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Mar 26 21:57:01 <Billynkid>     Evening all
Mar 26 21:57:04 <UndiFineD>     hello
Mar 26 21:57:09 <barrydrake>    Hi
Mar 26 21:57:53 <Jitse> Hello
Mar 26 21:58:12 <UndiFineD>     goeiedei Jitse 
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Mar 26 22:00:49 <Jitse> I'm sorry, but I dont speak Frisian ;)
Mar 26 22:01:13 <mattgriffin>   hello!
Mar 26 22:01:15 <UndiFineD>     it would suit your name :P
Mar 26 22:01:35 <UndiFineD>     but I must admit, I am no good at it either
Mar 26 22:01:53 <mattgriffin>   here's the agenda for today: http://openetherpad.org/udqiPQ7pFy
Mar 26 22:02:05 <UndiFineD>     yes, time to start the meeting
Mar 26 22:02:33 <mattgriffin>   cool... so item #1
Mar 26 22:02:40 <mattgriffin>   no update here :(
Mar 26 22:02:47 <mattgriffin>   cassidy is a tough guy to get a hold of
Mar 26 22:02:49 <UndiFineD>     no update ?
Mar 26 22:03:07 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin, havent I seen a canonical whitepaper from you ?
Mar 26 22:03:45 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: sorry. don't know what you're referring to
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Mar 26 22:04:10 <Billynkid>     LOl
Mar 26 22:04:19 <Billynkid>     ears must be burning
Mar 26 22:04:30 <UndiFineD>     http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/resources/white-papers/10-reasons-migrate-ubuntu-desktop
Mar 26 22:04:43 *       mattgriffin checks
Mar 26 22:04:47 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: :)
Mar 26 22:04:48 <UndiFineD>     seems like the work we talked of
Mar 26 22:04:54 <mattgriffin>   hellooooooo
Mar 26 22:05:00 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: hello!
Mar 26 22:05:19 <UndiFineD>     is this the cr48 ?
Mar 26 22:05:27 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: hmm... never seen that before. very interesting
Mar 26 22:05:30 <cassidyjames>  UndiFineD: yup
Mar 26 22:05:39 <cassidyjames>  UndiFineD: How'd you know?
Mar 26 22:05:45 <Billynkid>     Indeed
Mar 26 22:05:46 <UndiFineD>     lucky guess
Mar 26 22:06:04 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin, it does hold several points we had spoken of in the past
Mar 26 22:06:17 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool. i'll give it a look over
Mar 26 22:06:37 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: we're working from this agenda - http://openetherpad.org/udqiPQ7pFy
Mar 26 22:07:06 <UndiFineD>     and if you find out who made it, it would be great if in the future we would know who wrote it
Mar 26 22:07:24 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: for #1 - i need to get icons from you to use for the social media channels for this team... just send over pngs and i can resize
Mar 26 22:07:28 <mattgriffin>   please :)
Mar 26 22:07:31 <Billynkid>     and if they could come to a meeting
Mar 26 22:07:37 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: Will do!
Mar 26 22:07:49 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: thanks! ... so item #2
Mar 26 22:08:24 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: did you send the original ODF to barrydrake ... i think you did
Mar 26 22:08:31 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: Yes, I did.
Mar 26 22:08:42 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: cool. barrydrake: ping
Mar 26 22:08:44 <barrydrake>    Nothing to report here - it's in hand, but need to get screenshots when Natty is a bit more final
Mar 26 22:09:09 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin, that goes for any whitepaper, it would be better if it states who was involved in the making
Mar 26 22:09:27 <Billynkid>     Barry are you linked up with ubuntu-tour they might have screenshots you can use?
Mar 26 22:09:31 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: cool. i'll note that on the agenda notes and we can move on to #3
Mar 26 22:09:34 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: good point
Mar 26 22:09:37 <barrydrake>    Not yet - can do
Mar 26 22:09:37 <cassidyjames>  barrydrake: mattgriffin how do you guys feel about this team "adopting" the guide? I'm technically maintaining it, but haven't updated it.
Mar 26 22:10:16 <mattgriffin>   cassidyjames: that's cool. as long we the source is accessible, it can be anyone that updates it i think
Mar 26 22:10:34 <barrydrake>    OK with me
Mar 26 22:10:42 <cassidyjames>  mattgriffin: Then I can push the updates back to that site for people to download.
Mar 26 22:10:45 <Billynkid>     might it not be better for ubuntu-tour?
Mar 26 22:10:47 <Billynkid>     or manual?
Mar 26 22:11:07 <cassidyjames>  Billynkid: Manual didn't really want it IIRC. :-/
Mar 26 22:11:50 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: let's hold on to it for now. i think we might be able to put it to use for UndiFineD's campaign #2 ... but we'll see
Mar 26 22:11:58 <Billynkid>     Ok
Mar 26 22:12:41 <mattgriffin>   #3 - UndiFineD was working on the creative brief for campaign #3 - UndiFineD: progress update?
Mar 26 22:12:55 <Billynkid>     #3 or #2?
Mar 26 22:12:56 <UndiFineD>     in -tour we gathered info from many other sources, maybe even including yours cassidyjames 
Mar 26 22:13:00 <Billynkid>     notes say #2
Mar 26 22:13:24 <UndiFineD>     well like I said, last minute work in progress
Mar 26 22:13:34 <UndiFineD>     I totally forgot, but am willing
Mar 26 22:13:57 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: agenda item #3 - campaign 2 :)
Mar 26 22:14:25 <Billynkid>     sorry
Mar 26 22:14:44 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: np. how about an update at the next meeting?
Mar 26 22:14:59 <UndiFineD>     so there is one for the web browser, and i just started the one for email
Mar 26 22:15:25 <UndiFineD>     next meeting should it be near completion
Mar 26 22:15:53 <cassidyjames>  UndiFineD: great!
Mar 26 22:15:56 <UndiFineD>     feel free to provide some comments on the webbrowser thing, if needed
Mar 26 22:16:08 <UndiFineD>     as that would improve the others
Mar 26 22:16:23 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: try to keep with format at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Briefs
Mar 26 22:16:30 <UndiFineD>     and they need shots
Mar 26 22:16:35 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: don't think this level of detail is needed yet
Mar 26 22:17:04 <Billynkid>     Not need till after creative idea review right?
Mar 26 22:17:52 <Billynkid>     media team?
Mar 26 22:17:53 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: right... this could be part of someone's creative idea
Mar 26 22:18:12 <UndiFineD>     less detail ... hmm so go with default apps ?
