Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04

The Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Team is proposing that the Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 Lunar Lobster release be supported for 9 months as an official Ubuntu flavor release.


  • Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 will be our first release as an official flavor.
  • Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04 will be our 8th release, after 7 releases as an remix (not a flavor), and 2 LTS releases as a remix (20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS)
  • Ubuntu Cinnamon will cover this release for 9 months along with other Ubuntu products.
  • We have, and will continue to maintain the Cinnamon desktop along with its components (nemo, xapp, etc.)
  • We help maintain Cinnamon in the Debian Cinnamon Team (

  • We have a MOTU with us, along with our lead and other Debian Cinnamon Team maintainers who regularly stay connected with upstream Cinnamon development.
  • We now have a system of Patch Pilots, who will be able to guide Ubuntu Cinnamon through uploads related to cinnamon-based packages
  • We have experience with a good amount of the Cinnamon DE codebase
  • Extra Cinnamon desktop suite applications used are already shipped with Ubuntu Cinnamon, such as GNOME packages (gnome-terminal, gnome-calendar, gnome-software, gnome-screenshot) along with other basic GNOME-related packages (xorg) which are maintained by the Ubuntu Desktop Team and Ubuntu developers.
  • We have been supplying our releases with Stable Release Updates frequently, especially on LTS releases.

Support Plan

Members of the ~ubuntucinnamon-dev team will continue to maintain the Ubuntu Cinnamon seed and its components.

  • The primary areas of support will be within the Cinnamon desktop environment suite
  • SRU's will continue to be delivered
  • Security updates and CVEs will be monitored and patched if it affects users (e.g. caribou CVE-2021-3567, nemo CVE-2022-37290 (needs triage))

  • Quality Assurance will continue as we have developers and community members who have devices and help in bug squashing
  • The project has its own Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Mastodon, Subreddit, Facebook, and Revolt Chat servers, allowing for many options for community members to report bugs and get together.
  • Future uploads: Joshua Peisach will continue seed development and bug squashing. Nemo updates can be done with David Mohammed (fossfreedom) as Ubuntu Budgie uses the Nemo file manager too, and other updates can be done with Ubuntu Developers and the Ubuntu Desktop Team. Erich Eickmeyer will assist in uploading Ubuntu Cinnamon-related packages to Universe.
  • In the future, individual developers will apply to DMB for proper upload access towards the Ubuntu Cinnamon packages

Release Schedule and Management

The Ubuntu Cinnamon team will continue to follow the Ubuntu release schedule and release Point Releases when necessary. We will also get in touch with the QA team to add a tracker/testcases on

List of Proposed Packages/Applications

Cinnamon desktop components

Packages specific to Ubuntu Cinnamon

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