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When you think about the open source community what we have is people. And people do stuff like distributions, debian, ubuntu etc. These are all mulled in here so people can make the connections between them.

Shows Matt's launchpad page. Will this had e.g. CIA stats added? That's definatly planned.

Apart from people, we have teams. We encourage people to organise themselves into teams. Shows Kubuntu team page. Teams are also important for the governance of things, the technical team is in there. Shows MOTU team page. Round of applause for them.

Shows products page. Any upstream can register their project in launchpad. Kiko has registered Epiphany and can watch bugs, do translations, other things.

Projects like KDE and Gnome are a way of aggregating products. Debian project is also registered inside launchpad. We also track distributions in launchpad. Currently only ubuntu is in there but this is being changed as we speak because we are bringing dapper into launchpad we will also bring in more distributions. In a week or two there will be a lot more in there for distributions. Tools like HCT can track changes between distros.

Rosetta is a big part of what we're doing, translation of stuff. The system knows how to make translations useful upstream. Upstreams can also upload their own .po templates. Who speaks Afrikaans? There are 10 strings left to translate in openoffice2-base. Right before our very eyes the translate it live. However kiko doesn't know Afrikaans so it comes up with a note that it has to be checked.

Question if there is a way to contact upstream if a string isn't clear how to translate. Good point, file a bug. Bug is filed before our very eyes.

Shows the french translation team page. No homepage yet. The Dutch team do, it's even in Dutch, it lists sites with grammer advice and upstream for Gnome (KDE to come).

They show us the just filed translation wishlist bug as in launchpad's malone bug tracker.

Shows Bazaar-ng page. Robert gets a round of applause. You can make changes to code without having rights to a repository. A very powerful idea. They are importing things from CVS and Subversion into bazaar so in launchpad you can go to a page and check out CVS/SVN projects using bazaar.

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