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Encyclopedia vs Stormyfacts

Ubottu migration

Ubottu clones migration


Roadmap<br> <s>I'm pretty behind with documenting the plugin, once I finish with the readme up to current features (v0.1), I intend to approach -irc maillist and point the main differences between Encyclopedia and Stormyfacts, as well a the features. Get some earlier feedback, then continue with 0.2 features.</s>

Other things to do * write howto for migrate plugins * document sql schemas * <s>improve the importing script, currently works fine, but it could be improved:</s> ** <s>replace $curStable and friends with %curFactoid, etc.</s> ** <s>list better factoids with problem names.</s>


The Initial Draft<br> request queue<br> approximate matching<br>

not so important stuff

* <s>rewrite inFilter, is a really too big function that could do some splitting, is complicated though.</s> * <s>rewrite the factoid flag/tag stuff.</s> * figure out how to translate regex in po files (really!)

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