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(03:58:34 PM) hakimsheriff: Hey Guys
(03:58:43 PM) hakimsheriff: is there a meeting starting soon?
(03:58:43 PM) barrydrake: Hi
(03:58:50 PM) barrydrake: I hope so
(03:59:52 PM) hakimsheriff: me too, i had to miss an apointment for it
(04:00:25 PM) hakimsheriff: I miss a lot of meetings so I thought that i should really come
(04:00:31 PM) mattgriffin: hello :)
(04:00:34 PM) barrydrake: good to see you
(04:00:41 PM) mattgriffin: let's have a meeting
(04:00:55 PM) barrydrake: ready
(04:01:11 PM) mattgriffin: first of all, thanks for the rescheduled day. i really appreciate it
(04:01:28 PM) mattgriffin: here's the agenda: http://openetherpad.org/VHqNz375o0
(04:01:49 PM) mattgriffin: shall we get started with the first item?
(04:01:55 PM) barrydrake: ok
(04:02:21 PM) mattgriffin: last time we had some ideas for campaign 1. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/
(04:02:38 PM) mattgriffin: i have a few more that i'd like to present - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/Team0
(04:03:04 PM) mattgriffin: i covered items 1, 2, and 3 last time and have 3 new ones starting with "Mini-news"
(04:03:39 PM) mattgriffin: "Mini-news" is based on our discussion in the last meeting about radio adverts
(04:03:41 PM) barrydrake: all sound good to me
(04:04:21 PM) mattgriffin: i've heard similar short news programs from CNet played by a very popular radio station in Chicago that i listen to in dallas
(04:04:48 PM) barrydrake: I still feel that we are loking at this too much from an 'insider' viewpoint. We need more 'outsider' reactions
(04:05:14 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: outsider = non-Ubuntu user?
(04:05:24 PM) barrydrake: Yes
(04:06:08 PM) mattgriffin: gotcha... ok. "Mini-news" would probably not be that appealing unless you were an Ubuntu user so let's move on to #5. "It's an adventure"
(04:06:46 PM) mattgriffin: this idea doesn't focus on Windows users specifically. the focus is on someone who likes trying something new.
(04:06:59 PM) barrydrake: I like that
(04:07:30 PM) hakimsheriff: me too
(04:07:45 PM) mattgriffin: they might travel to exotic places ... or take the bus instead of driving a car
(04:08:08 PM) mattgriffin: i started thinking about who this person is and the idea of a bucket list popped into my head
(04:08:28 PM) mattgriffin: lots of people keep bucket lists - a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket ;)
(04:08:43 PM) barrydrake: I' not familiar with 'bucket list' - I might start one!
(04:08:49 PM) mattgriffin: :)
(04:08:58 PM) mattgriffin: some are secretive about their lists ... their secret passions
(04:09:23 PM) mattgriffin: but some are very vocal about their lists and publish them or share their goals with friends
(04:10:09 PM) mattgriffin: there are some aspects of ubuntu that fit with that type of an adventurous person ... perhaps they use Windows at work with MS Office ... but they don't want to live that same life at home
(04:10:19 PM) mattgriffin: they might not even want Office on their home computer
(04:10:28 PM) mattgriffin: it's their place to be themselves
(04:10:29 PM) barrydrake: Quite!!!!!
(04:10:34 PM) mattgriffin: :)
(04:11:18 PM) mattgriffin: there are things that Ubuntu offers that help these people escape
(04:11:33 PM) mattgriffin: it's free/Free aspect
(04:11:51 PM) mattgriffin: the software that it comes with
(04:11:59 PM) barrydrake: That's the biggest selling point ... not the free as in Beer, but the freedom aspect
(04:12:16 PM) mattgriffin: the great software that you can get for free from Software Center
(04:12:45 PM) barrydrake: I think the 'not locked in' aspect is the real motivation
(04:12:58 PM) hakimsheriff: barrydrake, but it is free in both ways, some people don't care about freedom
(04:12:59 PM) mattgriffin: and the software can compliment how these people want to explore their life goals
(04:13:32 PM) mattgriffin: if learning to play chess is on your bucket list, then Software Center has tools to accomplish that goal
(04:13:32 PM) hakimsheriff: barrydrake, well. most do but both aspects are the "selling" point
(04:13:54 PM) mattgriffin: same thing with learning sign language or learning to speak French
(04:14:01 PM) barrydrake: hakimsheriff: and some people are very happy to pay for software ... after all, it can't be any good if they don't
(04:14:41 PM) mattgriffin: there are applications today and will be more in the future that are super-simple to download and use to check off items on your bucket list
(04:15:00 PM) barrydrake: Good point
(04:15:10 PM) hakimsheriff: barrydrake, then we also need to convince them free doesnt mean lesser quality
(04:15:21 PM) mattgriffin: in fact, with the way Unity is progressing, they could be called 'apps' that many are already familiar with on their mobile phones
(04:15:26 PM) barrydrake: That's not easy
(04:15:35 PM) mattgriffin: RE: "free"
(04:16:03 PM) mattgriffin: that's a big challenge to overcome ... consumers have concerns about quality. and they wonder how long will it be before they get charged
(04:16:13 PM) barrydrake: Mobile phone apps - some are free, others not. Users don't care
(04:16:22 PM) mattgriffin: this is something that canonical struggles with
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(04:16:43 PM) mattgriffin: in relating to normal consumers
(04:16:58 PM) mattgriffin: and conveying the value of Ubuntu
(04:17:24 PM) barrydrake: The software centre is obviously designed expecting to offer free and for-pay apps
(04:17:51 PM) mattgriffin: so idea #5 is all about telling people how Ubuntu can help them check off items in their bucket list ... and it could also be something that they could add to their list too (switch from Windows to Ubuntu)
(04:18:01 PM) mattgriffin: here's people talking about their bucket lists right now - http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23bucketlist
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(04:18:38 PM) barrydrake: mattgriffin: I'm fine with that concept
(04:18:41 PM) mattgriffin: cool
(04:20:11 PM) barrydrake: As you know, I don't do late. Any chance of moving on?
