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A Project of the QuebecTeam

Project Lead: FabianRodriguez

Project Members

If you are interested in joining this project, please add your name here. You can also add your Loco Team link to the Local Initiatives section (see below). Consider subcribing to this page so you are informed of changes and additions.


Ubuntu at InstallFests is a project to put together an online guide for effective participation of individuals and organizations at "Installation Festival" events where Ubuntu members wish to further use of Ubuntu. InstallFest events can also be part of other events, they are not necessarily events by themselves.

This idea originates and is inspired by the need to document the resources, challenges, objectives, goals and lessons learned from past, current and upcoming InstallFest events. Community members input and comments are welcome, including non-Ubuntu Linux distributions enthusiasts Smile :)


  • Produce a simple reference to assist Ubuntu members and enthusiasts in their participation to InstallFest events, either as organizers or visitors

  • Provide guidelines and links to existing DIYMaterial or new specific localized material to produce flyers, CDs, posters, etc. that will be handed or shared with participants
  • Enable organizers to quickly learn from other team's experiences and network with local orgs and corps to get financing for their event: food, venues, transportation, lodging, operational expenses, etc.
  • Report local success stories about participation at InstallFests, including number of installs performed and interesting use cases of migration, support, etc.

  • Establish a list of InstallFest events so Ubuntu members never miss another one


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