To be more effective with our communications, the UbuntuAdverts Team should understand more about with whom we are trying to reach and how we are trying to reach/communicate with them.

Weighing your words

Weigh your verbs and nouns with care. Please add to these from your experience.

Change = - Alternatives: Transition, Upgrade. (note that when you 'change' from Windows XP to Windows 7 it is an 'upgrade'. The fact that some of your peripherals will no longer work, and that there are huge differences does not appear to be 'Change').

'Transition' is neutral


Simple +

Freedom +

Computer -

PC +

'Operating system' may well be an unknown term and should be avoided. "I don't have an operating system." might be a typical response.

Linux is double negative --

'Ubuntu' is often an unknown word and invites some curiosity.


What are the current user research projects, what are their goals, how are they being executed and what are their outcomes?






Windows users switching to Ubuntu

Research easy entry into Ubuntu from the mindset of the average Windows user. Aim is to pick a particular 'need' and to follow through whether this need can be met under Ubuntu, how easily and how successfully.

December 2010



Your experience with Ubuntu

Tell us about your experience using Ubuntu.

December 2010



The mailing list thread "Windows users switching to Ubuntu" is summarised in Research_summary.pdf

Here is an interesting report from Ed Bernard about teenagers taking to Ubuntu - food for thought: ed_bernard_rpt.pdf

Here is a report of talks given to UK further education students by Alan Cocks in February 2011: Talks-Ubuntu-for-students-report

Be encouraged: see

Quotable quote from the UbuntuMini support list on Google:

"I'm in the US but thanks for the offer.

It never fails to amaze me how incredibly helpful everyone in the linux community is. Last night the way I got the minimal installer to begin with is I asked in the #ubuntu channel on freenode, and someone made me a dd-able image that I was able to download."


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