Mwaiseni ku Bemba Translators

Our main objective is to translate OpenSource Projects into Bemba, a local Language widely spoken in Zambia. It has taken us a while to get everything in place but now we have set up everything, so you are joining at a good time. We chose the Ubuntu Project as our base, because it is one of the more popular Linux distributions or flavours and also because of the easy translation systems in place. We will still try to translate as much as possible upstream (at the original project, e.g Gnome Project). This effort is purely voluntary and so we can do with as many hands as possible. We need people to translate, review, evangelise and even to just provide moral support to the team. Do not be intimidated, we will guide you and you can also see some of the work already done by us and take it up from there. You can do this from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime of day or night.

Please note that although we are translating into Bemba, we will use the English language for communication as our team is comprised of other non-native Bemba speakers and indeed those who will be providing other support services other than the actual translations. The translation guidelines are located at the url below:

Joining The Team

Don't be afraid to join us. Joining requires creating an account on Launchpad development environment. Launchpad is used to do online translations using your web browser. No need to install any software if you don't want to. Please also try to contact us on our Mailing List (ubuntu-l10n-bem@lists.launchpad.net) in advance. As soon as you create a Launchpad account, you can subscribe to the mailing list as well.

Communicating With Other Team Members

We use our Mailing List and try to establish a channel on the IRC Network Ubuntu.

About The Page

Feel free to extend and/or improve this page in any other way.

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