Organizer's Note:

Your comments on the design and content of Ubuntu Community Week are welcome here. Please comment in the appropriate section, and sign your name with each comment. Thanks!

I Have a Suggestion for a Session Topic

Is there an aspect of Ubuntu community that you find puzzling? Is there something you'd like to know to assist you with building or maintaining a community? Please let us know.

  1. Your topic suggestion here.

I Have a Suggestion for a Session Presenter

Do you know someone who rocks in Ubuntu Community? Please let us know. (This can also be yourself.) Please add name and email contact info.

  1. Your presenter suggestion here.

I Have a General Suggestion

  • Is Lernid stable yet? In the how to participate there needs to be more than just Lernid included. There needs to be instructions on how to participate without Lernid. Also, please do not promote that the courses are optimized for Lernid. This isolates people who would rather use regular IRC. Lernid needs to be just one more tool, and not be seen as "the way" -- chrisjohnston 2011-06-12 03:03:39

  • @chrisjohnston: Lernid is rocking! We've conducted tests recently of the new version, and we'll soon post the PPA for people to grab a copy. Having said that, there will also be alternate instructions provided for those that are unable to run Lernid. -- rrnwexec 2024-07-22 18:45:41

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