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* UndiFineD oh noes
<UndiFineD> my dinner is almost ready
<UndiFineD> hard to predict oven dishes
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: :)
<UndiFineD> mattgriffin, I will be here asap
<UndiFineD> dinner is now ready
<UndiFineD> kids need to eat
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: np
<barrydrake> Hi
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: hi barry. i need a couple more minutes please. brb
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: ok. ready :)
<mattgriffin> thanks
<barrydrake> OK

the creative brief for campaign #1

<mattgriffin> here's the agenda for today: http://openetherpad.org/iMB0L5VA7C
<barrydrake> got it
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: cool. want to give an update on item 1?
<barrydrake> I might as well say a little ...  one guy dropped out because of the election
<barrydrake> the other said he couldn't boot from a cd.  i talked him through it, but I think he's given up on me
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: this testing should be easier when canonical launches the ability to test Ubuntu from a browser. should be soon
<barrydrake> stuff like pressing the whatever key during the bios splash was obviously foreign to him
<mattgriffin> understandable
<mattgriffin> i always forget which key to press until it's too late :)
<barrydrake> and when I mentioned bios setup ...  I don't think he'll respond
<barrydrake> I look forward to the browser bit
<barrydrake> now, about the angry guy ...
<mattgriffin> oh :(
<mattgriffin> what happened?
<barrydrake> did you read his rant?
* mattgriffin reads
<mattgriffin> was he an ubuntu user before?
<barrydrake> for the record, it's at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research/unity%20hater
<barrydrake> Yes - he's been onboard for a while and just got to like the gnome desktop ..
<barrydrake> I'm fairly sure the currently rather lame top left icon is the cause of his rant
<mattgriffin> i've seen similar (though more constructive) messages on the ayatana mailing list
<barrydrake> He's very angry
<mattgriffin> i can see that. unity is a big leap and it's going to take a few cycles for it to get better. that should happen by the next LTS
<barrydrake> I'm confident it will ...  I really like it now
<mattgriffin> yeah. it does take some time (and faith) to get used to but i enjoy it as well
<barrydrake> Oh, it was frustrating at first - took a while to find my way round.
<barrydrake> some things are still a bit counter-intuitive
<barrydrake> like the control setting under the on/off button
<mattgriffin> yeah. it's a lot of change to cram into 6 months. probably a few decisions that will need to be re-thought
<mattgriffin> yes. i didn't expect to find those control settings under that menu
<barrydrake> I have huge admiration for the debuggers though
<barrydrake> first time I've been rigorously involved in the testing cycle
<mattgriffin> considering how much changed, i'm happy that the alphas and betas were as good as they were and things weren't failing left and right
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: that's great!
<mattgriffin> hi Christoffer! welcome :)
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: we are discussing agenda item #1 at http://openetherpad.org/iMB0L5VA7C and reviewing some user feedback at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research/unity%20hater
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: so i said i was going to post some exercises/homework ideas for your user testing. sorry i haven't done that yet
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: want me to add a few ideas at http://openetherpad.org/cZDc393hcW ?
<barrydrake> that's OK - the feedback so far seems really helpful - but if you have any further ideas then post them
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: cool. will do.
<barrydrake> The two case studies on the above etherpad are fairly typical and encouraging
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: cool. looks like some common issues that have plagued some ubuntu users for a while with audio
<mattgriffin> skype specifically
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: cool. any other info on agenda item #1?
<barrydrake> I haven't comeacross that personally.  Skype runs fine on all our family computers - about six or seven in all
<barrydrake> No - I've done on item #1

the creative brief for campaign #2

<mattgriffin> great. agenda item #2 - the creative brief for campaign #2
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD and I spent some time this week putting down some ideas. here they are https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AscWWXK6kDjCdGdWd3htT2tfeW1qQXItWGQzaVQ1YXc&hl=en&authkey=CPqm0qsC
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: this should be read-only. can you confirm?
<Christoffer> I can only view
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: cool
<barrydrake> and me
<mattgriffin> if you want write access, send me your email and i can set it up
<mattgriffin> so UndiFineD and i were going through and throwing up ideas for how to respond to these questions in the context of campaign #2
<mattgriffin> it was a good exercise to collaborate on this in realtime
<barrydrake> first glance - looks good.  I'll study it in depth later
<mattgriffin> just as a reminder, this is the next step from campaign 1 which is focused on getting people to try ubuntu using any one of the various methods - CD, USB, and soon web browser experience
<mattgriffin> so campaign 2 is all about addressing the barrier that they think they won't know what to do ... it's not windows and i know windows
<mattgriffin> we arrived at focusing on 3 different user segments b/c we think they'd have different concerns/trepidations about Ubuntu applications
<barrydrake> i think most windows users have struggled with the huge difference between win versions so they might accept this
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: yeah. those differences, specifically compatibility, are things that apple struggles with - http://www.apple.com/macosx/compatibility/
<barrydrake> ubuntu is excellent in that respect
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: yeah. i know! crazy
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: like we can almost stick an ubuntu logo at the top of this apple web page ;)
<barrydrake> Hmmm
<mattgriffin> hehe
<Christoffer> Interesting, I found out about "Ubuntu Adverts" just a few weeks ago. For how long have "Campaign 1" been runnning?
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: we've been planning it for a while. haven't produced any final works yet
<Christoffer> ok
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: update coming in a few minutes :)
<Christoffer> Yea I noticed.
<Christoffer> I'm curious about campaign 2 ...the 5 steps.
<mattgriffin> so with campaign #2, just wanted to give you all an update on the progress and that the final brief should be done and creative briefing should happen at our next meeting
<Christoffer> time for a question?
<mattgriffin> sure!
<Christoffer> The 5 steps. Any work coordinated with ubuntu screencast?
<Christoffer> or is that project not running at the moment?
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: not yet. i think that might be a possibility. we're still at the planning stages to ensure that all of the creative executions have the same purpose
<Christoffer> oh right. thank. Just curious cause I'm about to start screencast in Swedish for the swedish community
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: not sure about the status of the ubuntu screencast project. sounds like a good idea to me.
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: ah cool. is there a launchpad team for Ubuntu Screencasts?
<Christoffer> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-screencasts
* mattgriffin looks
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: i'll add https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreencastTeam to the meeting notes on list them as a possible partner to execute things with campaign 2. thanks for the info!
<barrydrake> We ought to be represented on that team
<barrydrake> I could do that
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: great!
<Christoffer> There is alot of old information so I'm not sure if it's active or not. The last screencast is from december.
<Christoffer> http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: cool
<mattgriffin> ok. ready to move on to agenda item #3?
<Christoffer> yea
<barrydrake> Yes

