Details will be added here shortly on how people who can't make it to the summit in Paris can still participate via voice and via online collaborative editing tools.

Collaborative Editing using Gobby

Gobby is being used at UDS-Paris to collaborate on the specifications that are being written and to facilitate remote participation.

There are twenty Gobby sessions running on They're running on ports 9000 through to 9019. See the schedule for which Gobby session relates to which BOF.

VOIP using TeamSpeak

For VOIP, we're going to be using TeamSpeak. You can download this from:

NB: if you're using User-Agent masking, please turn it off, or you'll be redirected to Windows downloads.

Unfortunately, TeamSpeak is not free software. We couldn't find any free software that met the requirements we had for this conference in the timescales we had to work with. We will however be putting a bounty up for a free implementation that could meet our requirements.

How to install TeamSpeak

Untar the file 'ts2_client_rc2_2032.tar.bz2', and run the '' script that's inside it.

This will create a TeamSpeak2RC2 directory in your home directory and a 'TeamSpeak' binary in there.

Before starting TeamSpeak be sure to kill any applications that may have grabbed the sound device (e.g. xmms, esd).

Also remember to check with alsamixer that your sound settings are correct, your microphone line isn't muted etc.

TeamSpeak setup

  1. In the 'Settings' menu, select the 'Sound Input/Output Settings' option.
  2. Select 'Push to Talk'.
  3. Click on the 'Set' key on the same line and press a key that will be your 'Push to Talk' key. I've chosen the Windows key, but any key you can easily reach but don't normally type will work.
  4. In the 'Connection' menu, select the 'Connect' option.
  5. Right click on 'Servers' and select 'Add Server'.
  6. For label enter 'UDS' or something similar.
  7. For the server address enter ''.
  8. For Nickname, please use your real name.

TeamSpeak Compatibility

We've successfully tested teamspeak on a number of different i386 and amd64 machines running both dapper and edgy. amd64 requires installing ia32-libs. powerpc is more problematic and probably won't be work.

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