Mar 26 22:18:41 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: good to bring up. don't think we need that yet. i'll add to the agenda so we keep it top of mind for future meetings
Mar 26 22:19:06 <barrydrake>    Back in a couple of minutes
Mar 26 22:19:47 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: think about the goal of the campaign at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/5StepPrograms#Goal
Mar 26 22:20:09 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: then document how you would answer the questions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Design#Briefs
Mar 26 22:20:28 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: this will give a great foundation to come up with advertisement ideas
Mar 26 22:21:21 <UndiFineD>     hmmm, ok :)
Mar 26 22:21:46 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: if it's okay with you, let's chat about this sometime later :) so we can get through ideas for campaign 1 and now have a crazy long meeting
Mar 26 22:22:31 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i can help you move through the questions to write the brief
Mar 26 22:23:16 <UndiFineD>     I must confess I had a vista experience with 11.04 yesterday, unity was not productive for me, so I switched to classic, which destroyed my encrypted account, so I wanted to go to my previous installation after reboot, and it never came back up, I re-installed 10.10 today
Mar 26 22:23:33 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: doh!
Mar 26 22:23:37 <mattgriffin>   sorry :(
Mar 26 22:23:54 <Billynkid>     i've been seeing a lot of that being reported on twitter
Mar 26 22:23:55 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: did you file a bug ;)
Mar 26 22:24:14 <Billynkid>     really worried unity is not going to be ready were down to 6 wks
Mar 26 22:24:16 <UndiFineD>     what to file a bug on if you dont know what went wrong
Mar 26 22:24:27 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: always fun
Mar 26 22:24:50 <UndiFineD>     I prepared a second installation partition for release
Mar 26 22:25:05 <Billynkid>     Going to dl a copy this w/e and have a bash
Mar 26 22:25:16 <mattgriffin>   :)
Mar 26 22:25:39 <mattgriffin>   shall we move on to agenda item #4?
Mar 26 22:25:44 <UndiFineD>     yes
Mar 26 22:25:47 <mattgriffin>   cool
Mar 26 22:25:52 <Billynkid>     cool
Mar 26 22:26:11 <cassidyjames>  Yep
Mar 26 22:26:21 <mattgriffin>   so the creative presentations - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education
Mar 26 22:26:43 <mattgriffin>   anyone want to go first?
Mar 26 22:27:10 <Billynkid>     Sure
Mar 26 22:27:45 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: excellent. are there any materials you'd like to share about the ideas?
Mar 26 22:27:57 <Billynkid>     I'm representing team 101010 tonight
Mar 26 22:28:03 <mattgriffin>   :)
Mar 26 22:28:07 <Billynkid>     Well not exactly
Mar 26 22:28:29 <Billynkid>     I Let me start by explaining our motive
Mar 26 22:28:33 <Billynkid>     or motif
Mar 26 22:29:01 <Billynkid>     The idea we latched onto is to draw people to our brand.
Mar 26 22:29:13 <Billynkid>     So we can explain what Ubuntu could mean to them
Mar 26 22:29:31 <Billynkid>     The tageline is daretobe different
Mar 26 22:30:00 *       mattgriffin nods
Mar 26 22:30:12 <Billynkid>     We are thinking of images such as http://thundafunda.com/33/animals-pictures-nature/dare-to-be-different-pictures.php
Mar 26 22:30:31 <Billynkid>     Alternate ideas we had could be themed around an african idea
Mar 26 22:30:45 <Billynkid>     so for example we have a row of horses one is a zebra
Mar 26 22:31:09 <Billynkid>     we have a row of normalish looking people one is a flamboyant africa lady
Mar 26 22:31:31 <Billynkid>     the thought process I have to admit was thinking along the lines of mac users
Mar 26 22:31:40 <Billynkid>     they dare to be different
Mar 26 22:31:48 <Billynkid>     the last especially
Mar 26 22:32:01 <UndiFineD>     that would quickly be like this 2nd image: http://www.cavdar.net/2008/07/17/born-of-a-cuddly-penguin-tux-linux-mascot/
Mar 26 22:32:14 <Billynkid>     a row of gentle men wearing turtle neck tops one wearing something else
Mar 26 22:32:46 <Billynkid>     In each case we thought the person who is the 'different' person should be doing something
Mar 26 22:32:50 <Billynkid>     holding a laptop
Mar 26 22:32:54 <Billynkid>     using a tablet
Mar 26 22:32:55 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: hmm... lots of options for contrasts
Mar 26 22:33:02 <Billynkid>     exactly
Mar 26 22:33:15 <Billynkid>     also allows a follow up idea
Mar 26 22:33:27 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: and something that can be represented in different cultures/regions of the world
Mar 26 22:33:36 <Billynkid>     indeed
Mar 26 22:34:14 *       mattgriffin listens
Mar 26 22:34:23 <Billynkid>     hiddenpassion.com
Mar 26 22:34:42 <Billynkid>     so shot of say a woman in a suit but somewhere subtle she maybe has an ubuntu logo
Mar 26 22:34:46 <Billynkid>     tatto
Mar 26 22:35:06 <Billynkid>     passionatlydifferent.com
Mar 26 22:35:18 <Billynkid>     by the way the domains arecurrently available
Mar 26 22:35:28 <Billynkid>     that was one thing we though was important
Mar 26 22:35:31 <Billynkid>     a catchy url
Mar 26 22:36:31 <Billynkid>     we have some very impressive cattle in Uganda
Mar 26 22:36:53 <Billynkid>     So imagine a row of jersey cows and http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSxw9SnfacY9I38BPbb8DyIcivymjl-ka25oT2yhAFATRoYTjgMBg&t=1
Mar 26 22:37:05 <mattgriffin>   ok
Mar 26 22:37:26 <Billynkid>     it is one idea but many different flavours
Mar 26 22:38:05 <UndiFineD>     those horns ! most of our cows do not even have any, and the bulls use table knives
Mar 26 22:38:10 <Billynkid>     undefined: did you think that was good or bad?
Mar 26 22:38:18 <Billynkid>     indeed
Mar 26 22:38:56 <Billynkid>     So thoughts?
Mar 26 22:39:05 <mattgriffin>   cool. you mentioned a website. how do you have in mind to propagate this idea or see the imagery?
Mar 26 22:39:28 <Billynkid>     mainly through media ads
Mar 26 22:39:35 <Billynkid>     probably magazine and web
Mar 26 22:39:47 <Billynkid>     with a tagline or minimal animation web banner
Mar 26 22:39:57 <barrydrake>    I thought we had no budget?
