ?
<barrydrake> Nope ... think swe got it all
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: i was not
<UndiFineD> I pointed him your way, he is TL of #ubuntu-tour 
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ah... excellent
<barrydrake> I got an e-mail
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ok. if i don't hear from him in the next few days, i'll reach out to him
<mattgriffin> Billynkid: welcome back!
<UndiFineD> great
<Billynkid> grrr Internet can be such a pain here
<mattgriffin> Billynkid: we were just wrapping up. did you have any questions before we ended the meeting?
<Billynkid> nope
<Billynkid> don't think so
<Billynkid> deadline for idea's is 19th right?
<mattgriffin> excellent. yes. send over any questions and i'll reply ... be sure to use the mailing list so everyone sees the Q&A
<mattgriffin> 19th, right
<barrydrake> OK with me
<Billynkid> Great
<UndiFineD> yup
<UndiFineD> work will be done
<mattgriffin> great. thanks and have a great rest of your day/evening :) barrydrake: good luck at the slots!
<barrydrake> THX
<UndiFineD> have a greaat week guys
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: can you add these notes to the wiki page please :) ?
<UndiFineD> as always
<barrydrake> G'day (or g'night).
<mattgriffin> thanks! bye everyone :)
<barrydrake> Bye
<Billynkid> Nite!

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