Ubuntu Cloud Meeting and Q+A

As we work to grow a fun, engaging and effective Ubuntu Cloud community, we want to ensure that users and contributors can get all the information you need ASAP. To help with this we have a weekly Ubuntu Cloud meeting and question and answer session in which our community leaders are present to help you get the information you need.

What Kind Of Content Is Discussed?

The meeting houses lots of different types of cloud-related content:

  • General questions about using Ubuntu on the cloud.
  • General questions about setting up a private cloud.
  • General questions about joining and participating in the community.
  • Planning work and initiatives in the community.

Joining The Meeting

  • WHEN: Weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm UTC

  • WHERE: #ubuntu-cloud on freenode IRC

The meeting takes place on IRC. To connect you will need an IRC client such as XChat-GNOME to get connected.

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