Mar 26 22:40:04 <Billynkid>     Would be great if $$$$ to maybe have bus ads
Mar 26 22:40:08 <Billynkid>     ;-)
Mar 26 22:40:30 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: ok. i can see it also being fashioned into a website/blog banner that links to http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download
Mar 26 22:40:44 <Billynkid>     Barrydrake we don't but I never let $$$ get in the way of good idea. Call me optimistic ;-)
Mar 26 22:40:48 <UndiFineD>     the contrasts could work, but I do not know it that is something everyone supports, it may be too much incompatible, and we want windows users to make the switch, so show the different but the same as well
Mar 26 22:40:49 <mattgriffin>   right... budget = $0
Mar 26 22:41:22 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i like the idea. it reminds me of http://cbregister.com/media/blogs/blog/random/2010/3/hard-rock-ad.jpg
Mar 26 22:41:37 <Billynkid>     Ok so the contrasts maybe more subtle or regonizable
Mar 26 22:41:43 <Billynkid>     also we can also swap them
Mar 26 22:41:52 <Billynkid>     so a row of ankole cattle and one jersey
Mar 26 22:42:00 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: hard rock cafe did a series of ads that showed people's hidden passions in this manner (humdrum everyday life)
Mar 26 22:42:07 <Billynkid>     depends where the ad is being consumed
Mar 26 22:42:25 <Billynkid>     Absolute vodka also
Mar 26 22:42:34 <Billynkid>     no smirnoff
Mar 26 22:42:54 <Billynkid>     the image behind the bottle
Mar 26 22:43:22 <Billynkid>     cool hard rock ad
Mar 26 22:43:32 <Billynkid>     but exactly
Mar 26 22:43:44 <Billynkid>     Your different but not
Mar 26 22:43:54 <Billynkid>     Ubuntu is different but not
Mar 26 22:44:00 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i think it could be kept to $0 if it was things like badges (like the release countdown that some put on their blog)
Mar 26 22:44:01 <UndiFineD>     like the past days I had to watch Legally Blonde, with my girls, where she buys a pink apple while all the other law students have a black laptop
Mar 26 22:44:21 <Billynkid>     hahaha
Mar 26 22:44:24 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: hehe
Mar 26 22:44:38 <Billynkid>     But yes
Mar 26 22:45:00 <Billynkid>     By the way how are we grading ideas?
Mar 26 22:45:11 <Billynkid>     should we have some critera
Mar 26 22:45:16 <Billynkid>     simple score?
Mar 26 22:45:18 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: the thing i'm concerned about is how is the creative going to be spread with $0... that's the challenge
Mar 26 22:45:44 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: thumbs up/down?
Mar 26 22:45:45 <mattgriffin>   :)
Mar 26 22:45:49 <barrydrake>    I think we are more or less limited to social networking sites
Mar 26 22:45:52 <Jitse> That's what I have been thinking about
Mar 26 22:45:54 <UndiFineD>     did you guys notice what lady gaga did with her latest video ?
Mar 26 22:45:56 <Billynkid>     could we approach canonical?
Mar 26 22:46:01 <mattgriffin>   barrydrake: right
Mar 26 22:46:17 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: didn't see it
Mar 26 22:46:19 <Billynkid>     UndiFined: Nope. link?
Mar 26 22:46:51 <UndiFineD>     of course this was done by other people, but they put it up on youtube, and every other song you come by, they link back to hers
Mar 26 22:47:10 <UndiFineD>     hence the 80 mil views for it
Mar 26 22:47:22 <Billynkid>     Ohh that reminds me
Mar 26 22:47:32 <Billynkid>     of a ubuntu 11.04 ad I saw
Mar 26 22:47:40 <Billynkid>     but can leave it till AOB?
Mar 26 22:47:42 <UndiFineD>     oh 25 mil
Mar 26 22:47:43 <UndiFineD>     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV1FrqwZyKw
Mar 26 22:47:53 <Billynkid>     not rebecca black I hope ;-)
Mar 26 22:48:04 <mattgriffin>   fried egg
Mar 26 22:49:18 <UndiFineD>     videos can be easily spread online, and many loco teams have a promotion team
Mar 26 22:49:43 <UndiFineD>     physical spreading depends on the good heart of the loco
Mar 26 22:50:37 <UndiFineD>     svg sources would be handy here, to allow alterations of images that fit the local languages
Mar 26 22:50:49 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: ok
Mar 26 22:51:15 <mattgriffin>   80 mil views would be nice
Mar 26 22:51:21 <UndiFineD>     hehehe
Mar 26 22:51:40 <Billynkid>     Well rebecca black got 30 mill singing about days of the week
Mar 26 22:51:48 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: heh
Mar 26 22:52:19 <Billynkid>     But it does make you think
Mar 26 22:52:35 <barrydrake>    If any of you creative guys have time, I want to use a leaflet with a photo of a really classy PC chained up with a big padlock on the front.  The caption will be: "set your PC free - Ubuntu"
Mar 26 22:52:42 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: i like the concept but there's still some unanswered questions about the media - how it's going to get in front of the target for a low/no cost
Mar 26 22:53:18 <Billynkid>     barrydrake that was one of tags we tried to come up with
Mar 26 22:53:26 <UndiFineD>     well, as I said, during UDS-N, if needed I am willing to go door-to-door here
Mar 26 22:53:47 <Billynkid>     daretobefree etc problem is they have all been used
Mar 26 22:53:52 <Billynkid>     or over used
Mar 26 22:53:55 <Jitse> mattgriffin: I have been working on a platform for spreading the adverts, it's yet another social network Tumblr. http://ubuntulinux.tumblr.com
Mar 26 22:54:19 *       mattgriffin looks
Mar 26 22:54:50 <Jitse> This is what I made before I teamed up with Matthew Upchurch
Mar 26 22:54:51 <mattgriffin>   Jitse: cool info. we still have the problem of how to get people here
Mar 26 22:55:28 <mattgriffin>   but it's good to have a presence on tumblr
Mar 26 22:55:35 <mattgriffin>   so people can follow
Mar 26 22:56:20 <Jitse> It has 13 followers so far and a couple of 'reblogs' too
Mar 26 22:56:27 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool. would you call this idea 'daretobe'?
Mar 26 22:56:29 <UndiFineD>     once we have campaign #1 we have more foothold to urgently request from the local teams to involve their promotional teams to work with us, and improve future campaigns
Mar 26 22:56:50 <UndiFineD>     dare to be diff ?