(04:20:13 PM) mattgriffin: for #5, the medium that I had in mind was collaborating with tech blogs to write about Ubuntu in terms of how it can be incorporated into a life of exploration
(04:20:32 PM) barrydrake: Sounds good
(04:20:53 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: sure :)
(04:21:10 PM) mattgriffin: #6 is about promoting the importance of having an uncluttered computer
(04:21:34 PM) hakimsheriff: mattgriffin, yes thats a very important factor
(04:21:46 PM) barrydrake: I agree
(04:21:58 PM) mattgriffin: there was a similar 'day' on twitter a few weeks ago for backup ... i think they called it #backupday ... or something.
(04:22:03 PM) mattgriffin: i think it was started by box.net
(04:22:04 PM) hakimsheriff: That is the main reason i use ubuntu
(04:22:33 PM) hakimsheriff: windows has too many processes and applications running in the backround
(04:22:45 PM) mattgriffin: unclutter might be the wrong goal here though b/c it's a rational goal ... and it relies on the user thinking that their computer is cluttered :)
(04:22:57 PM) mattgriffin: so it could be tweaked a bit to focus on speed or having a faster computer
(04:23:11 PM) mattgriffin: i'm not that big of a fan of this idea ... i like #5 better
(04:23:13 PM) mattgriffin: :)
(04:23:35 PM) barrydrake: I love the way I can do a complete new installation of Ubuntu in minutes, and restore EVERYTHING quickly. Windows took me most of a day.
(04:23:45 PM) hakimsheriff: barrydrake, i agree
(04:23:54 PM) mattgriffin: here's the world backup day info - http://www.worldbackupday.net/
(04:24:16 PM) hakimsheriff: mattgriffin, but 95% of windows computers are clutered
(04:24:24 PM) mattgriffin: hakimsheriff: haha... yes :)
(04:24:51 PM) barrydrake: You get that way because it's easier than doing anything about it
(04:25:03 PM) mattgriffin: we could do something similar to http://www.worldbackupday.net/ but focus on uncluttering your computer for speed
(04:25:36 PM) barrydrake: By installing a REAL OS (like Real Ale?)
(04:25:45 PM) hakimsheriff: OFF TOPIC: the only problem, i think is that most people have never heard of Ubuntu so when I tell them about it they just say it sucks without even knowing what it is.
(04:26:13 PM) barrydrake: That's why I want to do more experimental research
(04:26:20 PM) mattgriffin: hakimsheriff: :)
(04:26:28 PM) mattgriffin: ok. keeping things moving along...
(04:26:37 PM) barrydrake: Please
(04:26:46 PM) mattgriffin: so idea #6 is growing on me now that i've seen the worldbackupday.net info
(04:27:13 PM) mattgriffin: how about i work on ideas #5 and 6 a bit more and present a more polished plan at the next meeting?
(04:27:21 PM) barrydrake: Great
(04:27:37 PM) barrydrake: Kepp in touch - I'll assist
(04:27:44 PM) mattgriffin: cool. any other ideas to present for campaign #1?