Feedback from Reddit guys on Campaign 1

<mattgriffin> this relates to idea #6 from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/Team0 ... at the bottom of the page
<mattgriffin> we decided that this should be our first execution for campaign 1
<mattgriffin> i contacted the team that implemented http://www.worldbackupday.net/ and did all of the marketing for it
<mattgriffin> http://www.worldbackupday.net/about.html
<mattgriffin> Ismail from the team says he'd like to help out. yeah!
<barrydrake> Great!
<mattgriffin> i invited ismail to this meeting but guess he couldn't make it
<mattgriffin> i think the next step is to get them up to speed and get some advice on what to do next and what resources we'll need
<mattgriffin> and get some advice on do's and don't's that they learned
<barrydrake> sounds good to me
<barrydrake> keep me in the loop on this
<mattgriffin> i'll get them subscribed to the mailing list so those conversations can happen out in the open
<mattgriffin> cool :)
<mattgriffin> i'm looking forward to the ability to try ubuntu through a normal web browser b/c that will help our campaign and reduce the barrier to the call to action - take ubuntu for a spin
<barrydrake> I'm so impressed that someon can actually make it work!
<mattgriffin> :)
<mattgriffin> so that's the update on campaign #1
<mattgriffin> any questions?
<Christoffer> no
<barrydrake> Not me - sounds exciting
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: if you want to read a little background on campaign #1, take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Campaigns/education/
<Christoffer> Yea, was reading that a few minutes ago =)
<mattgriffin> cool
<mattgriffin> so agenda item #4 is confirming the date for the next meeting but before that and the end of this meeting ... are there any other agenda items to bring up?
<barrydrake> I just wondered if you'd looked at the 'short manual'?
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: i haven't yet. need to do that
<barrydrake> OK
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: on the wiki?
* mattgriffin searches
* UndiFineD is back
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: hi! we're almost done :( hehe
<UndiFineD> sorry about that
<mattgriffin> np
<UndiFineD> welcome Christoffer 
<Christoffer> Tahnks
<Christoffer> Thanks*
<UndiFineD> good to see the team grow
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: we've gone through all of the agenda items at http://openetherpad.org/iMB0L5VA7C except #4 and i was wondering if there are any other things that you all want to bring up
<UndiFineD> the screencasts are mostly made by duanedesign
* mattgriffin didn't know that
<UndiFineD> UBT :)
* mattgriffin likes duanedesign. he's very helpful on the Ubuntu One project
<mattgriffin> one thing that i'll point out is that UDS is next week. lots of great blueprints and sessions planned so sign-up at https://forms.canonical.com/udsreg/ even if you're attending remotely on IRC
<Christoffer> I won't be able to attend the 21st but this project seems interesting for the future.
<UndiFineD> I have not made the leap to 11.04 yet
<UndiFineD> I tried it during alpha and beta testing
<UndiFineD> but want my system to at least remain stable during uds
<barrydrake> mattgriffin: the simple guide is at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAdverts/Research?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=simple_guide_natty_unity.pdf
<mattgriffin> Christoffer: ok. we're happy you're here
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: excellent
* mattgriffin grabs
<mattgriffin> ok. so the next meeting will be on 21 May @ 1700 UTC, yes?
<UndiFineD> ok
<barrydrake> I'm out of the country, but am promised internet access - fingers crossed
<UndiFineD> I will try to make something simpeler that saturday to cook
<UndiFineD> ;)
<mattgriffin> barrydrake: cool. i'm flexible so just send a note if you're having connection troubles and we can work something out
<mattgriffin> UndiFineD: ok
<mattgriffin> :)
<barrydrake> ok
<mattgriffin> i think that's it. thanks for everyone's time, have a great weekend, and i hope to see you all on IRC next week during UDS! :)
<barrydrake> Thanke - have a good weekend too!
<mattgriffin> bye all
<barrydrake> Bye
<UndiFineD> thank you Christoffer barrydrake and mattgriffin 
<mattgriffin> :)

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