Mar 26 22:56:50 *       mattgriffin nods
Mar 26 22:57:01 <mattgriffin>   ok
Mar 26 22:57:19 <UndiFineD>     then they can patch us :P
Mar 26 22:57:25 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: just so we have a way to refer to that idea in relation to other ideas
Mar 26 22:57:42 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: any other ideas to discuss?
Mar 26 22:57:59 <mattgriffin>   idea 1 - date to be diff
Mar 26 22:58:06 <mattgriffin>   doh!
Mar 26 22:58:11 <UndiFineD>     yes, barry and I are going for EMEA ubuntu membership
Mar 26 22:58:16 <mattgriffin>   idea 1 - dare to be diff
Mar 26 22:58:26 <UndiFineD>     a testamonial from you guys would be a great addtion
Mar 26 22:58:55 <UndiFineD>     the meeting is april 5th
Mar 26 22:58:56 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: cool. got that on the agenda - #8
Mar 26 22:59:36 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin:yes
Mar 26 22:59:56 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: sorry. other ideas to share?
Mar 26 23:00:21 <Billynkid>     not really.
Mar 26 23:00:38 <Billynkid>     I guess the dare to be different and then the hiddenpassion might be two
Mar 26 23:00:47 <Billynkid>     or just 1 with multiple parts
Mar 26 23:00:50 <Billynkid>     >
Mar 26 23:01:04 <UndiFineD>     Billynkid, if you need help somewhere feel free to ask
Mar 26 23:01:04 <barrydrake>    And 'set your PC free
Mar 26 23:01:24 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: how would you say that 'dare to be diff' and hiddenpassion are different?
Mar 26 23:01:48 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: or just alternative ways to describe the idea?
Mar 26 23:02:42 <Billynkid>     exactly or expand and reinforce the idea. you know how a campaign calls on a theme your already familar with
Mar 26 23:03:00 <Billynkid>     so for hidden passion the ads might use imagery from the first idea
Mar 26 23:03:05 <Billynkid>     but close ups etc
Mar 26 23:03:22 <Billynkid>     not sure they are two ideas more like one in two parts
Mar 26 23:03:32 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: gotcha
Mar 26 23:04:05 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: there could be multiple ways to say the same thing... and perhaps some variety in the message is a good thing
Mar 26 23:05:04 <mattgriffin>   i have some ideas that i'd like to share - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/Team0
Mar 26 23:05:11 <mattgriffin>   3 actually
Mar 26 23:05:28 <mattgriffin>   and the first is a little like Billynkid's :)
Mar 26 23:05:52 <Billynkid>     great minds ;-)
Mar 26 23:05:55 <mattgriffin>   hehe
Mar 26 23:06:47 <mattgriffin>   the idea is to contrast limited choice and variety ... and put it in the context of everyday items
Mar 26 23:07:19 <mattgriffin>   like brands/types of cars, shoes, hairstyles, etc.
Mar 26 23:07:28 <Billynkid>     haha idea 3 is just like crysis 2
Mar 26 23:07:35 <mattgriffin>   the everyday items that everyone buys
Mar 26 23:08:55 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: could you even reduce the choice to 1
Mar 26 23:08:56 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin, does that mean we are getting adobe software in ubuntu software center ?
Mar 26 23:08:56 <mattgriffin>   so compare this limited choice and try to bring up the feeling that you get when someone might say you can have haircut A or haircut B and that is all
Mar 26 23:09:07 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: hahahaha
Mar 26 23:09:15 <UndiFineD>     common please ?
Mar 26 23:09:20 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: flash is there already ;)
Mar 26 23:09:20 <UndiFineD>     pretty please
Mar 26 23:09:30 <Billynkid>     with bells on?
Mar 26 23:09:55 *       cassidyjamesEVO (~cassidyja@173-28-4-49.client.mchsi.com) has joined #ubuntu-adverts
Mar 26 23:10:02 <mattgriffin>   for mediums that could be used to communicate this idea...
Mar 26 23:10:07 <mattgriffin>   i couldn't come up with much :(
Mar 26 23:10:12 <mattgriffin>   that's free
Mar 26 23:10:44 <mattgriffin>   using twitter topics is possible but i'm doubtful that it would catch on
Mar 26 23:11:21 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHHwfywyccg
Mar 26 23:11:37 <mattgriffin>   so i'm doubtful that this idea would reach the target in sizable numbers
Mar 26 23:11:38 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin, very important with 3 of a kind, make the third option seem better :)
Mar 26 23:11:55 <Billynkid>     SO buying this game
Mar 26 23:12:09 *       mattgriffin watches
Mar 26 23:12:16 *       cassidyjames has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
Mar 26 23:12:47 <UndiFineD>     what are sizeable numbers ?
Mar 26 23:13:31 <UndiFineD>     what is a number canonical is aiming for
Mar 26 23:13:48 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: a million people? pulled that out of the air
Mar 26 23:14:11 <mattgriffin>   it would be nice to reach a million windows users with a message about why they should try Ubuntu
Mar 26 23:15:18 <UndiFineD>     windows 8 is in development,the first screenshot has been released last week ?
Mar 26 23:15:42 <UndiFineD>     it is not to far from gnome3 and unity
Mar 26 23:16:20 <UndiFineD>     may have a lost and found campaign
Mar 26 23:16:25 <mattgriffin>   ok. that's all i have for "There are only 2 options"
Mar 26 23:17:04 <barrydrake>    Sorry - gotta go now.  I'll catch up when I know where the log is.  G'night
Mar 26 23:17:04 <UndiFineD>     windows seems to loose options they had before, while linux is gaining
Mar 26 23:17:22 <mattgriffin>   my opinion - lots of ways that it can be executed, it shows a contrast but maybe not that strong, and problem with spreading the message
Mar 26 23:17:38 <UndiFineD>     sleep well barry
Mar 26 23:17:47 *       barrydrake has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Mar 26 23:17:53 <mattgriffin>   how about "1001 ways that Ubuntu is great" ...
Mar 26 23:18:11 <mattgriffin>   this is all about trying to be a trending topic on twitter
Mar 26 23:18:12 <UndiFineD>     that would make a great video
Mar 26 23:18:51 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: looooong video ;)
Mar 26 23:19:05 <UndiFineD>     alternating real life with screens
Mar 26 23:19:22 <Billynkid>     maybe a 101 ways and fire through them quickly
Mar 26 23:19:26 <Billynkid>     v. quickly ;-)
Mar 26 23:19:37 <Billynkid>     almost a second an idea
Mar 26 23:19:51 <Billynkid>     might be a blur
Mar 26 23:20:10 <Jitse> I'm sorry, I need to get some sleep now. Have to get up really early tomorrow. Goodnight.