(04:27:49 PM) mattgriffin: other new ideas
(04:28:02 PM) barrydrake: Not from me
(04:28:06 PM) mattgriffin: ok
(04:28:54 PM) mattgriffin: cool. then that also takes care of agenda item #2 - http://openetherpad.org/VHqNz375o0 - so we can go to #3 on the list
(04:29:42 PM) mattgriffin: ... still working on this. will present at the next meeting. so we can move on to #4 on the agenda... barrydrake: take it away :)
(04:30:44 PM) barrydrake: It's self-explanatory - I'm going to trial it with a couple of Windows user mates and see what happens, but I really want a load of folk taking part
(04:31:21 PM) hakimsheriff: I can try but the people i can try on are not very good with windows in the first place
(04:31:35 PM) barrydrake: Try anyway
(04:32:04 PM) hakimsheriff: okay then
(04:32:20 PM) hakimsheriff: but it would really be good to have a list of questions to ask them
(04:32:50 PM) barrydrake: What I want to see is more of what you said earlier "most people have never heard of Ubuntu so when I tell them about it they just say it sucks without even knowing what it is"
(04:33:18 PM) hakimsheriff: barrydrake, that happens a lot
(04:33:32 PM) hakimsheriff: they say that since nobody uses it, it must suck
(04:33:59 PM) barrydrake: I'm against questions - it biases the survey. I want to know how people react overall. Questions tell the respondent what we want them to say.
(04:35:07 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: it might be helpful to give the volunteers a list of suggested tasks for them to complete during their trial
(04:35:39 PM) barrydrake: OK - I'll do that - but no fixed questions please
(04:35:44 PM) mattgriffin: not step-by-step instructions but short goals and have them figure out how to accomplish the goal
(04:35:53 PM) barrydrake: Great!
(04:36:05 PM) hakimsheriff: :)
(04:36:21 PM) barrydrake: I'll organise that if it's OK with you guys
(04:36:50 PM) mattgriffin: i've done this in the past with having research subjects keep journals and it's very interesting what they write while they're doing something ... rather than what they say while you're interviewing them afterwards
(04:37:19 PM) barrydrake: Ah - that's good. I'll include it
(04:37:27 PM) mattgriffin: cool
(04:37:32 PM) mattgriffin: very cool
(04:37:58 PM) barrydrake: OK if I do this?
(04:38:55 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: definitely :) ... just share an etherpad doc if you want others to contribute instructions or tasks
(04:39:11 PM) barrydrake: OK - will do
(04:39:12 PM) mattgriffin: and then maybe launch it formally at our next meeting
(04:39:18 PM) barrydrake: OK
(04:39:22 PM) mattgriffin: sweet :)
(04:39:41 PM) mattgriffin: i think we can move on to #5 on the agenda then. http://openetherpad.org/VHqNz375o0
(04:39:51 PM) mattgriffin: my vote: not yet :)
(04:39:59 PM) barrydrake: Et moi
(04:39:59 PM) mattgriffin: don't need a media team yet
(04:40:14 PM) mattgriffin: super. 1 more thing
(04:40:24 PM) mattgriffin: for the next meeting, do you mind if we meet on sunday again?
(04:40:40 PM) barrydrake: But I'd prefer earlier
(04:40:40 PM) mattgriffin: after that i'll be available on Saturdays
(04:40:45 PM) mattgriffin: i can do that
(04:41:00 PM) hakimsheriff: sundays are good for me
(04:41:06 PM) barrydrake: Can we go for one hour earlier?
(04:41:10 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: sure
(04:41:22 PM) hakimsheriff: every other staurday(like yesterday) i am busy
(04:41:46 PM) hakimsheriff: acctually
(04:41:49 PM) hakimsheriff: wont be there
(04:42:03 PM) hakimsheriff: sorry :(
(04:42:11 PM) mattgriffin: hakimsheriff: ok
(04:42:12 PM) mattgriffin: np
(04:42:12 PM) hakimsheriff: gotta pick my dad up at the airport
(04:42:33 PM) mattgriffin: i understand
(04:42:38 PM) hakimsheriff: the one after that, if its not a saturday, i can make it
(04:42:44 PM) barrydrake: Just getting my diary
(04:42:56 PM) mattgriffin: so the next meeting with be Sun 24 April @ 2000 UTC
(04:43:11 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: ok?
(04:44:04 PM) barrydrake: OK - it's Easter Day
(04:44:15 PM) mattgriffin: oh... hmm
(04:44:31 PM) barrydrake: No Prob - I'm not away
(04:44:50 PM) mattgriffin: i could do 23 April but would need to be a few hours earlier than usual
(04:44:59 PM) mattgriffin: 2 hours to be exact
(04:45:30 PM) barrydrake: If we must, we could use one of those votey things
(04:45:31 PM) mattgriffin: i suggest this b/c i might be busy on Easter ... or my wife might have something planned :)
(04:45:42 PM) mattgriffin: barrydrake: yeah... let's do the votey thing. i'll set it up
(04:45:52 PM) barrydrake: OK
(04:45:52 PM) mattgriffin: and email it to everyone
(04:46:01 PM) mattgriffin: great. i think that's it ... 45 min .. a record!
(04:46:28 PM) mattgriffin: thanks everyone. have a great evening
(04:46:38 PM) barrydrake: Yep
(04:46:40 PM) barrydrake: Is that it?
(04:46:52 PM) barrydrake: G'night all
(04:46:52 PM) mattgriffin: that's all from me
(04:46:55 PM) mattgriffin: night
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