Mar 26 23:20:11 <mattgriffin>   videos could be part of it... this idea relies on people submitting text strings of why Ubuntu is great but they could submit their own screencasts
Mar 26 23:20:19 <mattgriffin>   Jitse: night
Mar 26 23:20:59 <UndiFineD>     well if you want trending, ask everyone to make 5 posts mentioning @#ubuntu dont know which to use
Mar 26 23:21:02 <mattgriffin>   the idea calls for building some kind of an editorial review process but that might not be necessary... i added it for quality control :)
Mar 26 23:21:08 *       Jitse has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
Mar 26 23:21:28 <Billynkid>     the problem is would it become basically spam?
Mar 26 23:21:54 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: but the goal is to drive people to http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download
Mar 26 23:22:23 <UndiFineD>     when are we releasing 11.04 ?
Mar 26 23:22:25 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: it could be spam... good point... good chance of that if it comes from the same twitter account
Mar 26 23:22:38 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: 28 April
Mar 26 23:22:46 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: how to make it viral
Mar 26 23:23:04 <Billynkid>     could we employ a bit of redirection like xbox did
Mar 26 23:23:07 <UndiFineD>     no if everyone mentions 5 posts on ubuntu expressing some positive things
Mar 26 23:23:17 <UndiFineD>     they make up on their own
Mar 26 23:23:22 <Billynkid>     with a completely non releated topic/puzzle
Mar 26 23:23:33 <Billynkid>     but use twitter to spread the clues
Mar 26 23:23:45 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: hmm... a game. interesting
Mar 26 23:23:51 <Billynkid>     yep
Mar 26 23:25:04 <UndiFineD>     what starts with you, ends with you and is about all of us at the same time ?
Mar 26 23:25:15 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: :)
Mar 26 23:25:43 <UndiFineD>     what word*
Mar 26 23:26:44 <Billynkid>     give up?
Mar 26 23:26:56 <mattgriffin>   yes
Mar 26 23:27:35 <UndiFineD>     twittered
Mar 26 23:28:50 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: i like the idea of the game. thinking of something that is interesting to the target windows users and gets them someone to try ubuntu is important
Mar 26 23:29:07 <UndiFineD>     mattgriffin, how many accounts do you have ?
Mar 26 23:29:39 <UndiFineD>     or do you have so many alike named persons ?
Mar 26 23:29:55 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: mattpgriffin
Mar 26 23:30:31 <UndiFineD>     anyone else wants me to follow ?
Mar 26 23:31:12 <UndiFineD>     they could just as well called it stalking
Mar 26 23:31:30 <mattgriffin>   hehe
Mar 26 23:31:52 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: i like the game idea but it will need some thinking
Mar 26 23:32:04 <Billynkid>     mattgriffin: it does
Mar 26 23:32:20 <mattgriffin>   so then there's my third idea - "Operation Ubuntu"
Mar 26 23:32:21 <Billynkid>     it might need some professional advice
Mar 26 23:33:02 <mattgriffin>   which takes this idea (http://chriskenyon.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/04/operation-london-loves-lucid.html) a little further
Mar 26 23:33:04 <Billynkid>     I guess I was also thinking along the same lines regards a url
Mar 26 23:33:36 <Billynkid>     you a banksy fan?
Mar 26 23:34:01 <Billynkid>     guerrilla marketing
Mar 26 23:34:07 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: hehe... exactly
Mar 26 23:34:19 <Billynkid>     put the brand in place people don't expect to see it
Mar 26 23:34:20 <mattgriffin>   but helping the community to take part
Mar 26 23:34:50 <Billynkid>     the trick is to be subtle but also not
Mar 26 23:34:57 <Billynkid>     too subtle
Mar 26 23:35:02 <mattgriffin>   with just the name 'ubuntu' there's not any call to action ... if a url is used (or a QR code) then people can do something with it
Mar 26 23:35:20 <Billynkid>     might tie into the game idea nicely
Mar 26 23:35:29 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: yeah. it might
Mar 26 23:35:29 <Billynkid>     how about qr codes that are clues
Mar 26 23:35:48 <Billynkid>     could even tie into location based ideas
Mar 26 23:35:48 *       mattgriffin nods
Mar 26 23:35:57 <Billynkid>     problem is we can't make it too geeky
Mar 26 23:36:22 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: right. it has been be interesting to non-geeks
Mar 26 23:36:38 <Billynkid>     qr codes = qr codes reader
Mar 26 23:37:12 <mattgriffin>   iPhone - have to download an app; Android - i think they all support out of the box with the camera
Mar 26 23:37:33 <UndiFineD>     well todays trend must be #earthhour
Mar 26 23:38:13 <mattgriffin>   heh
Mar 26 23:38:18 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: looks that way
Mar 26 23:38:52 <UndiFineD>     no, android needs an app too
Mar 26 23:38:57 <mattgriffin>   :(
Mar 26 23:38:57 <mattgriffin>   ok
Mar 26 23:39:02 <UndiFineD>     at least mine did
Mar 26 23:39:02 <mattgriffin>   good to know
Mar 26 23:39:19 <mattgriffin>   any questions about "Operation Ubuntu"?
Mar 26 23:39:21 <UndiFineD>     but people know what it is, and most have it
Mar 26 23:41:25 <Billynkid>     the only issue I have with op ubuntu is it might be aimed at a narrow market
Mar 26 23:41:39 <Billynkid>     in terms of age
Mar 26 23:42:23 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: what age would you think it would reach?
Mar 26 23:42:47 <Billynkid>     same as the gaming market 18-35
Mar 26 23:42:51 <Billynkid>     ish
Mar 26 23:42:58 <UndiFineD>     if I explain it to my mom, even she knows QR code, and she is 68
Mar 26 23:43:20 <UndiFineD>     Billynkid, I am 34
Mar 26 23:43:23 <Billynkid>     UndiFined: yep but Mum certainly doesn't
Mar 26 23:43:28 <Billynkid>     34 too
Mar 26 23:44:20 <Billynkid>     it might just be too clever
Mar 26 23:44:23 <Billynkid>     I like it
Mar 26 23:44:28 <UndiFineD>     often the elderly have more time to get some training in computers, they sociallize more and discuss what they encountered
Mar 26 23:44:34 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: i think that would be a good demographic to reach... as an elderly 35 year old, i'd be on the cusp of finding this interesting ... but couldn't stay out too late to see it
Mar 26 23:44:47 <Billynkid>     LOL
Mar 26 23:45:08 <Billynkid>     thanks Matt looking forward to my birthday now ;-)
Mar 26 23:45:24 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: hehe
Mar 26 23:46:06 <Billynkid>     got to be careful with guerilla marketing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerrilla_marketing
Mar 26 23:46:19 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: i think you're right that it would reach a younger age group (they would be willing to make a projector and project it ... and they'd be out at night walking around to see it)
Mar 26 23:46:59 <Billynkid>     problem is it does need $$$
Mar 26 23:47:15 <Billynkid>     fuel, equip,
Mar 26 23:47:15 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: bail money?
Mar 26 23:47:22 <Billynkid>     hahaha bail money
Mar 26 23:47:23 <UndiFineD>     lol
Mar 26 23:47:36 <Billynkid>     maybe we could ask Julian Assange lawyer then again....
Mar 26 23:47:38 <UndiFineD>     pleia2, add your insight
Mar 26 23:47:40 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: good point.. i don't know what it would cost to make a projector
Mar 26 23:47:50 *       hakimsheriff (~hakimsher@modemcable098.122-130-66.mc.videotron.ca) has joined #ubuntu-adverts
Mar 26 23:47:55 <UndiFineD>     hey hakimsheriff 
Mar 26 23:48:05 <Billynkid>     eveing Hakimsherriff
Mar 26 23:48:14 <UndiFineD>     we are having a meeting
Mar 26 23:48:20 <hakimsheriff>  Did I miss the meeting?
Mar 26 23:48:24 <hakimsheriff>  I just recieved the e-mail
Mar 26 23:48:45 <UndiFineD>     how do you feel about bail money  ?
Mar 26 23:48:46 <hakimsheriff>  did it start a long time ago?
Mar 26 23:48:51 <mattgriffin>   haha
Mar 26 23:49:03 <UndiFineD>     yes ... 
Mar 26 23:49:47 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD, Billynkid: i think we need to wrap this up...
Mar 26 23:49:47 <UndiFineD>     http://openetherpad.org/udqiPQ7pFy
Mar 26 23:50:00 <mattgriffin>   there are 5 ideas that we've come up with so far - idea 1: dare to be different, hidden passion, set your PC free; idea 2: a game :) TBD; idea 3: There are not only 2 options; idea 4: 1001 ways that Ubuntu is great; idea 5: Operation Ubuntu
Mar 26 23:50:17 <Billynkid>     agreed
Mar 26 23:50:23 <Billynkid>     any more?
Mar 26 23:50:56 <mattgriffin>   do you want to decide which to focus on now or come up with more ideas for the next meeting?
Mar 26 23:51:05 <UndiFineD>     may have a lost and found campaign ?
Mar 26 23:51:26 <UndiFineD>     show them what they are missing out on
Mar 26 23:51:27 <Billynkid>     UndiFined: Expand?
Mar 26 23:51:44 <UndiFineD>     as windows is featuring less and less
Mar 26 23:52:04 <UndiFineD>     show them the extra bonus they get when using ubuntu
Mar 26 23:52:35 <Billynkid>     How about a split screen showing the face of the same guy
Mar 26 23:52:46 <Billynkid>     on the left he is using Windows on the right UBuntu
Mar 26 23:53:02 <Billynkid>     on the left the guy is cursing and looking annoyed all the time
Mar 26 23:53:13 <Billynkid>     the guy on the right looks happy and calm
Mar 26 23:53:37 <Billynkid>     after a while he looks over at the guys on the left and chuckles, winks to the camera?
Mar 26 23:54:49 <hakimsheriff>  Billynkid, I like that idea
Mar 26 23:54:55 <Billynkid>     UndiFined: What extra bonuses did you have in mind
Mar 26 23:54:56 <UndiFineD>     that needs a camera team, and so far we have not much luck putting that together
Mar 26 23:55:04 *       mattgriffin can't see how that's going to reach lots of people
Mar 26 23:55:32 <UndiFineD>     Billynkid, bonusses ... hmm, well anything that has been forced out of windows
Mar 26 23:55:36 <mattgriffin>   i think it conveys a valid point though
Mar 26 23:58:29 <mattgriffin>   how about we have another creative review at the next meeting focused on the first campaign? expand on some if these ideas and really focus on how it is going to reach the target of the campaign (see the creative brief) :)
Mar 26 23:58:54 <mattgriffin>   and Billynkid can put some time into thinking about some kind of a game :)
Mar 26 23:59:12 <Billynkid>     hahaha mattgriffin damn my brain
Mar 26 23:59:17 <hakimsheriff>  But how do we show all these ads?
Mar 26 23:59:31 <hakimsheriff>  how do they get to the public?
Mar 26 23:59:39 <Billynkid>     I think so far we've have said social media and websites
Mar 26 23:59:56 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: that's what i'm saying. considering that the budget is $0, we need to put some thought into that
Mar 27 00:00:11 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: what Billynkid said :)
Mar 27 00:00:12 <hakimsheriff>  I could upload them to youtube bu it won't get many viewers
Mar 27 00:00:44 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: right... only if it's interesting ... and we're targeting a specific segment so the vid has to be interesting to those people
Mar 27 00:01:06 <Billynkid>     maybe a website url that links to a youtube vid
Mar 27 00:01:20 <Billynkid>     we could hire rebecca black to sing for us
Mar 27 00:01:33 <Billynkid>     actually scrap that she's too expensive
Mar 27 00:01:36 <mattgriffin>   LOL
Mar 27 00:01:41 <Billynkid>     matt you good at singing
Mar 27 00:01:45 <Billynkid>     duet
Mar 27 00:01:48 <Darael>        I'm a singer.
Mar 27 00:01:51 <mattgriffin>   better than her
Mar 27 00:02:16 <Billynkid>     could we play on that....
Mar 27 00:02:27 <Billynkid>     At least we can sing....
Mar 27 00:02:40 <Billynkid>     real better than fake...
Mar 27 00:03:20 <Darael>        Possibly.  Although we'd probably not want a male voice, if we were going to make that particular comparison...
Mar 27 00:04:10 <Billynkid>     true, I guess I wasn't meaning singing per se more about the ability to tell quality from not
Mar 27 00:04:24 <Billynkid>     just cause something is popular doesn't mean it's good
Mar 27 00:04:52 <Billynkid>     she has 30mill hits but all dislikes
Mar 27 00:04:55 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: hehe... ok. let's get back on track and wrap up ... my stomach is growling
Mar 27 00:05:00 <Billynkid>     ok
Mar 27 00:05:07 <Billynkid>     sorry mind running away
Mar 27 00:05:25 <Billynkid>     So item #5 is next week?
Mar 27 00:05:52 <mattgriffin>   np. let's have another cut at creative ideas. feel free to put stuff on the wiki ... even ideas in progress. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/
Mar 27 00:06:07 <mattgriffin>   form a team if you're not already on one and add it to the wiki
Mar 27 00:06:15 <hakimsheriff>  By the way.... I need some audio ads for a radio station.
Mar 27 00:06:38 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: by when?
Mar 27 00:06:52 <hakimsheriff>  as soon as possible but no rush
Mar 27 00:06:57 <mattgriffin>   heh
Mar 27 00:07:04 <Billynkid>     hahaha knew it yesterday
Mar 27 00:07:13 <Billynkid>     free ads?
Mar 27 00:07:17 <hakimsheriff>  the sooner i get it the sooner it can be played and the more it can be played.
Mar 27 00:07:19 <hakimsheriff>  free
Mar 27 00:07:32 <hakimsheriff>  if i can convince the station owner
Mar 27 00:07:45 <hakimsheriff>  or i can pay for it.
Mar 27 00:08:38 <UndiFineD>     what station, can we listen in ?
Mar 27 00:09:00 <Darael>        Presumably, then, we need to come up with a script and then record it... Personally, I'd be much more useful for the latter than the former.
Mar 27 00:09:38 <hakimsheriff>  DOn't know yet. I was thinking djsradio.co.uk or a local station here in montreal
Mar 27 00:09:48 <hakimsheriff>  Depends who agrees
Mar 27 00:11:28 *       Billynkid has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
Mar 27 00:11:45 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: if this advert opportunity is guaranteed, it could be the focus medium of this fist campaign. is this a big station? like a big audience?
Mar 27 00:12:00 <mattgriffin>   er... what kind of music/audience?
Mar 27 00:12:07 <UndiFineD>     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/UAT/QR.png
Mar 27 00:12:26 <hakimsheriff>  mattgriffin, all tyoes of music, not very big, but not sure yet if they would agree, let me ask them now
Mar 27 00:12:38 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: cool
Mar 27 00:13:27 <mattgriffin>   i think we should start to wrap up ... getting late
Mar 27 00:13:38 <UndiFineD>     yes, you need to eat
Mar 27 00:13:41 <mattgriffin>   :)
Mar 27 00:13:48 <mattgriffin>   more like my wife needs to eat
Mar 27 00:13:54 *       Billynkid (~Billynkid@h2d85.n1.ips.mtn.co.ug) has joined #ubuntu-adverts
Mar 27 00:13:59 <UndiFineD>     ah, you are cooking ?
Mar 27 00:14:07 <UndiFineD>     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/UAT/QR.png
Mar 27 00:14:11 <mattgriffin>   no way. hoping to convince her to get pizza
Mar 27 00:14:34 <UndiFineD>     pizza, nice, but what about indonesian ?
Mar 27 00:15:07 <Billynkid>     Sorry rain storm rolled in an killed my  netconnection
Mar 27 00:15:07 <Billynkid>     where are we?
Mar 27 00:15:07 <Billynkid>     Billynkid: Can we skip #6
Mar 27 00:15:10 <mattgriffin>   maybe. i'll have to check a local food guide
Mar 27 00:15:12 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: np
Mar 27 00:15:13 <Billynkid>     Billynkid: there is a process
Mar 27 00:15:25 <pleia2>        UndiFineD: sorry, insight? I haven't read the buffer back far enough for context :)
Mar 27 00:15:31 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: yes.. we'll do #6 next meeting
Mar 27 00:15:40 <Billynkid>     Billynkid: and it does help if other members give references
Mar 27 00:15:40 <Billynkid>     I sent the above
Mar 27 00:15:40 <UndiFineD>     pleia2, :)
Mar 27 00:15:51 <mattgriffin>   pleia2: http://openetherpad.org/udqiPQ7pFy
Mar 27 00:15:53 <UndiFineD>     we are near the end of this meeting
Mar 27 00:16:08 <mattgriffin>   pleia2: the agenda we started with ^
Mar 27 00:16:18 <hakimsheriff>  The radio station said they cant do it for free :(
Mar 27 00:16:28 <pleia2>        any point in particular?
Mar 27 00:16:30 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: :( ok
Mar 27 00:16:35 <UndiFineD>     maybe we should poke people in here at the start of the meeting
Mar 27 00:16:48 <hakimsheriff>  they could play it for cash and/or equipment
Mar 27 00:16:48 <mattgriffin>   pleia2: we were about to start #7 and finish
Mar 27 00:16:54 <UndiFineD>     pleia2, bail money
Mar 27 00:16:59 <pleia2>        UndiFineD: thanks
Mar 27 00:17:04 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: ok
Mar 27 00:17:38 <Billynkid>     my pings currently 27secs!
Mar 27 00:17:49 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: congratulations :)
Mar 27 00:18:00 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: added a few items to #7 for next time's agenda
Mar 27 00:18:02 <Billynkid>     Rainstorm+3G = bad!
Mar 27 00:18:23 <hakimsheriff>   the owner told me if Ubuntu gives them some stuff from the shop we can work something out
Mar 27 00:19:01 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: ok. can't do that. sorry
Mar 27 00:19:06 <Billynkid>     HakimSherrif, such as? T-shirts? Mugs?
Mar 27 00:19:23 <UndiFineD>     so next meeting in 1 or 2 weeks ?
Mar 27 00:19:33 <Billynkid>     he can get some free cd's from shipit
Mar 27 00:19:33 <hakimsheriff>  Billynkid, I guess so
Mar 27 00:19:48 <UndiFineD>     I think 2, as next week is UGJ
Mar 27 00:19:55 <hakimsheriff>  Should I tell him that or we get cd's and send it to him
Mar 27 00:20:07 <Billynkid>     two please
Mar 27 00:20:07 <Billynkid>     am in zurich next week
Mar 27 00:20:20 <Billynkid>     or in the air to be more precise
Mar 27 00:20:20 <UndiFineD>     skying ?
Mar 27 00:20:28 <UndiFineD>     skiing 
Mar 27 00:20:31 <UndiFineD>     ...
Mar 27 00:20:39 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: nah
Mar 27 00:20:58 <Billynkid>     UGJ?
Mar 27 00:20:59 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid, UndiFineD: ok. added to agenda. next meeting is 9 April. same time
Mar 27 00:21:24 <Billynkid>     Ubuntu Gopher Jumping?
Mar 27 00:21:28 <hakimsheriff>  put it on the fridge calendar or i will forget
Mar 27 00:21:45 <UndiFineD>     Billynkid, close
Mar 27 00:21:47 <Billynkid>     Cool
Mar 27 00:21:52 <UndiFineD>     Ubuntu Global Jam
Mar 27 00:21:57 <Billynkid>     Ahhh
Mar 27 00:22:01 <Billynkid>     cool
Mar 27 00:22:06 <hakimsheriff>  Its not gonna work
Mar 27 00:22:12 <UndiFineD>     the jam is made of fallen gophers
Mar 27 00:22:19 <hakimsheriff>  he says for 13 weeks it would cost 300$
Mar 27 00:22:19 <mattgriffin>   yum!
Mar 27 00:22:27 <Billynkid>     tasty on bread
Mar 27 00:22:34 <Billynkid>     Ubuntu Jam!
Mar 27 00:22:38 <Billynkid>     dude!
Mar 27 00:22:40 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: good to know
Mar 27 00:22:46 <Billynkid>     has to be blackcurrent though
Mar 27 00:22:52 <Billynkid>     do we know any jam makers
Mar 27 00:22:57 <hakimsheriff>  mattgriffin, so we forget about that but i can try another station
Mar 27 00:23:10 <Billynkid>     made from oselotting ollycats
Mar 27 00:23:26 <UndiFineD>     :)
Mar 27 00:23:42 <Billynkid>     hakimsheriff offer to go on and talk about ubuntu on a dead slot
Mar 27 00:23:45 <Billynkid>     content
Mar 27 00:23:49 <Billynkid>     might work?
Mar 27 00:24:04 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: yeah. check around and see what you can get for $0 ... the medium is something that's up in the air so free radio spots might be a good fit for some of the adverts
Mar 27 00:24:35 <mattgriffin>   Billynkid: good point on content
Mar 27 00:24:54 <mattgriffin>   ok... i need to check out
Mar 27 00:25:14 <mattgriffin>   thanks for the time guys. we'll keep plugging away at this.
Mar 27 00:25:19 <Billynkid>     Cool
Mar 27 00:25:59 <mattgriffin>   funny pic from keybuk - http://instagr.am/p/CkUiF/
Mar 27 00:26:10 <UndiFineD>     well you could fill a full stream with all the radio and small shows around linux
Mar 27 00:26:31 <mattgriffin>   "This coffee shop looks like an Apple Store"
Mar 27 00:26:39 <hakimsheriff>  The owner says we have to send him an e-mail about our plan
Mar 27 00:27:04 <hakimsheriff>  we need to reord the show in advance and send it to him
Mar 27 00:27:12 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff: ok. cool. yeah, maybe a series of quick little tech updates about open source and Ubuntu
Mar 27 00:27:15 <UndiFineD>     he is on my twitter
Mar 27 00:27:27 <Billynkid>     Could we get people to ring radio stations and randomly talk about linux
Mar 27 00:27:59 <UndiFineD>     not to forget off-the-wall / off-the-hook
Mar 27 00:28:35 <Billynkid>     it costs a phone call but if everyone did a few
Mar 27 00:28:41 <Billynkid>     kind of flash mob idea
Mar 27 00:28:47 <Billynkid>     even that
Mar 27 00:28:52 <Billynkid>     ubuntu flash mob
Mar 27 00:28:53 <mattgriffin>   i added the idea to the list (or a variation of it)
Mar 27 00:29:13 <Billynkid>     I think we need to think less 0$ and more split costs
Mar 27 00:29:24 <Billynkid>     ie if we can get people to donate time and there time
Mar 27 00:29:37 <hakimsheriff>  Billynkid, Thats a super IDEA!!!!
Mar 27 00:30:24 <mattgriffin>   hakimsheriff, Billynkid: it could even be a series of 1 min computer tips and focus on open source software and Ubuntu
Mar 27 00:31:13 <Billynkid>     Could be funny also
Mar 27 00:31:17 <mattgriffin>   i listen to a big station from Chicago and their Internet steam has a couple of similar tech news updates created by CNET
Mar 27 00:31:25 <Billynkid>     so a radio talk show about say libya
Mar 27 00:32:12 <Billynkid>     and we ring and say well if everyone used ubuntu type philsophies
Mar 27 00:32:32 <mattgriffin>   heh
Mar 27 00:32:35 <Billynkid>     the world might be better place
Mar 27 00:32:40 <hakimsheriff>  lol
Mar 27 00:32:52 <Billynkid>     kind of video/audio bomb
Mar 27 00:33:17 <Billynkid>     might also annoy the media
Mar 27 00:33:38 <hakimsheriff>  Billynkid, But at least Ubuntu will be known and SUPER popular
Mar 27 00:34:07 <hakimsheriff>  Or we can hack into super popular websites like google and replae the google logo with a Ubuntu one
Mar 27 00:34:16 <hakimsheriff>  Just Kidding :P lol
Mar 27 00:34:37 <mattgriffin>   ok. on that note... i'm out :)
Mar 27 00:34:41 <UndiFineD>     hah
Mar 27 00:34:47 <hakimsheriff>  mattgriffin, Bye
Mar 27 00:34:55 <mattgriffin>   bye all. have a great weekend
Mar 27 00:34:55 <UndiFineD>     I will put the notes up
Mar 27 00:35:16 <UndiFineD>     matt when you have time, contact me
Mar 27 00:35:28 <mattgriffin>   UndiFineD: ok
Mar 27 00:35:39 *       mattgriffin has quit (Quit: Bye)
Mar 27 00:35:49 <Billynkid>     Night
Mar 27 00:36:02 <UndiFineD>     have fun people
Mar 27 00:36:08 *       Billynkid (~Billynkid@h2d85.n1.ips.mtn.co.ug) has left #ubuntu-adverts
Mar 27 00:36:36 <UndiFineD>     hakimsheriff, which station is it ?
Mar 27 00:36:47 <hakimsheriff>  djsradio.co.uk
Mar 27 00:37:05 <hakimsheriff>  but they want us to send them an e-mail at shaun@djsradio.co.uk
Mar 27 00:37:29 <hakimsheriff>  UndiFineD, You frog! lol
Mar 27 00:38:39 <UndiFineD>     :0
Mar 27 00:39:07 <UndiFineD>     I think we could gather enough shows to make a tv station
Mar 27 00:39:26 <UndiFineD>     or a stream 
Mar 27 00:40:45 <hakimsheriff>  on ustream.tv!
Mar 27 00:41:00 <UndiFineD>     I was thinking tv.ubuntu.com
Mar 27 00:46:36 <UndiFineD>     oh there already is a radio show in german
Mar 27 00:46:46 <UndiFineD>     #ubuntu-radio 

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